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Monster Slaying – A Guide to Releasing the Slayer Within

monster killing guide

A Guide to Killing Monsters in Game of War

Game of War monster slaying can be broken down into a few simple components. When you apply the methods I explain in this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of gameplay and see a significant increase in your monster kill count numbers. What monster slaying really comes down to is your hero energy, how efficiently you use it, the gear you use for monster slaying, and research.


Using Hero Energy Efficiently

The biggest mistake most players make when it comes to slaying is that they use all of their hero’s energy in one massive attack when only one or two hits will do. When you attack a low ­level monster with a max attack you’re effectively using a bazooka to kill a fly.


By using the max attack you are completely depleting all of your hero’s energy for one kill and then you’re left waiting for the energy to recover or spending precious gold to buy more energy. Generally, it’s best to hit the low­ level monsters with one hit attacks, that way you’re only using the amount of energy you need and save the max attacks for the big beasties. Even if it takes you more than one single hit to kill the monster, you’ll still be using less energy to kill it than you will with the max hit. By using only the amount of energy you need, you’re allowing yourself to spread your hero’s energy around to kill multiple monsters per your maximum amount of energy. This will allow you to get those big kill numbers you see on the leaderboards. Follow this tip and in no time you’ll be in the top 100.

Dressing for the Kill

The next mistake aspiring monster slayers make is that they hit the monster in whatever gear they happen to have on. Disclaimer: Serious monster slaying uses gear that’s not very good for defense. It’s best to do your slaying with a shield on. MZ has given us several options for monster slaying gear that can lead to hours of enjoyable gameplay. There are currently several slayer sets that each has benefits. Ultimately the set you use depends on your preference and the amount of money you’re willing to put into the game. You don’t have to spend tons of dollars to get the newest slaying gear set when the older ones can accomplish the same thing. The Perseus set is a good budget slaying set that can be used and obtained fairly easily these days.


This set might not give you 600,000 hero energy like the newer sets, but it is balanced with hero attack bonus and increases the rate at which your hero moves when attacking monsters. If you’d like to have the newest gear for slaying that’s OK too. I’d simply recommend that you gather the materials over time and exercise patience so you don’t end up regretting spending this month’s rent all at once. No one blames you for living within your means. Below are the rest of the gear options. Again, this is entirely up to you and how much you wish to invest.


The original Monster Slayer gear gives you boost to the energy your hero has and a boost to how hard your hero hits with that energy. The alternate helm will provide a 75% upkeep reduction bonus so you can still have large troop numbers without burning through food. Also, the alternate accessories can give you a little more energy to work with.


The Dark Hunter set gives you a massive increase in hero energy but no upkeep reduction. This set was made for attacking the new world boss monsters when they were released, so it shreds through the little guys like butter. It also gives a critical hit bonus, which gives your hero a chance to hit for added damage in one blow.


The newest set, called the Mythic Destroyer set, was released to give the world boss hunters the upkeep reduction that they so desperately asked for. In addition to yet another boost to the amount of hero energy it also adds a monster defense debuff and an energy recovery bonus. This is because at 700,000 or more hero energy the slayer would be waiting days for a full recovery. The other additional bonus in this set is the +1 Hero streak multiplier, which is exclusively used for World Boss monsters. Instead of waiting for 40 hits to max out your hero’s attack streak, the +1 streak multiplier now brings your attack streak up to its max in half the time – 20 hits.

Blinging Out Your Gear

When gemming your slaying gear it is really important to be able to use all four slots. You’re going to want to double up on one of your main slot gems to really stack the bonuses. In order to do that, you’ll need the fourth slot available and to fill it with the Prophecy Gem.


This gem allows you to put two of the same gem into two of the three regular gem slots. Now, as with the gear you use to kill monsters, the gems you use in those slots really depend on your preference. However, the most avid slayers recommend using the Fire gem as the base for your set and doubling up on them.


This gem is one of two gems with the largest energy recovery bonus of all the slaying gems and having two of them in each piece of your gear gives you a nice 700% energy recovery. Which means you’re not waiting too long to recover the energy you need to keep slaying. In the last gem slot, you have further flexibility in what gem to use. Below are the remaining slaying gem options available to you. Simply look at what you have available and decide for yourself. Remember it’s your gear and you should be able to enjoy it how you choose.


The Jester gem gives you a slight bump to how hard your hero hits with the energy he has. Jester Gems are hard to come across and usually will require spending in the gold store to acquire.


The Hydra gem is equivalent to the fire gem but with a little-added bonus of hero energy. The only thing preventing them from taking the doubling spot from the fire gem is that MZ has only made them available once and so they are extremely hard to come by these days. Those who have been playing for years might just have a nice collection to use.


The Cyclops gem gives you a little boost to the rate at which your hero moves in for the attack. This can be helpful if you’re looking to rack up numbers quickly and are facing potential poachers. Poachers are monster kill thieves that sweep in for the killing blow once you’ve worn the beast down with at least one hit.


The Energy Cap Gem gives you additional hero energy cap. This additional energy can be handy in a few situations, however, can also be used as a last resort in many cases as well. This gem will add an additional 1,500 energy limit to your base energy limit.

