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Mobile Traps Research Released

Your traps are now mobile.

The latest research gives you the option to send traps along with your troops to any target you wish to conquer (strongholds, tiles, wonders…).

Once you obtain the Unlock Mobile Marches token in a pack, you are ready to begin researching.  Use the inferno events currently running to help gain items as you go along the tree.  You will need roughly 4MT in resources to complete the tree.

Sending traps in your Marches adds a significant difference in your rally outcomes.  Boost your attack up to 80,000%, defence up to 3000% along with health debuff at 7500%, and defence/health up to 8000%.

With this important updated we decided to try away with a maxed account against a volunteer.

After a few tested made by KissMyCores against N v R (Thanks for the help as always).








T5 wild traps is what works best.

If you use Cav, use the traps that says  Anti Cav Defenses.
If you use Range, use the traps that says Anti Ranged Defenses
If you use Infantry, use the traps that says Anti Infantry Defenses

Or you can save the image made by Lady Zo to make it easier



If you have anything else that we are missing, please don’t hestitate to contact us or comment!




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