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Monsters Are Your Friends

Monsters follow your Hero into battle

A new building, Monster Lair, has been opened up and will allow you access to three monsters.   These three monsters – the Wind Dragon, Colossus and Cerberus – once summoned, will follow your hero into battle.  They will bolster your troops as you attack encampments, enemy strongholds and the Wonder.

Upgrades within this building require the use of  Monster Lair Bars.  the upgrades allow you to open access to more monsters and higher boosts.

Your troops have the opportunity to gain

  • 30MT% rally/wonder health & rally/wonder mobile trap health
  • 10MT% legion attack
  • 1MT% onslaught attack
  • 50KT% unstoppable attack
  • 120T% defense annihilation
  • 100T% resolute defense

Raise your Monster Lair and saddle up your monsters to help you burn and win!


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