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Major Changes to KvK Kill Events (Update)

Update (1st May 2015):

In addition to the changes below, you are now granted a reasonable bonus (75% defense boost) for holding the opponent’s Wonder

KvK Update

A recent blog post has outlined two major changes to KvK Kill Events

1) Your Kingdom scores points for every second you hold both your wonder and the opponent’s wonder.Kvk Featured

This is a massive change that will fundamentally change the tactics required to win KvKs. No longer will you be able to just sit back and defend. Careful aggression will be required to take their wonder and coordinated defense to protect yours. It will also get more people involved with Wonder defense/attack which should definitely be a good thing.

If anyone wants to start putting together  a guide on Wonder battles please let me know – we haven’t got one on the site and now would be a good time for one.

2) Points will awarded based on power destroyed

This is another massive change and will hugely change the effectiveness of trap/turtle accounts. The current power amounts for each troop type is:

  • Tier 1 – 2
  • Tier 2 – 8
  • Tier 3 – 24
  • Tier 4 – 36

Which is much less of a spread than the old system which was 1 point for a 1 T1 and 100 points for a T4. This encourages the use of higher tier troops  In addition it indicates that wounding troops will score just as many points as killing them (which also encourages aggressive strategies). Overall it seems like MZ want to move away from cautious, defensive KvKs where everyone is too afraid to attack due to the threat of super-effective Turtle Accounts and towards a more attack friendly style of play.

We have  updated our Battle Report Tool to now show ‘Power Destroyed’ in addition to all the other data.

KvK Changes



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  1. This is a broken points system that only rewards one of two combat styles, offense. It’s simply illogical that wounded give as many points as killed troops. This follows suit with offense always being rewarded in all combat video games (Battlefield, Modern Warfare etc); which leads one to believe these games have no real strategic value considering the greatest and most creative dynamic to real combat has always been defense. Philosophy aside, diminishing a players ability to be creative, with the T1/2 nerf and now a ridiculous points new points system, shows that the future of the game may not be do bright, except for rally leaders.

  2. Do you get a bonus for having all the same gear? Ex: all xena?

  3. It’s ridiculous to give the same amount of points in kvk for a kill and wounding troops.

  4. SpankyMcTittyface

    I really don’t get what all the turtles are complaining about. I am a non-spender ( a total of $50 of my own on my account, plus $200 from a friend in my alliance so that I could be ready to fight in time for our first kvk ) and I KILLED it in points in my FIRST EVER KVK KE EXPERIENCE. Sure, I gave up a few mil points each hit, but I went point positive EVERY SINGLE TIME. I didn’t eat that many whole marches, but I still got a few. Hell, I got 45 mil points in the first 20 minutes of the kill event from a couple of dudes coming at me before I had even moved from my usual spot.

    Over the course of the kill event, out of the 24 hours I was on and trapping for roughly 15 hours, I scored 206 million points, was the top player in my alliance and hit 19th place on the sh21 leaderboard.

    In the last hour I made 50 mil points inside of about 5 minutes. Went over to a dude who was attacking a hive in my kingdom, and he tried to scout me. I had anti-scout on, so he called for back up. 3 or 4 more people ported over and they all started hitting me back to back. I took every hit with ease, going point positive each time. They managed to kill a few t1 due to filled hospitals but it didn’t matter too much, since I ate over 1 mil t4 easily in that few minutes.

    I single-handedly scored MORE points for my kingdom, than the enemy scored by holding our Wonder. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that. The enemy held BOTH their Wonder, and ours, for about 23 of the 24 hour event. NO PROBLEM. ^_^

    And yes, my kingdom won the kvk, despite losing the Wonder and not taking the enemy Wonder. Stop gettin’ your collective panties in a twist, turtles/traps/landmines/tanks, it’s still easy to trap, you just gotta be ready to shield fast.

    • i agree i also just a did a kvk ke and we manage some good points and we did alot of attacking as alliance. we are third biggest in our young kingdom and went against a power house who took our wonder in about 5 mins lol. even without wonder we made things interesting as traps account do work. u might get burned even but u can still manage to come out positive in points if u build the proper base. so sorry for all u traps accounts who arent winning the game anymore. defense still wins this game with well placed rallies. we have a billion plus trap account in our kingdom. he is sh18 and does very well all the time good luck solo marching on him.

