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Nerf Tool for Game of War

You are: {{isNerfed()}}

To not be nerfed you need to add {{t3Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T3 or {{t4Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T4 or {{t5Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T5 or {{t6Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T6

You are: {{isNerfed()}}

To not be nerfed you need to add {{t3Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T3 or {{t4Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T4 or {{t5Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T5 or {{t6Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T6

Details and Instructions

Use this tool to calculate if your troops will be nerfed or not. Simply enter troop and traps numbers for each tier and the tool will do the nerf calculation for you. The tool updates in realtime as you type in the numbers.

The details of the how the Nerf limit is calculted can be found in the article here

The brief explanation is to add up the total power of all troops and traps and divide by the total number of troops and traps. If this number is greater than or equal to 10 you are safe. If it less than 10 you are nerfed.

It is based in the assumption that without any T3 or T4 or T5, there is no nerf until 1.5m T1 and 500k T2.

Notes: It is been confirmed that these nerf levels apply regardless of your Sronghold Level or if you have T4 Troop unlocked.


  1. The nerf calculator is not working i put 14bill t2s 1bill t2s siege and no t4s or t5s and it says I am not nerfed this is wrong

  2. ok i am new to this game have been reading all the comments and have no clue what t1 t2 t3 t4 troops are can anyone explain

  3. Ok when I use the calculator it says I’m nerfed. Yet when I use the explanation of the simple math version it comes out to 26.1 on the answer to the division to total troop power devided by total troops plus traps. So which method is correct?

  4. Touch a nerve there did I? Don’t like people pointing out you guys can’t code for shit, huh? Stop letting chimps run your site, you’ll do a lot better.

  5. How did u make the emoji?

  6. Ok… who broke the nerf calculator! ?

  7. What is new ratio for T3/T4 troops??

  8. if you use commas in the numbers it will show that you are nerfed

  9. what is the nerf ratio now? we have traps at 16:1 now note being nerfed

  10. First off run t3 traps. As long as you are running a t2/t4 10:1 troop ratio you should be fine I was recently taking hits last night with my troop ratio.

  11. christine breshers

    If you are a trap (t2&t4) then you need t1 traps evenly ( no bricks)

  12. I only entered in T1 troops and it said I was nerfed. Something is wrong.

  13. Yes, please post any new info/tests. this brings a whole new level of questions to us. especially if one is to train a bunch of t5 with their t2/t4 setup.

  14. I am new to the whole NERF thing. I don’t fully understand how the wall traps affect it. I am working on 10:1 T2:T4 ratio. Right now I have mostly T4 traps and a few thousand T3 traps. Can someone please help me to understand how I should proceed? Also, I don’t have any wild traps, just regular and strategic.

  15. What happens now with the introduction of T5?

  16. I’m new to being a nerf sponge

  17. What is the t4 to t5 ratio

  18. you must be off on troop count nothing gets past my traps ?

  19. Not being rude but go and read the entire nerf article, it is very detailed.

    You can’t be nerfed until you get Stronghold 15 and unlock Tier 3 troops then once you train Tier 3 troops are eligible for nerf based on troop ratios, you will need to work the numbers accordingly.
    If you have 200M T2 troops type that into the calculator and it will tell you how many T3s you should train to not be nerfed about 28.5M T3 troops

    • Please delete this one ???. For some reason my reply posted as a new comment so i tried again and it posted as a reply in correct area.

  20. Lisa , since you are all t4 you don’t need to worry about the nerf factor. if you train only t4 you can never be nerfed.

  21. Thank you!! Why wouldn’t they make that clear. I was doing the math and knew I wasn’t nerfed but the calculator always said I was.. All I had to do was delete the commas! Lol

  22. Does anyone know if t5 will be included in the nerf?

  23. It’s best to keep more t4a then your meat shield then you won’t nerf

  24. You know it’s a nurf hit when all meat are effected equally. So for example a portion of T1 taken as well as a portion of T2. For a non-nerfed hit the lowest tier dies first. Found this out last night ???

