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Machine Zone Reveal Their Long Term Plans for Game of War

This was meant to be a private conversation between Machine Zone and the current emperor Stay Alive. Ordinarily wouldn’t want to post something intended to be private like this but it seems this had already been spread extensively. Many of you will have seen this already but for those of you that haven’t here it is in full (including the extra juicy bolded bits).

The Interesting Bits:

There is a lot of interesting information in here, the most significant being of course the new trading system for materials and cores. This has been a long requested feature and does at least help to explain why Machine Zone have ramped up their gear release schedule from two sets a month to what is currently about 4 a week. Hopefully more info will be released on this soon.

They also state that the largest complaint from players is that there is not enough to do.  I think they are missing the point slightly though if they think that the answer to this is more gear and more research. What do you do with the gear and research once you have it? That’s the real question.

The other major feature is the new Dungeon Explorer mode. They are hyping it as way to keep the single player game fun and fresh. It has just come out in Beta and so far the first impressions seem underwhelming – it doesn’t seem to offer a huge amount over the current Dungeon mode. Post on this coming very soon.

Here is the original conversation:

game of war conversation game of war conversation 2

The removed bolded bits:

game of war bolded bits

And here are Stay Alive’s thoughts on the changes MZ need to make: 

stay alive feature requests


p.s. Hot off the press -a few accounts in Beta have had their Hero Level limit increased to level 60. Looks like the power level for this is set at 10B power. More details to follow soon….


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  1. Let me make this loud and clear to all who commented in this section I will make sure there s nothing left of mz s game. I got a case for unfair game play. The so called company is run by a bunch of money grabbing bastard s end of .you can’t purchase teleport any more with gold nor the shields they never read their own terms and conditions .They also put up pack prices 4 times in the last 6 weeks .why .They thought the bigger players would buy more .fatal mistake was getting rid of the smaller packs now since they have done that they have realised how many smaller players are left more than big players .without the small players buying mz will not survive .so they now their trying to banish all of us guess what it’s not going to work you already sentenced your own company to death by taking away the small packs and also trying to make the trillions of gold we accomplished useless. Unfair game play and in a court 100p percent you can get kicked off the mobile platform for that because you didn’t notify us .you have a duty of care to send players like us messages and you didn’t if you agree with me join my crusade and we can get this company to court and get them kicked off the mobile plat just type in my player is staydown777 message me on game of war .it’s about time we stood up to these bastard s at mz and put them in their place starting with a one week full on game of war boycott on spending the more of you that join in this cause will help change this game we need the big players on our side as well as every small player from all kingdoms lets stand together enough is enough .and good news where ever u have spent 9.99 on a pack or 75.99 on a pack you can also claim every penny back you ever spend. Just put in a visa dispute against the company unfair game play everything you ever built is now useless in that game message me on game of war

  2. First off this was the best game ever?I’ve met plenty of ppl and made tons of new friends.With that being said the game has become too one sided with all the attack boost/cores you put out too frequently.The def gear even with max research and boost dont stand up to all the changes.Basically everyone has to be an attack acct which makes the game boring.Everyone under 300 tril in power in my kingdom stays shielded or have quit because of this and I’m considering the same.Thanks for ruining the best game ever.

  3. Yes you can move to another kingdom if the kingdom is ancient and have ancient advance teleportation with that you can move to another kingdom but that might long time.

  4. Nothing but a bunch of nutless pos playing this game. Level 21 and 22s bullying low level players. There should be a limit on how low of a level you are able to attack. Like within 3,4,or 5 levels. Bullies should fight amongst themselves and quit being spineless wussies and allow everyone to enjoy the game.

  5. i got zeroed yesterday due to the lag of the game im a solo trap and got zeroed by a rally and mz isnt doing anything about it what should i do i cant afford packs at the moment .

  6. I agree with everybody here. I keep getting attack by over billion power plus and I am only at 17 million power with no troops, every time i build up troops a billion power takes it away.

