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Nerf Calculator

Nerf Tool for Game of War

You are: {{isNerfed()}}

To not be nerfed you need to add {{t3Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T3 or {{t4Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T4 or {{t5Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T5

You are: {{isNerfed()}}

To not be nerfed you need to add {{t3Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T3 or {{t4Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T4 or {{t5Shortfall + 1 | number : 0}} T5

Details and Instructions

Use this tool to calculate if your troops will be nerfed or not. Simply enter troop and traps numbers for each tier and the tool will do the nerf calculation for you. The tool updates in realtime as you type in the numbers.

The details of the how the Nerf limit is calculted can be found in the article here

The brief explanation is to add up the total power of all troops and traps and divide by the total number of troops and traps. If this number is greater than or equal to 10 you are safe. If it less than 10 you are nerfed.

It is based in the assumption that without any T3 or T4 or T5, there is no nerf until 1.5m T1 and 500k T2.

Notes: It is been confirmed that these nerf levels apply regardless of your Sronghold Level or if you have T4 Troop unlocked.


  1. Can you be nerfed using only t3-t4-t5 troops? Ratio of 3-1

  2. disregard,,, reloaded and working fine

  3. Is their something wrong with the nerf calculator,,, as I enter T2 troop amount prior to other troop/trap numbers it shows “not nerfed” . In the past it would show nerfed until I added T4/T5 numbers,,, program glitched or just user error??

  4. Profile photo of Tokin (TokLn)

    I have made a Nerf Calc on google sheets, and made it public so anyone can try it out.

    I have made all ratios using the formula from the link above.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or find any mistakes.

    Thanks in advance!


    • you do not include all the traps on your calculator is there a reason why? you are missing 12 traps from your calculator

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