    • I would have to see your reports to believe any of this. Can’t imagine those players who called in their buddies sent solo marches and didn’t rally you. Your t1s would have been lost, show is the report or it didn’t happen.

  5. My beef with new point system is that it gives the same points for putting a troop in a hospital as it does for killing one. Dead is not the same as wounded. It’s ludicrous.

    • SpankMcTittyface

      True and false. By the games definitions, dead and wounded ARE the same. Since the wounded are ONLY wounded because the hospitals exist, they would die otherwise. So it does make sense.

  6. I think a lot of people are missing out on a simple fact, At base stats a t4 is equal to 4.5 t1. 5 t1 is worth 10 points. 1 t4 is worth 36 points. So really traps are still viable they just require more skill to use efficiently and to actually have people using them effectively. I’ll need to run so actual tests before I can be certain, But I think traps are still viable

    • Turtles are probably viable from a points perspective, but the amount of points is going to change radically. With the new defense and health trees, the SH21 players who hit turtles will take far fewer losses, yielding fewer points. Also, the turtle also gives up far more points under the destroyed power system, since hospitalized t1 meat shields used to give 0 points. Now they give the full point value of a killed unit.

  7. The new GoW isn’t even about whales. The mods aren’t doing anything about rampant cheating during the KvK tournament. I have screen captures of a #98 and several #30 accounts sitting in a row, in the same alliance, with the #98 SH21 sending rss to the #30. Just loading up the point farm. With instant t1 heal, you can easily farm 500k points from a SH15 every few seconds, as long as you have the rss to burn. One small cheater can now completely overwhelm all the points gained from simultaneously holding all 3 enemy wonders.

    The game is totally broken now. Why bother having a strategy when it is so easy to cheat?

  8. Whales fighting other whales for Wonders. That’s pretty much the future of this game

  9. I have a decent trap account if you can call it that… meaning SH21 maxed except Academy lvl 20 research (Maxed research though), 1.8M T3s, 500K T1s, full T3 traps.

    This new 75% defense boost while outlanders hold the wonder is the nail in the coffin for trap accounts. That in conjunction with the new defense tree in the academy (lvl 21 academy only) is to much… even for an account like mine.

    I have 400K Hospitals, 450+% Health/Defense/Attack boost… vs 375K T4/Hero legendary Xena everything + All the new Defense boost (including 75% Defense Boost) = I burn! Fill up all the Hospitals and kill 200K T1s :-/

    Last kill event same attack minus all the new defense stuff… I would smoke, killing 200-300K T4s taking around 8-10M power in the process… not anymore. The only way I can compete now is to upgrade the academy to lvl 21, research the same Defense tree and get T4s. That’s not a trap/turtle account anymore. Thank you MZ. I mean look at the super wonder! No one is attacking!

    So if you’re a trap account… don’t take hero marches while the outlanders hold your wonder! You will regret it!

  10. GOW is no longer a strategy game. i have been playing gow for over a year and recently started clash of clans and i am being a starter there can zero big player just because it truly is a strategy game unlike game of war.

  11. i understand u get comfortable playing one style but im happy traps accounts now take some skill instead of just building massive amounts of troops and going to sleep. it wasnt fair before when u can get tons of points for just sitting there. as far as big players taking wonder fine let them billions power players waste there money on each other while u go hunting. if u want points now u need to attack instead of just sitting there waiting for other to do all the attacking. point system is more balanced and makes u choose weather to waste rss on troops or research. i just see alot anger cause traps accounts are harder now. biggest problem i see is mz needs to lower the event prize totals to make it easier to achieve points but u dont need to be a big spender to enjoy the game.

  12. Has anyone checked out the latest defense update? Major defense increases, available only to SH21 players. Another severe blow to traps below the SH21 threshold. Now a big player can feasibly grind into a trap harder and take fewer losses, making the KvK point differential even worse.