    Only it sucks i cant t4 unless I spend more money. I at level 15 prison 13 alter

    cheaper packs. When i first they had 5 and 20 dollar packs but no more. I dont want to spend 50 a week minimum i want to spend sometimes 20 or 5 dollars and maybe 50 every once in awhile. Like i want to spend money now but not 50 because of birthdays and christmas

  7. I would suggest a graduated system where you can only enter certain kingdoms at certain power levels. That way you can stay competitive and graduate up when you are ready. Your clan should be able to help you graduate up and so lower levels become farming leagues for higher levels.

    • I completely agree with this. In fact about a month ago I talked about this in our AC. Because we talked about how in our kingdom there is basically 1 Mega alliance 350 Billion total and several other alliances with 80B total power they essentially farm everyone all the time. Which means as lower player any time you try to attack someone ( you get Zeroed ) instantly. Shield drops for couple minutes zeroed.

      I felt like it would be nice if some Tier Kingdoms were created. Once over maybe 1-2 Billion power players should be ported to a stronger kingdom ( or Kingdom Alliance Power limit to prevent all Billion powers from getting in one single alliance. )
      – this would give smaller players reason to stay active playing. Traps could still be somewhat effective.

      Maybe there should be kingdom alliance Power limit to balance it out. Seems so stupid to have 1 alliance with all the power rather than 50 alliances with several strong people all battling it out for the wonder. Using strategy. Then coming together for Kill Events.

  8. I would like to have the email address for the MZ people posted here. This would allow all of the us players who have serious issues with the game to complain.

  9. I agree with a lot of what stayalive says. After you reach a certain power level the game becomes boring to the point of wanting to quit.

    MZ needs to level the playing field, so that lower players can compete with the players that have spend 20,000 or more.

    If they don’t, then GOW will just be filled with the 5 billion plus point players and no one else. WHATS THE POINT!!!

  10. Great Convo and wise feedback!!!! 7, cheaper backs would be great. I cant afford $49-$99 all the time, but $9.99 and $19.99. 14-17 bullet points in StayAlive 77 final email are great!!!! Fixing those would satisfied me. Thanks you StayAlive77 for being our advocate. GOW ALL DAY every day.

  11. I think it should be not make package cheaper its make it so you put out a package in each price range and let the player decide which one he want to buy. Cause right now you make it so once you spend $20 you only get packages in a higher bracket since you already have cheaper package for the player that haven’t spent money so its not more work and makes it so people who aren’t rich can still compete

  12. Profile photo of Silk711

    Can a player move from one kingdom to another? He has changed his alliance but so far can’t move to our alliance.

  13. Mz needs to consider creating something more than just strongholds for individual players to fight over. Strongholds just stay shielded and the only fighting happens when someone is small and gets caught by a big or some big forgets to shield in research gear, neither of which makes for a compelling tactical war game. If they made small tactical targets, like mini wonders, in every kingdom for people to fight over for rewards, pts, whatever, that can only be soloed or occupied by a single player then you would have something to do. Could be tiered to power level, tied to kvks, whatever, the pt is it would be something to fight over, lose troops, retrain, improve tactics, and also not cause constant building for two weeks to have 3 battles in a KvK and then be done.

  14. I have only been playing the game for about 5 months now and I can definitely relate to some of his concerns. Even with all my gathering boosts and full troop march, I find gathering resources has become redundant. For almost 2 months into the game I had such a lack of common materials that I could only craft blue items within a reasonable amount of time. I cannot afford $100 packs or even the $50 ones, but i would definitely pay $5-$20 a month on packs. Even some of easily obtainable items like advanced teleports in my opinion are extremely expensive. During KvK events at most I will have 9 ports, and when fighting against dead kingdoms it usually resorts to monster killing and solo empire smashing which is very costly for the meager points you get (usually because the smart kingdoms purge the weak before events).

  15. Those crowns are utterly pointless since the boosts only last 5 minutes

  16. whole game comes down to how much money you can spend, which is total unfair, Game is made for people with money only the lower power people that cant spend money don’t have a chance in this game. You could make a limit on how many troops anyone can have that might make the game a little better, hard to fight people that have over billions of troops and your happy the you just trained your first million

  17. My question with their logic is this, what does a dungeon have to do with war? If they really wanted to make the game better, and tie in with war,they should introduce something that gives smaller players a tactical advantage. not saying that they should make it easy for small players, but give the game an edge that makes it a thinking game.

