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Mythic Destroyer – Set Gear for Wealthy Monster Hunters


Mythic Destroyer Set Gear

There is one player demographic in particular that is very well catered for. The Mythic Destroyer set gear is an excellent example of the highest spending demographic getting something new that they wanted, and in a timely fashion (Who can blame them? It’s good for business). When the Dark Hunter set gear was released not even a couple of months ago, we were thoroughly impressed with the set, aside from there being no Upkeep Reduction on the helm (really? When more than 30 billion food can come in a gold pack?). Adding one piece or two pieces of the Dark Hunter set to a Monster Slayer set immediately offsets the set bonus of the latter. The vastly improved stats of the Dark Hunter set were intended to make hitting World Bosses easier, since the biggest players/spenders were hitting the World Bosses for around 0.10% damage with a max hit and hero attack streak maxed out (the multiplier that is added for each consecutive hit on the same monster within 60 minutes, though it tops out at a certain number of hits depending on hero skills). Apparently, these players that subsequently picked up the Dark Hunter set were not amused, as damage dealt to World Bosses is still negligible.

Presumably in response to complaints, MZ has released a new monster set gear on the heels of the Dark Hunter set, called the Mythic Destroyer set. Silver costs are remarkably high even by recent standards, and we can safely assume that obtaining the “Darksteel” material will be all but impossible to obtain as there is one material needed more than any other for every gear set that the corresponding chest rarely drops. Rarely meaning well under 0.5% in most cases, and likely even lower for the sets that are harder to complete as this set no doubt will be.

The biggest selling point is apparently the additional Hero Attack Streak Modifier point that the completed set with set bonus research completed adds on top of whatever your skills/research have added, shown below. The base bonus consists of a serious bump in max energy, and a notable bonus to hero critical hit chance. The full set bonus adds the additional Hero Attack Streak Modifier point, twice as much energy as the base bonus, and an additional 8% hero critical hit damage, which can be seen below, as well as the pieces of gear making up the set.

10 8

Mythic Dragon Helm


Upkeep Reduction/Hero Attack Bonus/Hero Critical Hit [Chance]/Monster Defense Debuff/Hero Monster March Speed Bonus/Maximum Energy Limit/Energy Recovery



Mythic Breastplate

Hero Attack Bonus/Monster Defense Debuff/Maximum Energy Limit/Energy Recovery



Mythic Angelboots


Hero Attack Bonus/Hero Monster March Speed Bonus/Maximum Energy Limit/Energy Recovery


Mythic Phantomblade


Hero Attack Bonus/Monster Defense Debuff/Hero Monster March Speed Bonus/Maximum Energy Limit/Energy Recovery



Mythic Fiendbracer


Hero Attack Bonus/Hero Critical Hit [Chance]/Hero Monster March Speed Bonus/Maximum Energy Limit/Energy Recovery




I have yet to see any complete sets posted on social media, but according to the GoW blog, it’ll allow players with a full set to kill monsters (clearly referring to World Monsters) twice as fast due to the full set bonus adding an additional Hero Attack Streak modifier point. Max energy will no doubt be superlatively impressive, as will overall hero attack. If you’ve completed the Mythic Destroyer set already, congratulations. I’d also like to know what you do for a living and if you have any openings. No, but seriously, if you have completed the Mythic Destroyer set and would be willing to share with our readers, please send me the screenshots/stats at lubears@insidegameofwar.com.





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  1. Wait a few months and mz’s hyperinflation makes even the rarest of things attainable. Now, there’s a $10 pack with the full 7 piece Mythic Destroyer set. That often happens when the next set is released, but as of yet, it’s stil the best set available.

  2. What chest are the pieces in

  3. I opened over 5000 chest at one time and didn’t get a single darksteel… it’s not funny anymore… 0.5% my butt… is a joke now.

  4. Who cares about this set anyway? Does anyone seriously hit monsters?…wtf for? Some worthless cores and pieces? What a joke. Now some VIP 21. Fantastic. This game has totally jumped ship..though in honesty it’s probably a good thing. I know I finally stopped trying to keep up. My fun money now goes elsewhere. WTG GOW.

  5. a few of our alliance members have the full set. Needless to say we had around 350 ruby chests to open

  6. This is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S

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