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The New Age Trap

How to trap and cap.

With the latest releases in research, gear and boosts from higher hero levels, traps have had an interesting time lately.   We were able to catch up with one trap who has adjusted well to all the new items.

The trap we are looking at specifically runs his sh30 with VIP 43 and a hero at level 80.  He also has his pantheon at 19 and maxed his orbs for defence on his barracks, walls, embassy and altar.   He has completed all the latest research (UM,MT,BM,Runes…) to level 10.  His troops are an even spread with two thirds regular and one third wild within the tiers he uses (T2,T4,T5).  His troop count is close to 800 billion strong.  He uses mythical gems in his gear and his current power is at 9 Trillion.

He also had a few other thoughts on traps both higher and lower in power that he is at this time.

For a trap at roughly  19 Trillion power,  you would need around 1.7 trillion T2s and the T4-6 that you would need to un-nerf the tier two troops. That, combined with a defence of around 25k, should help your trap win on rallies.

For one smaller in power, say at 5 Trillion or less, it could do very well, although it is a bit more expensive, with a total net defence of 116k with far fewer troops.  Troop counts there could be as little as 360 billion T2 along with the required T4-6 to un-nerf the lower troops.

The variations of configuring successful traps makes for exciting times for those loving math/puzzles/issues and how to solve them. It also gives hope that traps can survive the latest releases.


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  1. There is nothing current on the internet concerning the newest changes. The trap in this article would be torched every time it dropped shield. Level 500 heroes and 900 ish VIP, with building and other research boosts equals only the very strongest remain, which is how it’s always been. even more so now

  2. Manuel A. Torres

    Now days you have to spend as much money as rally leaders to trap, and if you buy pack today you have to buy another pack tomorrow to get the new releases and do this every weekis tou wantro stay relevant in this game, good game to bad mZ is pushing too many players out of it

  3. I’m at 425 tril power and was 865T capping against 160m rallies no boost offline till I was caught offline when they decided to update the vip to 50 and was being brought down to 333t power in 6 rallies lol the game is changed a lot that’s for sure! But being the under dog is exciting so I keep grinding the loop hole’s in the game ???

  4. So glad I stopped playing this game. I used to love trapping because it was cheap and sustainable. I remember when 2.4 mil t1/t3 even split with hero 50 was a devastating trap. Now we’re talking trillion-power traps? Dafuq.

  5. I understand needing to pay bills but, they don’t give you what gets lost in s glitch or if you get charged out of the blue. I had a similar experience…

  6. I quit this game over 6 months ago!! I check in to see what other BS MZ has came out with. This game is crazy now. From what Im seeing if you don’t spend something you are nothing. It’s a shame

  7. 2KT in full lava got burnt several time in k374 today lol

  8. Profile photo of A. Torres

    Can I run a troop set up with just T2 and T5 and T5 traps ???

  9. Profile photo of A. Torres

    And since this article is talking about 85M rally and now is 150M or 185M rallies I’m not sure but should the goal be 3T troopd T2’s ???

  10. Profile photo of A. Torres

    Can I do my troop set up with T2-T4-T5, it’s to expensive to train T6…..

  11. Awesome helps hon, thx much for sharing. Couple questions…. do u account for any siege troops/traps at all? If so, how do they figure in the equation? Also, what about the t3/to t5 & 6 ratios? How do u figure your wall traps as well? Ratios & trap types? Do u have all the other trees not mentioned fully completed or just to 10?

  12. I beg to disagree, The Ultimate Gems are way more efficient in terms of trapping, if you have 7 sets of Ultimate Divine, or Mythical Divine Gems i would definitely add them, This is assuming you’ve completed the Gem Set Bonus tree, as with set bonus these sets give you substantial Legion defense which can be manipulated as the game stands right now, because rally leaders cant debuff legion defense to 0% as the game stands, i would advise you look into them and run tests like i did, you will notice the difference.

  13. Idc what MZ throws at me tbh lol, I’m a low spending player and have been playing for a few years now, I’m max research before this new tree and am only lvl 1 in it so far and have been the underdog since the day I decided to download the game haha, I leart the basics of how to defend “trapping” my city at unheard of troop count, for everyone that thinks that they need to be a PayPal junkie to play this game are horribly wrong lol waiting a few day’s “1 week” at most MZ throws a ton of required items in 1 small pack that can bring you up in power in at least one of the ways and that’s what I’ve been doing for months now, not once have I ever spent more then $65.99 Can. On a pack and am doing just fine with these heavy Hitters of 214 I can sit at 5t power with 44 vip and 80 hero unshielded filling rallies and no one bothers me because my cap rate is high, I make it kingdom wide known when I cap 1 of our main leads of the kingdoms hero! Beating the odds is the best feeling & with all this new stuff out only gives me something to do now instead of bored and having people zero me so I can try different troop counts/types Hahaha

    But yea my best results over the years has been being a t2/t4 all regular troops trap, my advice is if you don’t have the research then don’t train the troop! Or you’ll burn really quick!

