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New Core Gear

Hail, warriors,

An artisan is only as good as their tool, and the same applies to even the greatest of fighters on the field of battle. The time has come to enhance your tools of war with new Core Gear. Mix and match new exciting combinations of Core Gear to help defeat your enemies faster than ever before. Keep an eye out for hidden combinations that unleash powerful boosts.

For an example, if you’re able to get your hands on the following Level 1 Cores:

  • Master Ra’s Visor Core
  • Master Ra’s Flight Core
  • Master Ra’s Brand Core
  • Master Ra’s Threads Core
  • Master Ra’s Amulet Core X3

And combine them with the following level 1 pieces for each of those cores:

  • Horselord’s Plague
  • Perfect Tortoise Shell
  • Divine Feathers
  • Deep Emerald Scales
  • Seal of Plague
  • Emerald Tiger

You get the following boosts:

  • 294% Thunderlord Attack
  • 198% Thunderlord Defense
  • 81% Thunderlord Health
  • 132% Demigod Wonder Rally Attack
  • 132% Demigod Wonder Rally Defense

A powerful set of boons indeed, but your Core Gear is not meant to be used forever. Like any tool, it eventually degrades in battle, meaning you want to save it for your most difficult challenges. Here is a brief look at how to create new gear via your Forge:

  1. Go to your Forge building.
  2. Tap on your Craft Equipment to see what Recipes you have available.
  3. Acquire the listed Materials in your Recipe.
  4. Combine different Materials to get a higher Quality.
  5. Tap Craft, using Silver to speed up the process or Gold to complete it instantly.
  6. Take your new gear to the battlefield.

Restart your game and head to the Gold Store to begin creating and using this exciting new gear.



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