  13. I’ve replied to a few people and figured I would just toss my own take up on this. Obviously, this is going to hurt trap accounts and there is no way to deny that and yes, it does favor larger T4 accounts who have spent a lot of money. Regardless, we have to look at how the game was set up before with the old points system. With the old points system, it was incredibly lopsided in favor of trap accounts. For the big players, it was simply not worth it to hit people unless they happened to find someone offline and unshielded. A T3 trap account could easily win (and has) in the SH18 and SH21 brackets simply because of the points system. The attacker had to hospitalize 6.6 T3 for every T4 that they lost and frankly that isn’t possible when hitting someone who is online. I think the most I ever lost was 215K and killed 65K when I was hit by a 2 bil player decked out with lvl 6 cores. That attack, which I clearly lost resulted in me gaining 6.5 mil points and he gaining 3.2 mil points. So, when someone decked out with lvl 6 cores and a shit ton of research can’t even win against a T3 account, something isn’t right. With that in mind, why would anyone try to solo a trap account with the old points system? Maybe you get tricked and send one march but the second you get the report you should know what happened and that you should stop. Not to mention, when you see a 50-70 mil power account with anti scout and 15 mil kills it should be pretty obvious that they are a trap. Rally it and if it shields then move on. No accounts in the 50-70 mil power range will be able to take a full T4 rally without losing a lot of troops and it just isn’t worth it for the defender.

    Now for the new system. Traps are way harder to win with in regards to points. Instead of the attacker having to hospitalize 6.6 T3 for every T4 they lose, now they only have to hospitalize 1.5 T3 for every T4 they lose. If we look at that same occasion where I lost 215K T3 and only killed 65K T4 the points are the opposite. I would have gained 2.34 mil points and would have given up 5.16 mil points. That right there levels the playing field dramatically. Before, there was absolutely no reason for a T4 account to solo someone above 50 mil. It’s asking for a huge loss points wise and frankly I don’t think a lot of people look at that. They see how many points they are getting, hospitalized 2-3 times as many of their troops, and see their stronghold burning but don’t realize that each one of those attacks is a huge loss for their kingdom. Why don’t some people realize this? Because it isn’t shown to us. MZ shows us a nice tally of all the points we are getting and how everyone else in your alliance is doing but they don’t show you how many points you gave up to get those and that’s how people lose kill events. Congratulations, you have 200 mil points but oh, wait, you gave up 500 mil points to get them… This new system is nice because it tallies all of the points gained and given up on the front page of your report. While a trap account can still be very effective, this update should breathe a bit more life into kill events. T4 accounts should no longer be steer clear of anything over 50 mil because they actually have a good chance of winning. T3 trap accounts are no longer untouchable (by solo marches) and hopefully this will get T4 accounts to hit more. To be frank, trap accounts will have to actually do some work and not simply exploit the points system.

    I have probably the second best trap account in K164 and I can personally attest to how stupidly easy it was to get a bunch of points with the old points system. The only thing I would lose during KEs would be a bunch of rss and speeds for healing. This new system is still a lot of fun because it is more challenging and requires you to actually pay attention and work your account or else you’re just going to be giving up points left and right. There will probably be fewer trap accounts simply because they are harder to be successful with but that’s only because someone doesn’t want to put in the effort.

    In regards to the wonder, I can’t really comment because I’m not a T4 player and don’t mess with it.

    • Overall you made some great observations. However, I think you are being wildly optimistic about the discipline of big players. Even if it is obvious that their personal gain results in a net loss for their kingdom, I believe many big players will keep taking the points. Big spending can create a sense of personal entitlement, particularly if a given big player is not interested in the wonder battles.

    • vw, being a trap myself and looking at the points gained by attacking or defending I cannot see how I can ever win against a big t4 account as far as kvk points. oooh i can win points for myself…to win the prizes but i give up about 3 to 1 so the kingdom looses.

      • I would have to find other smaller non t4 accounts to attack or get them to attack me to have a chance at beating them in kvk points it is not easy to scout the outlanders kingdom for those guys and by the time i find them usually the big t4 guys already burned the entire hive so there isnt anything left.

        there has now been a few of these new format kvk events for us and I can not find a good scenario where i dont screw the kingdom by winning points for myself.

