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March Tree Research Now Complete

All the data for the final March Tree Researches has now been added:

  • Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase
  • Wonder Rally Capacity Increase II
  • Empire Rally Capacity Increase II
  • War March Size Increase II
  • Embassy Troop Capacity Increase III
  • Wonder Rally Capacity Increase I
  • Empire Rally Capacity Increase I
  • War March Size Increase I

We have also updated all of the Requirements for all research to enable you to better plan your research.

Check them out in the Research and Building Calculator and on the March Research Page

Here are a few stats for you:

  • Total Research Time for the New Researches: 1,100 years (before boosts)
  • Total Power Gain: 1.3 bil
  • Total Silver Cost: 11.8 bil

We hope to have the Wild Troops research with you shortly.


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