  25. 14:1 i use 14 T2 to 1 T4 so all i do is times the total T4 i have by 14 i double check on nerf took and comes back AOK.

    • i forgot heavy on T1 traps each tier i build 1/4 less the T1 traps kill right away the higher the tier traps the delay factors in on them kicking in to late

  26. I have a level 14HQ, how many T2’s can I train without being nerfed?

    • Not being rude but go and read the entire nerf article, it is very detailed.

      You can’t be nerfed until you get Stronghold 15 and unlock Tier 3 troops then once you train Tier 3 troops are eligible for nerf based on troop ratios, you will need to work the numbers accordingly.
      If you have 200M T2 troops type that into the calculator and it will tell you how many T3s you should train to not be nerfed about 28.5M T3 troops

  27. So if it is as simple as total troop and trap power divided by total troops and traps. Why not just show the math and give us the answer. If you build 100bil T1 siege and 100bil T2 siege you will come out to 10. This should not be needed then.

  28. Siege nerf does not work. Unless there is zero nerf on siege troops. Enter any number, I used 50 places – not nerfed.

  29. Profile photo of MamaPanda

    So what troops should be used to take heroleas hits? & What’s the ratio?

  30. I’m still a bit blurred about the nerf thing. There seems to be a very thin line. In respect of the subject, is it good to be nerfed? or is it vice versa?

    • I’m working on 5:1 T2:T4 ratio, but I’m worried I’ll go over and get zero in one rally 😀

      • Obe go heavy with T2 and heavy on tier 1 traps

        i’m 14:1 same troops you have. T4 and T2

        T1 traps 30 k
        T 2 traps 20k
        T3 traps 10 k
        T4 traps 2K

        reg,strategic and wild traps

  31. Just to clarify…
    1.8 bil T2 troops
    135 mil T4 troops
    5 mil T3 Siege troops

  32. Sample scenario:
    1.8 bil T2
    5 mil T3
    135 mil T4
    The calculator states “Not Nerfed”.

    Mathematically, the T2 to T4 ratio is 13.33.
    Too high. Should be nerfed.

    Cumulatively speaking, the calculator is correct.

  33. T2 / t4 on a ratio 12 to 1

  34. is there an update on this as I believe the ratios were changed yesterday

  35. Will I cap heros if I’m 800b power with only 18b t4 troops?

  36. Had 250m of each t3 and 50 m of each 4

  37. I had 250m of each t3 and 50m of each t4. Now I decided to promote all 3’s to 4’s Now I need to figure how many 2’s I need to not get nerfed. Right now I have 300m of each t4.

  38. Does not your hero level , skill tree, armor being worn, and research have any input to this calculation, does it not all boil down to whether or not you burn when attacked??

  39. I have all t3 and t4. The calculator tells me I’m nerfed. Says to add more 3’s or 4’s.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, What troop numbers are you using? That shouldn’t happen

    • Do not put ( , ) in the numbers on calculator.

      I had this issue, but I solved it. The reason it kept saying Nerfed for me was because when I first entered my troop counts I used commas : 600,000,000 T2 300,000,000T4.

      I knew I wasn’t nerfed but wanted to enter numbers and figure out how far too push my T2 limits it kept saying nerfed. When I freshed the page and wrote the numbers without commas it worked correctly.

      So I texted again by adding commas and it instantly said nerfed lol.

  40. You need T2 as meatshields in my opinion, the current save ratios is 10 T2 for every 1 T4

  41. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi, I made a few tweaks to this tool which should hopefully remove any glitches that exist

  42. I have 5883.66 million of T2 and 1069.73 of T4. I do not if I am nerf

  43. We hit a guy, a trap more specifically. He didn’t have anti scout on, so I got a screenshot of his troops.
    He had:
    100m T4 (all onagers).
    1,8b T2
    According to your calculator, he should be nerfed, but he capped 2 times, and he was not using daggers.
    Someone told me siege troops doesn’t count in a nerf, but I still don’t understand it. He should have lost according to a nerf hit, or am I missing something?

