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Naughty Whip – Gear Review

This is a review of the Naughty Whip equipment for Game of War which is part of the Winter 2014 equipment set.

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Naughty Whip

Hero Level 50
Item Slot Weapon
Type Standard
Event Winter 2014
Silver 57,113,000

Winter 2014 Gear

Winter 2014 gear is currently comprised of three items. All are combat related, each offering a boost to march speed and two different types of combat attack. The boost levels are all decent for the price and not ridiculous from a materials point of view –  requiring 1 standard material, 1 winter seasonal material and 2 materials from the Krampus monster.

Purpose: Combat Attack

This item has boosts for Cavalry Attack, Infantry Attack and March Speed, all of which are great for combat. The presence of March Speed makes this better suited to attack instead of defense.


Lvl. 6 Overall Ranking
March Speed 46% 6
Cavalry Atttack 48% 1
Infantry Attack 43% 3

These are superb overall boosts. Not only is this the best item for Cavalry Attack currently available but it also offers the 3rd best Infantry Attack on the same item.


The boosts compliment each other well and are all useful for combat attacking. The one negative is that would prefer to see a focus on one troop-type rather than two (although this does mean it is useful for defending as well). Hard to complain though when even without the infantry attack it is currently the best cavalry attack item available.


Silver Cost: 57,113,000

At over 50 million this falls into the moderately expensive category.


Leather Wax Demon Ears Demon Tail

Not particularly easy to build requiring 2 rare materials and 1 seasonal. It is only the presence of leather that makes it a little more manageable. However, this still represents excellent value considering the strength of the boosts. Wax is currently harder to come by then the other Winter materials that the other items use.


A great attacking item that is useful for defense as well. Currently one of the best attacking items available. Consider the Helheim Armor if you’d prefer a ranged boost rather than infantry.


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