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New Battle Report Tool – Who Really Won the Battle?

New Tool to Analyse Battle Reports in Game of War

Our latest tool has just gone live – the Battle Report Tool

For those of you that want to look deeper into Battle Reports and see who really won the battle then this tool is for you.

The in game-battle reports are a little hard to interpret at time. It is not always clear who scored the most KvK points and who inflicted the most damage.

Having an understanding of this is very important for the learning process – you need to know this information in order to determine if it was a good attack or not and what you should do differently next time.

Check out the video guide to learn how it work.

You can check out the tool here:




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  1. Any chance we’ll ever have the ability to forward battle reports to other alliance members?

  2. Just nit picking, your analysis is off in the example because you mistyped your troop count. You typed 209,231 and the actual count was 309,291. Awesome work still! Thank you!

  3. nice. fyi you made a typo in the vid when entering auto troop values

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