    P E Z

    • Profile photo of A. Torres

      Hey P E Z, so what your troops set up to cap rallies, can you help me, I got into the game cuse a friend of mine gave me his acc and I want to see if I can play and cap rallies

      • All depends on research and with all these updates that they put out so quickly it’s hard to know what to expect or even do expect wait a few days a day see some rally reports to find a safe ground for the less fortunet like me being forced into being trap accounts and not leads do to high prices on packs I’m in kingdom 214, and we’ll known to be scarcely approached to rally, with the hero being jumped up to 100 I’d say at hero 90 and vip Atleast 48 your power should be in around 2.5Kt to 3Kt in that new defence gear with boosts to be safe but I’m a wreckless player and will try for lower than that lmfao as I am a t4/t5/t6 trap in 3 daggers an mix gear but maybe I need to bring back the secure T2’s of last year to have a lower power lvl and still keep them leads in “awe” haha

  14. That basically means he/she wasn’t skilled properly and/or was careless with his Regular troop count! I’m a 3 dag mix gear trap and was maxed research up until this new research came out and was eating rallies with 4t power with nothing but 110B Regular T4/T5/T6 troops and T1/T2/T3 Regular traps.

  15. Don’t spend your money anymore… it’s the best thing that I can give you

  16. The new things have definitely made it harder for traps and it seems MZ just keep adding lots more Attack and not enough defence and other bits to help us counter the treminous attack stats,., , it’s becoming unfair, …. But I am determined to keep it going (Well for Now!) and changing my trap, but if they again offer a ridiculous amount of Attack boost hours before a kvk which then kills all the work I’ve just put in ready for the kvk, then I will quit too, i would be gutted,!
    I’ve played for years,….. Seems they keep feeding rally leaders,!! They need to remember, these rallies need to hit things, if MZ keep pushing us away, rally leaders will have nothing left to rally,….!!!!

  17. Whats yr hospital/barrack split? Wot stat figures should we aim for? Im new.

  18. randy@racebackup.com

    I’ll grant you that CJ, hard to go after an inferno when the BIG prize for first place is apollo cores, and a batch of chests for gear even more outdated than that.

  19. Great article! I had to switch to different gear because I was burning badly. You said you had to change back to safeguard is this better than the new ultimate gems? To counter the defense debuff? I found only way to cap is to boost attack debuff like 50k which is crap because you would need to stock up on these. I really don’t want to go over 5T. I like being tiny ??

  20. “The 25k defense figure was the combined total of all defenses (troop + typed + legion etc), after all rebuffs and resistances.” Lost me here…. can you please explain how you calculate that? Thx

  21. Just wondering is it still possible to not burn without hero home? if yes what is required (troop count ratio buildings boosts etc?)

  22. ThatNewAgeTrap

    Hello, I’m the trap insidegameofwar was kind enough to write about. I’ll try and answer a few questions…

    @Huncity – Yes that 150k Defense Debuff boost is very annoying. But 3 Kunai counter it nicely. There are many theories about how Defense Debuff Resistance works. You may disagree, but I believe that when you have 110% DDR, nearly 100% of Defense Debuff is taken away. I did take one rally this week from a lead who said they used that boost. I capped it no problem.

    @Player2 – Yes the game is cray cray!! But addictive as ever 🙂

    @MZ pwns my CC numbers – T1 have the best strength per power. But traps realized this and started building t1 monsters, and that caused MZ to nerf t1, and also t2 to an extent. If nerf didn’t exist I would run 2.5t or 3t t1!! But it does, so it turns out the next best strength per power is t2. But you have to un-nerf them with a few higher tier troops.

    @spinix2 – The 25k defense figure was the combined total of all defenses (troop + typed + legion etc), after all debuffs and resistances.

    @Bill South – That was an error, sorry. I was using Ultimate Divine gems, not Mythical. 7 sets were available last weekend in a $50 pack. But with the new Pantheon research I’ve moved back to Safeguard because I can’t get over Legion Defense Debuff anymore, because I haven’t done any of the new Pantheon research.