  44. Aucun t1 pour le nerf juste t4 t2 t3

  45. 1:13
    13 t2s to 1 t4

  46. no t3 and t4 dont nerf

  47. If you only lost less than 400m troops, that’s not nerfed! A nerf hit would lose you a billion or more.

  48. This calculator is off. I put in exact troop numbers and wall trap numbers. Just took a nerf hit in the coli. 400+M killed.

  49. T4,t3,t2 rally trap.. what’s the ratios? Thx

  50. What is ratio for t1:t3

  51. since he has t3 he can have more t2

  52. That calculator is off. I used it and was 20 million over the amount of t4 required to not be nerfed after adding in my t2 and t3 into the equation. The calculator said I was safe. And I still got nerfed.

    Troop totals were as fallows.

    T4 troops: 56,610,000

    T3 troops: 93,120,000

    T2 troops: 1,137,658,500

    And 400,000 T1 traps.

  53. that is nerfed buddy, beyond the 12:1 ratio but if you had t4 traps as well, then it might just perfect.

  54. I have been nerfed 3 times using this nerf calculator. Exact amount of troops. Most recent nerf 400m troops. Be careful if you entirely rely on this nerf calculator because it sucks.

  55. i heard about t5 is coming! Would the nerfrules change?

  56. Nerfed* sry for typo

  57. I entered 750m t2 and 60m t4 it says I’m needed but I’m taking rallies great at this amount unless I add more t2 then I’m needed in game bad but this calculator says that I am now when in action I do great please explain I’m also 300k t1 150k t4 on traps

  58. Wat is the ratio between t3 and t4 troops. I don’t want any t1 or t2 troops

  59. T2:T3 Ratio is 4:1 so soon as you unlock t3s your instantly at nerf. You must build 25% of the value of your T2 troops in T3s to prevent being nerfed. You also must watch this ratio always. There is also a T2:T4 ratio you must watch when you unlock t4s

  60. So far the same numbers seem to apply

  61. dont bether using siege they do nothing for u

  62. Amigos alguien me puede decir si Hay nerf si uno tiene t4, t3 y t2?? Y si hay cuanto es la proporcion por cada t4? O simplemente mejor es tener solo dos tipos de tropas?

  63. I don’t understand it, I put 4999999 t2, 14999999 t1 and 0 t3 and 0 t4, and no traps and it says not nerfed. As soon as I add any number of t3 it says nerfed. Can someone plese explain.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, There is a rule that states that so long as you have less than 5m t2 and 15m t1 then you won’t be nerfed if you don’t have any t3 or t4. Someone did some testing around this a while ago but don’t know if it is actually the case that adding 1 x t3 will nerf you in this instance.

  64. ibis does the model deal with siege troops as they have more power than the other types?

  65. Does this work for mobile strike?

  66. Profile photo of Errol Barnes

    i have trained 1,212,000,000 T4 troops….no t1 -t3, is this a good thing, or do I need to have t1 – t3.

  67. I am not seeing a nerf ratio in the game for how many T3 troops I am allowed to add to my T2/T4 set up.

  68. i think there may be a problem, i just put in 124mill x t2 and 12.4mill x t4 showing not nerfed…
    then added t3 and went all the way up to 124trillion and still said not nerfed ?????

  69. This doesn’t work for t3 and t4. According to the article that ratio is 7:1 correct? It works for the t3 which is a 13:1 ratio. Does t3-t4 not get nerfed?

  70. Is the calculator working or down ? Because is not showing anything up when I try to calculate.

  71. The calculator says I’m not nerfed, but my alliance leader swears I am. I eat troops like the groceries. Maybe its time to join a new alliance. Lol

  72. Are the alliance city traps governed by the standard nerf rule ?

  73. Hi buddies

  74. Is this calculator up-to-date? I’m being told that even T3 troops are being nerfed, yet the calculator is not showing NERFED for 5 bil T3 troops only.

