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New Building, The Pantheon

MZ adds The Pantheon for Troop Boosts

The Pantheon is for battle boosts. In order to build this building, you will first need to unlock it, with the Pantheon Foundation. Building levels can be upgraded using Devine Marbles. The higher the level of the building, the higher the boost, and once you reach build 21, you will be able to activate two Devine Boosts at once.

The benefits of the Pantheon at max level are:

Athena’s Wisdom- 5000% Troop Attack

Zeus’s Lightening- 6000% Infantry Attack

Are’s Fury- 6000% Ranged Attack

Apollo’s Fire- 6000% Calgary Attack

Aphrodite’s Embrace- 2400% Enemy Troop Debuff

Hera’s Vision- 5400% Enemy Troop Health Debuff

Activate a Boost before attacking an empire. Each time you attack, you will gain the boost. Although, you must have Tributes available. One tribute is needed for EACH troop in a march or rally. If you are leading a 50 million rally, you will need to make sure you have 50 million tributes.If you’re using two boosts (at max level 21) you need TWO tributes per troop. You can deactivate the boost, at any time.

Current Requirements are

The Pantheon Divine Marble
Level 1 0
Level 2 18,000
Level 3 19,000
Level 4 20,000
Level 5 21,000
Level 6 22,000
Level 7 23,500
Level 8 24,500
Level 9 25,500
Level 10 26,500
Level 11 29,500
Level 12 33,000
Level 13 37,500
Level 14 40,000
Level 15 60,000
Level 16 100,000
Level 17 150,000
Level 18 200,000
Level 19 290,000
Level 20 360,000
Level 21 500,000
Total 2,000,000

Again, you need to obtain the Pantheon Foundation, before you can unlock the building. The current pack has the foundation, 50K Divine Marbles, and 2.5B Tributes.


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  1. I Have played GOW for 7 months be now and i Have 210B power and a lvl25 HQ i Did’t spend in the Game( Yes it whos Hard ) I Think that the People who say that “Quitting” and “This Game is just for rich people” really don’t Like the Game i’m Planing to start Spending very soon size i’m a Gow Huge Fan and Love this New Building is Pretty Cool that Mz is worried about adding new stuff Hope they Care About the alliance City Soon 🙂

  2. Why the hell are people still playing this game? Haven’t they realized that having money is more fun? Jesus Christ, come back into the real world and learn about investing in the stock market so you can watch your assets grow instead of your empire. Or pick a hobby like MTG where $10k worth of purchases doesn’t deflate to $300 in a matter of 6 months.

    • totally agree, I like popping in to see the latest garbage MZ is selling to the poor addicted fools with more money then brains. Makes me feel better about quitting after I wasted sooo much money on the game myself. I wonder if the people so ashamed of spending money on the game will ever stop lying and trying to pretend they actually got past base level 21 without spending $$$, my abandoned bases are still level 21 and it would take a couple years to get them above level 24 without spending money.

    • Agree as well. There are plenty of other hobbies that can make your life more enjoyable and not just poison it.

    • And yet you troll gow websites so much for having a life Lmao… Peace out!

  3. Rage quitting fever is becoming an

  4. With this new building, I assume all of the weak players such as myself will stay shielded 24/7/365. LOL

  5. Int$r$sting n$w building. Soon Th$ paid building will be mor$ from th$ normals. 😉

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