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New KvK Event – Monster Killing

Kingdom Vs. Kingdom Monster Killing Events

Many Kingdoms see the launch of a new type of KvK today – Monster Killing Events.

Like other monster killing events you get some points for hitting monsters and more for killing them. However there is a twist – you can port into your opponent’s kingdom and kill their monsters for a 5 x points bonus.

Clearly all monster killing etiquette goes out the window – the sweetest possible move being to swoop in to steal the last hit on a monster .

It opens up a few more skills as well – gauging how much damage your hero will do, timing your marches, coordinating with other players in your kingdom (you don’t need to be in the same alliance to help each other out).

There also a number of different roles you can take, deprive your opponents of points by defending your kingdom or go on a monster killing monster-1
offensive in their kingdom to score big points.

If someone wants to put together a Strategy guide for this new type of Event please let me know.

The points targets to win KvKs prizes are rather insane – if you want to get gold prize by killing Level 3 Monsters in the opposing Kingdom for example you are going to have to kill 8,320 of them. Oddly, you also score points from Research as well.

With all these monster gifts coming our way I think it is time to petition MZ to reduce the cost of the Open All Gifts feature – I’ve seen screenshots of over 2,000 gifts to open. I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t want any Repetitive Strain Injury legal cases coming their way 😉




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    On a separate note.. we have a guy in our alliance with a current bounty of 516,164,938.. incredible. Is there a way that we find out if this is the largest bounty ever? We’re in Kingdom 296.

  2. Combing the MK with research really ruined it for me. I’m a maxed research SH 18 with a few monster killing pieces meaning I can take down level 5’s – but that’s useless against people doing tons of research at my SH level.

  3. It is a great new idea, unfortunately MZ included research points in the kvk mk event, making it a futile endeavor. It would be nice to have it be a pure mk event, similar to the KE’s.

  4. feels like it is harder to kill level6 monsters as well . i went for 2nd prize and spent all the other time hunting down outlanders . that was fun to be able to have a no point KVK KE haha easier to catch people sleeping in monster gear as well . I liked it! went through a ton of gold, march speeds and hero energy trying to steal monsters from outlanders and enemy on our hit list haha . good times

  5. Does anyone actually like these monster killing events?

    I basically spent the whole time attacking the opposing kingdom because it just seemed more interesting…

    MZ also seems to have nerfed the payout in the monster gifts drastically, I’ve never seen so many 15 min speedups in “mythic” monster gifts in my life….

    • We really enjoyed it, not so much for the monster killing, but for the practice in fighting without the stress of kill event points. Some of our players who are more reluctant to port over during KVK lest they inadvertently give up too many points, were able to do some practice and test on their troops/gear. As well just play around, it felt kind of like the coliseum,

      • I agree that it’s nice to see the walls falling (I’d like to see older kingdoms aggressively merged or walls permanently fall) but as far as the actual event still stands, most people didn’t find the monster killing part of the event very interesting

      • In the How to Play section in GOW there is a piece about Ancient Kingdoms, where the walls are supposed to drop permanently. It seems they had it in mind, but never actually utilized the feature.

        It would be awesome to see though!

  6. I just gathered as many heroes as I could once the walls fell to slow the opposing kingdom from gaining points.

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