  75. I just put in 1 t1 and 200.000.000 t4 and it said not nerfed so there is something wrong it needs to be fixed

    • How can you be nerfed with 1 t1 and rest t4? T4 don’t get nerfed. NOT NERFED is good. It absolutely makes sense

    • Damu that is correct. If you have 1 t1 and 200,000,000 t4s then you not nerfed (which is a good thing)….Not to be confused with having 200000000 t1s and 1 t4 then which you are nerfed (which is what you DON’T want)

  76. do any questions ever get answered here and i dont mean ones about the calc not working properly?
    i see a LOT of stupid questions that u just shake ya head at but i also see a few good questions that should have been answered by now but havent….

  77. What does it mean when NOT NERFED appears?

  78. i got sh21 non t4 acct 6mil t1 6mil t2 6mil t3. Takes solo reg gear well and most cores up to zues. Have we found a t1 nerf for non t4 acct yet?

  79. What the hell is nerd

  80. What the hell is nerf

  81. Hi everyone I have 370m t2 , 40m t3 , 60m t4 but when I’m hit with decent cores I loose 13m troops they loose all there March but I don’t cap and I burn , how do I stop this???

  82. Do reinforcements contribute to Nerf!

  83. I’m told that nerf limits have changed. Is this up to date? 6-1-2016

  84. No matter what numbers I put in it says not nerfed. I don’t get it.

  85. I think the calculator is giving the wrong info if you have only T3 & T2 troops. I put in 100,000 T3 (no T4) and it says I can have 2,499,999 T2. I thought the T2:T3 ratio was 6.99 to 1, so that would be 699,000 T2.
    Am I missing something somewhere? I’m trying to determine troop ratios for a new account.


    • Yes I’m sure it’s giving wrong info as I have t1 15m and t2 5m even then it’s showing NERFED, which shouldn’t be. There is terribly wrong with the calculator.

  86. Does the Nerf include trap counts?

  87. This tool doesn’t work Iv just typed in any amount a few different times even type a nerft amount but still said not nerft ??? How exactly is it meant to work

  88. So if you have t3 t4 there is no nerf limit?

  89. What’s the nerf ratios without hero present?

  90. Seems fixed now Slaggy ?? strong work -Glitch

  91. 12.5 t2/1t4. can it reverse 1 t2/12.5 t4

    • good question… can any1 answer this????

    • Actually nerf was created by MZ to make sure small players doesn’t build a f*cking huge t1,t2 an t3’s troops, before it you can train a lot of them and take full t4’s core up, as well as rallies. they need players who build a lot of t4’s —cause it’s expensivest than the others tier troops—so, usually t2’s are used like a meat shield and nobody will train only 1 t2 for each 12.5 t4 tier troop. that have no sense. « excuse my bad english»

  92. Whatsa available nerf?

  93. e calculator shows might be nerfed as soon as I input 15mil t1s even though I have 15mil t3s. Is it because I have 75mil t2s?

  94. I am wondering when entering troop amount does having a decimal point matter or just input numbers without?

  95. Need to add traps into the mix. They affect NERF as well..

  96. Hello , unfortunately interpreter is not well explained , can someone advise on the NERF in mnie.Mam
    t4-18m , t3-52m , t2-27m.Czyli for NERF I have 2700000000m t2 ?

  97. There seems to be an error in the t1. Example 5 mil t4 and 40 mil t2 are entered but an unlimited amount of t1 shows no nerf?

  98. If you have any positive value for t4, along with at least one t1 troop, no nerf will show up, no matter how many t1/2 you put into the calculator.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Thanks – have put an (arbitrary) 2mil T1 buffer to avoid this. After this point I have changed it to ‘Might Be Nerfed’ until we know the T1 Nerf ratio

  99. I have a farm account SH14 (its going to stay that way) my question for you guys is, can I only have 14999999 T1s and 4999999 T2s? trying to play around with the calculator and any number above mention according to the formulas nerfs… Thanks guys

  100. Does this work? Did anyone else find it wrong? It says I can’t have 40m t2 and 10m t3…

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