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More Power…for your Gear

Gear becomes even more powerful.

Your rallies will pack an even bigger punch once you are able to level up your cores and gear in the Gear Workshop.

Cores can now reach level 200 and normal set gear go up to 100.

Using the new Royal Protection Charm, your defence gear sets (I.e. Valiant knight) can gain

  • 100,000% troop defence/health
  • 250,000% empire/legion defence
  • 200M% troop attack
  • 2.5B% gathering troop/encampment raiding health

The economy gear sets use the Royal Citizen Charm to level up.  Each set gains their own unique bonuses.

  •   Inquisitor will see an increase of 400% research speed and 1.75% resource cost reduction
  • Training sets gain 200% training speed and 500.000% troop queue
  • Building gets easier with an increase of 200% construction speed and reduction in brass rods(10,000) & opalite glass (40,000)
  • Powerforged goes up to 35% crafting duration

Monster gear (behemoth slayer) uses the Royal Hunter Charm to gain 1,000% hero attack and an additional 200,000 in hero energy.

Wonder cores using the Royal Wondrous Charm increase by:

  • 1.25B% in wonder & rally troop attack/health/defence, legion wonder & rally health/defence, rally & wonder trap health

Use the Royal Striking Charm to add more punch to your Attack cores with

  • 250,000% empire/legion defence debuff
  • 500M% legion attack
  • 750M% troop attack
  • 1.25B% rally attack versus emoire

    So far for regular gear you will need 200M Charms to Max one type of set.
    We haven’t got the information for Cores yet, but is around 4,300M – 5,300M Charms for level 200.


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  1. Monster gear (behemoth slayer) uses the Royal Hunter Charm To upgrades my gear
    But when upgrading to lvl 10 just required hunter charm! Not royal hunter charm
    So maybe Royal Hunter Charm is useless?
    I don’t know how to use the royal hunter charm or hunter charm? they’re different

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