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New Banners New Boosts

Activate the new banners to gain bigger boosts.

There are three new banners for your sh to wear as it goes into battle. They each have a 30 day duration or, if you want to swap them out, a 30 minute cool down timer.

The Legion Attack with Hero banner, at level six, will give your marches a 50,000% legion attack and a 1,000% defence debuff for infantry, ranged and cavalry.

Glorious Rally and Wonder banner, again at level six, will lend 50,000% troop attack 100,000% rally/wonder Mobile Trap health and 100,000% rally/wonder troop health to your marches.

A level six Marshal’s Training banner partnered with the Imperial General Gear gives you the chance to increase your troop queue and train more troops.   You also get a 5,000% troop defence.

The troop queue increase/troop training amounts per troop tier are:

Tier 1 troops – increase queue by 2,500,000 to help you train up to 3.2 billion at once.

Tier 2 troops – increase queue by 2,000,000 to let you train up to 2.8 billion at once.

Tier 3 troops – increase queue by 1,500,000 to train up to 2.3 billion troops at once.

Tier 4 troops – increase queue by 1,000,000 to train up to 1.8 billion troops at once.

Tier 5 troops – increase queue by 500,000 to train up to 1.3 billion troops at once.

The 30 day timer makes them a real defense banner.


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