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Mint – Alliance City Building


mintThe Mint allows you to convert Silver and Ore into Coin. Upgrading the building makes the conversion more time and resource efficient.

Level Resource Conversion Efficiency Time Conversion Efficiency
1 6.65% 10%
2 16.63% 25%
3 33.26% 50%
4 49.9% 75%
5 66.53% 100%

To Build Level 1 Mint:

17d 10h 12m 0s2,570,131449,77310,537,53624,84425

To Build Remaining Levels:

220d 15h 0m 0s1591,59463863865,69930
348d 12h 10m 42s2452,438975975140,62735
489d 15h 29m 1s3753,7321,4931,493244,71840
5144d 6h 8m 40s5745,7092,2852,285379,75045

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  1. How do we unlock the locked spaces inside our City Alliance?

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