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March Tree Research – Live Now!

Game of War March Researchmarch research game of war

I am proud to announce that with the completion of the march tree, Inside Game of War becomes the first and only website to have complete research data!

You can check out the research here.

And don’t forget to use our Research Tool if you want to see the times with your research boosts applied.

Some facts about the March Tree:

Total Research Time: 175,000 Days

Total Power Gained: 590m

Total Silver Cost:  8.3bn




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  1. Was there a resolution to this issue?

  2. Email to who? You can’t send emails. I did send a message through the formal customer account help site on mz, giving my email in the required field. Three times. Over 4 weeks.

  3. The research tree is locked – ALL at LEVEL 10 – padlocked. My main entry point into the academy says all research MAXED OUT. I have no research it will let me do, but does not say what to do about this, as well as the connected March Presets which wont unlock at all until I start the march level 10 researches. Please help. I will provide you with my game account in. I have billions of resources, am a 5 Billion level players, and nobody can answer this and other players ARE having the same issue with no way to know or understand how to unlock the LEVEL 10s once ALLLLLLLLLLLLL (so its not asked) level 9s are completed (THEY ARE!!!!!) I have posted at least 10 messages on this board. I have sent 2 emails directly to MZ

  4. is there anyway to see how long to complete a whole “tree” would take to insure you have the appropriate amount of speeds prior to starting

  5. This is great so much info

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