        I understand the previous system may have been too lopsided toward traps, i think this one is too easy for the big t4’s, I think an adjustment is needed to help even it off a bit.

        otherwise if your not a big t4 shield and go watch tv is what most folk are going to do…….or leave the game as i have been witnessing.

        my suggestion is reduce the value for hospitalizing troops a bit to not make it exactly equal to killing a troop.

  14. pointing system is for holding the opponents wonder. No points in holding your own wonder but you get points base on kills. But most importantly, prevent the opponent in getting points

    troop meats is still good in taking a solo and/or rally but watch on the hits of the opponent. Dretz above, he was aware on the damage by the oppoent.

    I had the same experienced. I am at 150M power only with 320K bed. I took a solo hit in a 2.5B power player and I was able to get his hero in his attack. I thought I am that powerful. On the next event, I provoke a 3B power guy. He hit me in full core and at three consecutive time. The file one, I got burned with almost equal power damage. But I got him on the two other hits as those don’t have hero.

    Just sharing… July

  15. New kvk rules are all about wonder control and the big boy cores required to take and hold it. We are from an old server and fought a newer kingdom killed peeps wholesale, worst slaughter since we’ve played this game but VERY difficult to kill enough to win if you don’t hold the wonder. Traps were ineffective, only the very best traps made or traded points. Majority lost on points. 2,3,5 to one or worse. Overall it was more combat and more fun but with the lower scoring of t4 and the higher threshold to reach prizes MZ definitely has its greed on.

    • Exactly. Traps were far too easy to make and win (points wise). I know with my trap account, the new points system cut my total points in half when compared to what I would have gotten with the old points system. When I calculated it I would have gotten around 101 mil points but with the new points system I got 51 mil. Traps can still be effective but you have to be a lot more careful and check the reports. At the end of the KE I only ended up being 13 mil points positive and never lost a single troop other than to the hospital. I traded or loss with one guy who had cores on but I was in their hive and there were a few others that sent solo marches my way and they more than made up for any points losses from the core guy.

  16. The new points system in KvK is a welcome one. Power Destroyed should be most valued parameter in a war game.

    Turtle accounts still the most effective (lowest cost) game play so far. Bigger troops needed to be more effective tho.
    The only complain about MZ is the points needed to take all top prizes. Before it was like a 375K t4 killed, now its about 1 mil t4??? And how much is that top prizes will win you? with our setup 125K t4 = 12x3days = 50k golds. Good luck to kill 1m t4 with 125k t4 loss (KDR is 8.0).

    In short, new KVK format is waste of your money.

    • good point. But i would make that more general. All changes seem to be a bigger waste of money. MZ is always looking to make more bucks off the players. Just like the higher drop rates for useless maps now. MZ and their stupid maps. ha

      Otherwise, the new KVK points is most certainly in favour of wonder battles, so they can push high priced cores, which obviously dont last long at all. It means the spend players keep spending to get pieces and cores.

    • very true! i dont really spend and am a trap account i had 700k t3s 900k t2s and 500k t1s i took a 375k t4 hit from a fully cored guy managed to kill 231k t4s and 40k meat. i win on the power but i lost most of my meats all t1s were gone 400k t2s hospitalized another 100k dead so totals points earned around 10M. gave away 4.7M points and didnt even win the the second prize plus now i have to wait few weeks to take another hit.

  17. Profile photo of ShoK

    Seems as though all the turtle accounts are upset about this. The way i see it is that now the players that have spent money to build a big account actually have a chance to score points now. The old scoring system hurt the money spenders, now it is more even scoring for everyone. The only thing I’d like changed is the wonder scoring system, I feel there are too many point given for holding the wonder, where as they could change it to a set amount of points for winning a wonder battle instead of holding it, which in my mind would promote more wonder battles and more careful planning on buffers, etc.. as the power destroyed would still come into affect on the points total of each battle.

    • I’m a tank and have gift level 39.. Tanks most definitely spend. Not to the extent that the billion power players do but we spend. If the game is made so that there is no longer an incentive for tanks – a large portion of players will be gone.
      GOW will soon be a bunch of billion power players with some drones around them marching over and over to the wonder… Boring.