You Got Skills

The next mistake would-be slayers make is that they set up their hero skill / monster skill trees improperly. Now, I know that this is a problem that’s not strictly unique to monster killing but, in the case of monster slaying it’s the easiest to fix. The only skills that are truly needed for massacring monsters are the base set bonus, the full set bonus and the hero speed march. The base and full set bonuses only really apply once you have started / completed your set bonus research tree.


When you’re distributing your hero skill points, it’s important to only use enough points to unlock the next branch of the tree until you get to those skills. Once you do reach those skills you should have enough to completely master them. After you have maxed those skills, if you have any skill points left, then you can distribute them however you choose. They don’t matter when it comes to the slaying, but generally it’s best to skill troop defense, and the altar bonus boost defense, to be safe. Remember it’s best to slay while shielded so you won’t have to concern yourself with attacking or defense. However, you want to be able to add more to your full slayer gear sets special bonuses. This brings us to the monster skill tree. When allocating points in the monster skill tree, it’s important to remember that we’re lean, mean EFFICIENT monster slayers. And so the added hero energy at the bottom of the tree, albeit nice, isn’t necessary if you’re slaying right.


It’s best to focus your monster skill points toward completely mastering every skill along the outside of the tree starting from the top with monster defense debuff and ending with hero attack and attack streak. You can add the two remaining points (if your hero is level 60) to increasing your maximum hero energy.

Competition Slaying Tips

Now that I have outlined the basics I’d like to share a tip I learned from some of the games top slayers.

Most competitions are based on how many monsters you are able to kill within the Event period.

There are many individual ways to achieve max kill counts however we will cover some of the basics below.

The Economy Slayer 

Where using the least amount of energy is required but speed is the key, it’s beneficial to use Hermes gear with one or two accessories from a monster slaying set when attacking low­ level monsters just for kill numbers.

here are two examples:

Page-14-Image-13 IMG_1990

Using a combination of speed and monster gear combined with the gems and hero skill point methods I’ve described in this guide give them a huge advantage when facing off against other slayers in a timed competition. using sets like this with the fine tuned will allow you to click single attack on a monster and kill it with one hit. This is one way that the competitive slayer can see 1000 or more kills in a single competition. They use this method when grinding out huge kill numbers and then switch to their respective full slayer sets when facing the larger monsters or the World Boss monster.

There are two more common methods that are often used in competitions.

When numbers are the key in competitions, speed is the key or should I say march time is the key.

The Speed Slayer

The first method to reduce march time is to use a complete speed set. (Hermes or Northern King gear)

IMG_1991 IMG_1992

Now using this set up gives you the maximum amount of speed, however, leaves you short on hero attack. To overcome this you will need to load more energy than required and use your max hit button. Where a level 1 monster may usually require 2,000 hero energy with a monster slayer set using the speed sets will require almost 5,000 energy. It’s a payoff many use in order to obtain that additional speed.

The Port Slayer

Port slaying would have to be the most costly way to slay, however, does seem to present the best way to lower your march time.

This method required you to have any gear that will enable you to kill the monster in 1 single hit. Once you have this gear equipt simply port right up next to the monster and hit it.

An Economy Slayer would hit a monster with a march time of say 10 seconds with a march thereof 10 seconds and back in ten seconds. (20 seconds). The Speed Slayer would kill that same monster in an approx 4-5 seconds march there and back (Say 10 seconds) but the Port Slayer can port to the monster where march time is a second or two to teleport, and the march to and from is around 3-4 seconds at best. However at 1,500 gold per advanced teleport, and in a competition with over 1000 monsters killed by all the top slayers this quickly becomes the most costly of the 3 types of slayers.

Have Fun

The last tip I’d like to leave you with is this, remember GoW is just a game and monsters constantly respawn. If you find that someone has poached your kill, don’t get angry and sling vulgar and hateful comments that player’s way. Chances are they’re a funny slayer just like you…message them with some playful smack talk and show them you can slay beasts with the best of them…

iGoW Monster Madness

I hope this guide has been helpful. Most slayers have a jovial (albeit perverted) sense of humor and we enjoy the game as much as any Trap or Rally leader. Now that I have given you the tools to be a top-tier slayer, I look forward to seeing you all at the next iGoW Monster Madness event. Our next monster competition has just been announced and registrations for this event are now open here: http://www.insidegameofwar.com/igow-monster-madness/

I would like to thank Theladius from (*D:I) XDamage Inc for compiling most of this information for you. Theladius experienced his first Monster Madness event with us in event 3, is currently placed 161st on the iGoW Monster Madness Leaderboard and cannot wait for event 4, as he looks to beat his previous event PB and slay alongside the game’s best slayers.



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    Good example: Horn of Aries (from the Aries event in April) not only has the highest Inf and Cav DD of any single piece, but it has them BOTH on one piece. That allows that much more room for additional attack or TDD. It’s absolutely critical for (and the basis for) the the “big burner” sets…like the 200b no-hero burner everybody keeps getting wrong.

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