    Last bit, this build is actually kind of classic. Traps have been running builds like this for well over a year. The only thing that’s new, really, is the extraordinary number of troops. But with over 11m combined attack, you really need to be stout! Today I went to over a trillion troops (12t power), and capped a player with maxed Pantheon research. Maybe I over-built and can reduce troops? I’ll have to see.

    May your prisons be full of leads, and your inboxes of hate-mail (and CRR requests)! Good luck!

    • That’s crazy so big ? 12T power I feel like most traps are this big but I really don’t want to

    • Nice explanations… I’ll like to ask … for a trap as I am now… what’s the troop count and troop type to stand a rally niw days with t6 out now ?..

    • Awesome helps hon, thx much for sharing. Couple questions…. do u account for any siege troops/traps at all? If so, how do they figure in the equation? Also, what about the t3/to t5 & 6 ratios? How do u figure your wall traps as well? Ratios & trap types? Do u have all the other trees not mentioned fully completed or just to 10?

  23. So many people leaving now due to the amount of new releases being released- people have spent a lot of money building there accounts and in the space of a week have went from rally leaders to traps that are burning with hits. Mz not interested in ensuring customer are happy and push on despite this. The mood in the game is really low if not quit already many are talking of quitting

  24. “He uses mythical gems in his gear” – Mythical gems? cute artical but seven Mythical Divine gem sets is hundreds of dollars. Please interview a trap player who was capping max rally leaders before the April 24-28 debacle of releases and who has spent no more than $20 since those.

  25. Traps are no longer affordable to play. A 9 trillion power trap lol is that a joke??? Who wants to keep dropping cash on a game where everything you do is obsolete in a weeks time? This game is the worst cash grab in the history of cash grabs. This is a whale game pure and simple. Prizes in contests are atrocious,not nearly enough rss in packs,research is outrageous,training t6 is almost as bad as the research! 3/4 of events…are buy events! Buy this buy that and in the end all for nothing when new updates come out the next week. Every week there’s at least 2-3 new updates. And don’t forget the glitches…like researching and never gaining power or can’t use garrison to promote or kingdom events disappear in the middle of training and or researching. Game of war fire age has NOT gotten better ONLY WORSE by far.

  26. Charlie Morris

    19 trillion Power with 1 trillion troops in full Laval gear burning tonight after the new research and boost.

  27. I’m confused by this paragraph:
    “For a trap at roughly 19 Trillion power, you would need around 1.7 trillion T2s and the T4-6 that you would need to un-nerf the tier two troops. That, combined with a defence of around 25k, should help your trap win on rallies.”

    Firstly because surely there can’t be anyone out there playing seriously that has only 25k troop defence but also because every rally lead in the game has enough defence debuff to zero 25k defence without even putting his cores on.

    Did you perhaps miss out the word “legion” before the word defence. That would make a lot more sense since after debuff you’ll still have 15k legion defence boost or is it perhaps combined defence stats net of their respective debuffs and resistances.

    Please clarify.

  28. jaki trzeba miec stosunek wojska T2,T4,T5 na pulapke 10t mocy

  29. Already quit I just check in to see what crazy stuff they have come out with. My advice is quit now and save your money.

  30. Im running a immaculate setup, I only keep 526b troops and I only lose 9k war bricks when I take fully maxed solos

  31. MZ pwns my CC numbers

    I really don’t understand how the t2s are beneficial

  32. When did 9 trillion power become a “trap” lol, what the hell happened to this game

  33. Better find a other Game. Don’t spend more money in GOW. Boycott GOW



    • depends on what lvl your Hero is ?
      Cause if your Hero “only” is lvl.80 ! you will get in trouble if you get attacked by a player with a higher Hero lvl ! cause with the new lvl´s 81-85 you get crazy power..

    • Below hero81 there is no mathematical way to counter the latest 150k def debuff and keep enough def. Legion doesn’t count in this equation. Result is burn because def is zerod out. No matter what gear or how many troops

      • Exactly! Kunai is no longer effective in our kingdom unless you have higher than 82 hero and over 60k defense. T2 is no longer working with being hit by hero lev 85 and new cores. Im 9 tril power and burnt badly.

  35. UM to level 10? thants too expensive!

  36. Crunch the numbers and make it obsolete in a week.

    Every Wednesday and/or Friday something new is released making the previous week, gear, gems whatever irrelevant.

  37. For those who like puzzles lmao call it what it is…. the death of the game.

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