      • I agree, trap accounts do spend but nowhere near to the extent that big T4 players do. Not everyone can afford to drop a few grand to make a billion power account but maybe they can drop $300-$500 over the course of a few months. I bought three packs on my account but that was months ago and haven’t bought any since and I’m still an effective trap account. It is far more difficult for a trap account to win points wise and I think that’s why the traps are upset but I think that stems from how incredibly easy it was to be a trap in the old system. For a T3 trap account, it cuts down your points by about half and you end up giving up a lot more so you need to be a lot more careful. Before, as long as you weren’t stupid and didn’t take any large rallies you really couldn’t lose. Have enough beds and 8 hour shields and you could simply either instant heal or shield and heal and you’re done. I think the only real danger before was getting caught by a rally reduction player or 4-5 people soloing you at the same exact time which wouldn’t give you time to heal.

    • Just catching up on this thread. The Turtle vs. Big Guy theory is still not working in MZ. If this game is meant to mimic “real war”, especially from “days gone by”, attacking a city meant having 5-10 times as many troops as the city could hold, because wall defenses were able to kill many more troops than just a “one on one” battle.The “big guys” try to get most of their points by killing “little guys”. They are usually to chicken to fight each other, except when they see a big account that is offline, unshielded, with “home” gear on. If MZ continues this path, their won’t “be” any little guys to hit. They’ll simply give up, because all of their hard work still doesn’t give them a chance to “win”. MZ should “bracket” kill events, like the collesium. And (won’t this go over big, lol), they should “nerf” big players hitting much smaller players. Just my thoughts….

  18. MZ has gone too far this time in attempting to make the game more expensive than it already is. Eventually they will price people out of the game and be left with big spenders who are likely going to get pretty bored just doing the same thing over and over – battling for the wonder. That’s all that’s going to be left to do at some point. Boring.
    At gift level 39, I’m a spender – but I’m also a t4 tank because I’ve found it to be the most enjoyable and challenging way to play the game. If this new point system stays in effect, the game will have lost it’s appeal to player like me and there are a lot of us. It’s a mistake on MZ’s part to assume that tanks don’t spend. I’ve lost count of the players in my kingdom alone who are prepared to leave the game if this is the new permanent kill event point system.
    Just awaiting an announcement on whether this is the new scoring system –

    • I understand that the game changed significantly for big, established players. That’s a problem because they have made significant time and money investments in their personal strategies.

      However, I think these changes are largely positive for smaller players. Prior to the change, as a SH14 it was hard to score points by fighting players my own size, because their hospitals absorbed all the points, and their traps yielded nothing. Now I am able to enjoy a much more active playstyle. Although I think they could have accomplished the exact same thing by raising the points delivered for hospitalizing t1/t2, killing t1, and giving points for destroying traps.

      • I think this whole change was targeted specifically at trap accounts. People knew that trap accounts could be made quickly (specifically T2 and T3 trap accounts) and easily without spending any money. Yes, you could definitely spend some money and make it easier but frankly all you’re going to get is better gear out of the chests. So now, you can still be a trap account but you are going to have to be a lot better than before and watch your reports and who is hitting you instead of taking whatever solo came your way. Before, I would easily take a solo hit from a guy decked out and lvl 6 cores and still win points wise. Now, it’s a completely different story. Obviously this favors those who spend more money but only to level the playing field because it was just so lopsided before.

  19. One last point on this. MZ….Think DEEP, LONG, AND HARD, before you change how things work in Game of War….there are people in here that have spent more than a YEAR, patiently trying to WIN! Then…..you change the rules, in a big way. When I was young, I played poker with some friends, and each week we would get together (for about $50.00 each). Well, it was “dealers choice”, and some guys would pick the “wierdest games you can imagine”, just “becuase they could”. I realized, after a few weekends, that I couldn’t begin to calculae the odds of winning a hand, becuase, I had no idea in advance “what the game was going to be”. I only had to consider this “1 week at a time”. In GOW, we have MONTHS OF STRATEGY invested in our “actions”. btw…I quit playing poker with those buddies (although many are still my buds), because “I couldn’t figure out how to win in an ever changing game!!!). MZ….do you want this to continue to be “the best game”? If yes, you need to be really “carefull” about changes, otherwise, we’ll all start playing “Boom Beach” .

