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New Defence Gear

The Valiant Knight Defence set gear.

To help combat the recent boosting of attack stats, a new gear set has been released.  With a max set bonus, you will gain 17.5M% attack, 100M% empire defending attack debuff, 50,000% in type/troop/;legion defence and 100M% in additional attack debuff from the level 25 powered up set. A 5 piece set bonus adds 20M% attack debuff and 35,000% troop defence with a 7 piece set adding 35,700% type defence, 35,000% troop health, 30,000% legion defence, 80M% attack debuff and 140% march speed debuff.   Powering the entire set to 10 will garner a further 101.5M% attack debuff and 140% defence/health.

How it breaks down by piece:

Helm – Valiant Knight’s Nobility

2.5M% type attack                 8,500% legion defence              75% upkeep reduction

Armour – Valiant Knight’s Determination

2.5M% type attack                  12,500% type defence

Feet – Valiant Knight’s Courage

2.5M% type attack                   6,500% legion defence

Weapon – Valiant Knight’s Glory

2.5M% type attack                     6,500% troop defence/health       5,000% legion defence

Accessory – Valiant Knight’s Resilience

2.5M% type attack                     3,500% troop defence/health        30% march speed debuff


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  1. You spelled defense wrong bro.

  2. Is mythical gems the best for the gear?

  3. what gems do you recommend for this gear??

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