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New Building Upgrades

Add some extra punch to your rallies with upgraded building boosts

Five buildings have just received their renovation licences and are eligible for upgrades.  You will gain a combat boost from these buildings as well as increased payouts/benefits.

Speed Up Treasury – requires ancient clasps to upgrade.  At level 35, it will grant you 2,500,000,000% legion defence debuff.

Treasury – requires gold pouch to upgrade. At level 35, you will have 2,500,000,000% in legion defence.

Imperial Banner – requires tome of glyphs and timeless chimes to upgrade.  At level 35, it adds 500,000,000,000% to both wonder holding troop health and rally health.

Explorer Dungeon – requires ageless spyglass to upgrade.  Level 35 gives 500,000,000,000% in legion attack.

Black Market – requires counterfeit coins to upgrade.  Maxed at level 35, this adds 250,000,000,000% to your mobile trap attack.



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