  20. If MZ wants to see “truly competitive KVK KEs, they need to post scores, by kingdom, and alliance, real time. Those alliances that “think” they are winning big points, might get a surprise. I only need to leave my 2 traps out for the 24 hour event, and I’ll win alot of points. I have enough rss in each to heal them 10-20 times over. But, with the new scoring system, unless I have ‘outstanding cores”, I’ll lose more points than I win. But, if there is “gold” at the end of the “stick”, then frankly, I should go for it, even though my kingdom might lose because of it. That type of scoring system is simply “wrong”.

    • This is exactly why big alliances are now incentivized to clean out all the trap accounts, tile harvesters, and casual players in their own kingdom. You don’t want some outlander claiming those points. The trap accounts are incentivized to claim the gold prizes, even if their KvK points are net negative for the kingdom. Tile harvesters and casual players are just a points liability.

  21. Profile photo of Robert

    Has anyone looked at battle reports from the past week to try to see if these numbers add up correctly? I have from my Alliance and so far they are looking close, but in some cases the actual power lost compared to the calculated power lost is significant, ie 10 to up to 50% different than what the battle report says. Thoughts?

  22. Just mz trying to get more money. They weren’t making enough $$ on turtle accounts. Now forcing turtles to grow and spend money. I think this will push me away from the game. I’m not stupid enough to drop thousands on a video game.

  23. There seems to be some dissatisfaction with the new system, but after two KvK Kill events, it’s starting to grow on me. I had been using a SH14 micro-trap–essentially a punching bag with 240k t1 troops and 240k hospital beds. Under the old system, my only real challenge was finding resources to instantly heal troops. Scraping points was really easy; you can always find bigger players to hit you.

    The power points system means that such an approach would harm my kingdom. So I’ve converted into a micro-hunter, taking down small targets while the big accounts thunder past overhead. This was a very active KvK event. Using the techniques I learned here, I scored 4.5M and took #1 in the sh10-14 bracket, and my one man alliance took the top tiny alliance spot as well. It’s a lot more work, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Previously, there wasn’t much for a smaller player to do, because small strikes tend to hospitalize enemy t1 troops, destroy war bricks, and yield no points. Now at least you get something for winning a fight. I did burn a lot more low-grade core gear, but again, I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. It forces a more active play style, and really opens up some better scoring options on the lower tiers.

    The one thing I am curious about is point exploitation. Is it still possible to join alliances in enemy kingdoms? Because it seems to me that with enough t1 troops and hospital beds, you could conspire to join an enemy farm alliance, and let them just feed you resources from the farms, and hospitalize your troops with their main. Instant heal, repeat. At 2 points per hospitalized t1 troop, that exploit has the potential to far exceed the points scored by holding the wonder. It might even be enough to decide the KvK match.

    • EXCELLENT POINTS! The news points system is deeply flawed. I see where it try’s to correct traps, but doesn’t actually succeed, and simply alienates players. I imagine they are just responding to larger players that are “sore losers”. They need a much deeper strategy change.

      • Was it trying to correct traps? It seems like maybe they wanted to shift the focus from city strikes to primarily the wonder.

      • Hi Ten…just catching up…Maybe, but others have pointed out that really effective traps (I mean huge ones), can win as many points as the “wonder exchanges”, and really, although it’s our “pinnacle goal” to win a wonder, is it really much of a “victory” to hold a wonder for 30 seconds? The latest strategy to defeat traps is….send in 3 or 4 big guys, with good balanced Xena Gear set, and one of them having 7 cores on, and simultaneously hitting the trap.

        I hear people in here, and kingdom chat say, “all you need is better strategy”…….really……..when you get attacked by 3 or 4 porting players, in a matter of less than 5 seconds, there isn’t much “strategy” that you can put into play.

        Set a 75% attack boost, and hope for the best, then shield. You don’t even know you’re being attacked by 5 players fast enough to decide “hmmmm, maybe I’ll skip this attack, and shield”….then add game lag during kvk ke’s, and…..you lose, unless you are willing to let your kingdom lose, but you win.

