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New Defensive Gear Set

Glacier King Gear Set

MZ has released yet another defense set. This set is high not only in defense, but also health. Maxed gear will give you 300% Defense, 1000% Health, 800% Attack, 400% Attack Debuff, and 265% March Speed Debuff.

5 Piece Base Set Bonus

600% Calvary, Infantry, Range Defense
625% Troop Defense
250% Troop Health

7 Piece Full Set Bonus

1050% Calvary, Infantry, Range Defense
400% Calvary, Infantry, Range Attack Debuff
175% March Speed Debuff

Combined Max Specialized Set Bonus

80% Troop Attack

Full Set +10 Power Bonus

140% Troop Defense
140% Troop Health

Full Glacier King Defense Set, is currently available in packs.


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