        Unless you are a gigantic, sh21 trap (that should probably just be a “fighter” at that point), you will lose the “points game”. As others pointed out, if you really don’t care about being a “team player”, and you are OK with your kingdom losing points, but you “win” in event points. I don’t believe in that, so I’ll keep trying to actually “win”, but my core crafting abilities in my trap aren’t that great (If they were, I’d turn that account into a hitter), so, in summary, any game, where 95% of your players are “destined” to lose, is not a good game strategy. MZ – stop with the never ending “debuff, of the resistance, of the debuff resistance, plus resistance”….Really? How about the ever talked about T5’s, how about “SH22”, how about new troop types, and….MUCH BETTER TRAPS, and I don’t mean now having 375k traps for ONLY the elite T4 billion power players, because frankly, their too chicken to fight each other, so they don’t need traps.

        This game requires serious “patience”.
        You don’t get to build you city and troops, and start fighting for the wonder in an hour, unless you have unlimited funds (or your grandfathers credit card).

        How about making all of that “dedication” pay off!

        Otherwise, (as is already happening), the big players will have to start making farms in every kingdom, so they have a target to hit on kvk day.

  24. There so many problems as some of you have stated, but I also see some others. This new point system makes it possible for someone to win all his battles without ever facing troops and just taking out traps. And, on the flip side, if Im a smaller defensive oriented account I do away with my traps, the ratio of points I give away versus what I gain are rediculous. Never will need traps like that.
    Troops and cores are the way to go now for me as a smaller account. MZ really trying to make me spend the real cash. I spend some but not gonna throw more at them than I already do. I can see some people walking away from this game…. Sadly.

    • I’m amazed at the amount of people who are just waiting for word on whether or not this is the permanent point system and if so, are leaving the game. Not just tanks or turtles – but players who are not interested in continuing to play the game anymore knowing that it’s evolving into a game that will eventually just be focused on boring wonder battles.

  25. I wish they would evolve the game to better suit “the battles of old”.
    Your best bet, as a kingdom facing a bigger stronger kingdom, was traps (MZ should develop that side of the game), and “Mercenaries” (kind of like reinforcements, but maybe different).

    I “get” their reasoning for “power” vs. troop count, but in the “days of old” a good defense, definetely was a good offense. There are many ways they could make this game more challenging for both high power players, and traps.

  26. In my opinion ;


    * It makes the t3 solo traps easier to attack and break even or gain points on. This encourages more attacking so that kill events isn’t just who attacked into the most traps to lose.
    * Attacking into low level stronghold with just T1s and low level traps can now net you points provided you put in enough meat
    * Overall encourages more attacking


    * Point system for holding the wonder is so skewed that a majority of the points are gained here. Attacking and defending the wonder over and over for a 24 hour period is extremely expensive both on troops and especially cores. If this is the new norm these kill events and especially tournaments are going to become ridiculously expensive….

    • Am I remembering the scoring wrong? Was it 10000 and 20000 points per second, or per minute?

    • no direct dis-respect intended gwendly, but, your comments are typical “T4” comments. 95% of the “players” in GOW are not T4. If this is only going to be engineered as a T4 game, then it should come with a warning label….DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND MUCHHHHH MONEY….Which is OK…….you big T4 players can hit each other, except…mostly….your too chicken to do so!!! They should have a new “Starter PaK’…..$2,000 , instant T4 🙂 And the heck with real battle strategy….JUST SPEND MONEY :)) If you really aren’t a “school yard bully”, then start finding the best strategies to target an “active” T4 player, not your little T2 cousins.

  27. This is still bs pretty much means big accounts can sit and hold wonders. Theres really no point in attacking anyone anymore when u can get way more points at the wonder

    • Maybe my calculations are wrong, but I think you can generate far more power by killing troops than by holding the wonder.

    • And that is exactly why I am quitting. The leaders make up rules for everyone, but don’t follow them themselves. They end up with 500MILLION power, and keep the rest of the kingdom held back, then when an event comes up, they slaughter us all. Sick of it.

  28. The new scoring system made it a rough run for my SH14 punching bag. I felt bad giving up -500k power just to pick up 50k points of t3/t4 kills. On the other hand, now that destroying war bricks generates points, I was able to locate many little farms with bricks and wipe them out with very few casualties. It was a bad event to be a baby turtle, but not so bad to be a small marauder.

  29. My kingdom just fought against a kingdom that literally has 15 players in billions power and nothing else and we lost because they had better cores at contesting wonders. They only have 3 guys in top 10 finish and only 3 of their alliances placed in top 10 as well. You can literally win the entire kvk with just a few bigs.

    • Maybe your kingdom wasn’t careful enough about giving up KvK points. It seems to me that t4 rallies on the wonder are now a huge waste of points. You could potentially lose more points trying to take or hold the wonder under bad conditions, than you actually score by holding it.

  30. Just finished our KE and while I didn’t score as many as last two on my trap (previous were over 300mil on last two events) I did break 45mil points (killed 1.7mil troops) I didn’t go negative on any attack sitting at 65mil power (they never went through my t1 meat and didnt kill any). Traps still work but seems the 16mil troop power will be a little low (except for the t1 meat) to win on points.

    • So you didn’t win third prize which required 48 mil points. You could have easily get it with the old kill points system. The old kill points system you would only need to kill 480k T4 troops to get 48 million kill points. The new kill points based on power destroy you would need to kill 1.33mil T4 troops to win third prize. That’s almost three times harder now. This is getting more expensive for small trap account to get gold back from KVK KE.

  31. Well, the only way to look at this is MZ just NERFed trap accounts by changing to this scoring system for KE

  32. i don’t mind the new kill points system based on power destroy. i agree with Daniel H. that it will give the big power accounts to attack trap account more. However, I wish MZ would lower the about of kill points for the prizes. It’s over 200% increase from the previous kill points system to win third prize. Also, if they go with kill points based on power destroy then why not based on power destroy to determine win/lose?

  33. This new kvk format almost seems like a way for mz to nerf trap accounts somewhat without calling it an official nerf

  34. This definitely seems to have reduced the effectiveness of the turtle. Still, in many cases the turtle will still net more points. However, I think it changes the strategy of the turtle. I think having a huge t1 contingent still often wins on power destroyed points against a t3/t4 march. I will have to spend more time on the battle calculator to imagine different scenarios, though. It does now make much more of a difference what boosts people have. A t1 meat shield can get absolutely wiped out by a t4 march with good research and awesome equipment. It means as a turtle being careful about who you take hits from. Shield if the person has massive power or top gear. The other benefit of the turtle remains that even if you net 0 points, you still get the prizes from the event, and your army is cheaper to rebuild than the attackers. It’s still a worthwhile strategy for people who want to fight without spending massive amounts of money.

  35. The updated blog announcement specifically mentions hospitalizing troops and destroying traps as two ways to destroy power and generate points.

  36. So my turtle account is now useless?

    • Your turtle account isnt useless. You will still score points. You just will start giving up more points than before.

      My turtle took a hit right when KE opened up. I had 580k t1 troops wounded and killed 236k t4. I earned 9.95 million points but gave up 1.16 million points.

      Under the old system I would have scored 23 million points while giving up 0. So my turtle account was still really effective but not nearly as effective under the old system.

      Although scoring points is harder, getting hits is actually easier. Bigs are now more prone to hit a turtle as they are gaining points too.

      • Are your troop numbers correct? How would 580k t1 + traps take out 236l t4? Boosts, gear, research, other troops, reinforcements?

      • Profile photo of silverhair

        He said he had 580k T1 wounded, not that he had 580k T1 in total.

      • You’re right, thanks. I’m still curious what allowed him to kill so many t4. Just a MASSIVE t1 meat shield or something else?

      • I was rolling with about 1.2 mil T1, 1.5 mil T2, and 600k T3. Total power about 45 mil. More than Silver recommends in her guides but I wanted a good amount of meat.

        The guy I mentioned above hit me twice and I was able to instant heal all of my T1s in between hits. Got 274k T4 of his on the second hit.

        However I soon learned that my turtle wasn’t quite as strong as I thought it was. I was attacked by a 5 bil player wearing full cores. He filled my hospitals (615k T1) and killed another 600k T1.

        He hit back to back really fast. I instant healed my hospitalized troops but didn’t realize the damage he did on first hit until after the second one I went in to instant heal and saw my hospitals were filled with T2.

        So long story short… cores f you up. Haha.

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