    • I think what he is doing by addressi!g the issue’s is great. He is speacking for many of us who dont get a chance to speak much.. i just hooe they take it aerious. and make the game fun like it was before an was inteneded. To be. Thankk you STAYALIVE..!

  18. Good to see he is addressing a lot of the issues that are ruining the game for smaller players as well. Good arguments for sure. Does you have any estimate of when the next Coliseum may be? It seems from past experience every 3-4 months, so I would expect to see one soon.

  19. It seems if you mention this letter in KC MZ will censor you. I asked if anyone else has read it in KC and noticed none of my messages were shown from my other account. I have lost respect for big brother MZ.

  20. Yea this is my biggest gripe with the game, having so many materials for different sets that aren’t usable again. Unless they start repeating like this or if they set up some type of marketplace. Even with certain chests, you get the same two materials and have to
    get extremely lucky to get those rarer mats.

    I got around 200 samurai chests from inferno events and they consistently drop red dye and lead ore (those are the only ones that regularly drop golds). With the rest of pieces it’s rare to see a blue (Ruby Geode, Iron Ore, Diamond Geode). You would literally have to open 1500+ chests just to get 1 piece of high end gear, maybe two (if you’re lucky). And in the end you’re probably stuck with 20 gold dyes and 20 gold lead ores. Chest drop rates are ridiculously bad and stupid. I get that they don’t want to make it too easy to get these items but the only way to be good at this game is to drop thousands and thousands. And even then you’re still going to be relatively shit.

    In KvK at 200m power (with high level gear) some dude with 3B is just going to sneak up on you and rip your ass apart. Only option is to run like a bitch. The Gap between the low-level, mid-level and high-level players is gigantic.

  21. Why does that list not include “bring back properly-awarded, troop-training events” or “restore balance to the events”? We’ve seen nothing but 5x research events for so long, I feel like it has been ‘forever’. Isn’t this Game of _War_? Perhaps MZ should change the name to Game of Research.

    It’s ridiculous that I’d have to spend $200 on packs just to complete one inferno on troops alone! Then, if I did do that, I’d certainly not dare take a rally and risk losing most of my investment in one shot. Run or shield seems to be the play of the day. Rally offline players. What kind of war is that?

  22. Make points double for every 1 Billion Power a target has. If the target is under 1 billion power, then 1 point = 1 outlander power killed. If a player is 1 Billion Power, then 2 points = 1 outlander power killed. 2 Billion Power, 4 points = 1 outlander powered killed. If you add larger rally sizes, it might just make killing large targets in later rounds of a tournament worth it instead of making it all about how well your traps do and how long you hold the outlander wonder etc.

  23. I have been playing GoW for about 15 months now and the game changed so much that I am considering stopping. If it was not for all the great people I have met then I probably would have. The gap between the lower power and bigger guys are getting so big that it becomes pointless. 6-10 Months ago if you were a 100mil player you could effectively take part in rallies but now at 350mil I am way to small a player to effectively contribute in rallies as most of the bigger people are 2-6Bill. Now with the added core gear you can get zeroed in one rally.

    The packs are also way to expensive. At ZAR 1,200 a pack it’s almost 50% of my monthly grocery bill and I just cannot afford to buy packs to get to that level. I get the fact that MZ have some operational costs and have to pay +- 300 employees but the revenue (est. $1Mil a day/ +$600Mil for 2014) is generated out of fictitious time speedups that costs the company $0. At this stage they are just printing money and this is just not a sustainable model.

    Not sure what the answer is but I hope they can do something positive.

    • Chris Schroeder

      I agree the power difference is getting to be to much. I’m a 3 billion account but I can see that 150 million accounts cant participate anymore in rallies.

  24. Older kingdoms are dead. Something needs to be done about it asap. Give everyone a port to go to newer more active kingdoms or combine kingdoms into super kingdoms.

  25. B, upkeep is not a solution. Then MZ will just release a Hero Gear with 99% upkeep reduction.. It will basically allow the Spenders to have even more troops.

    • That wouldn’t be a solution, no. At best if they were to do that now they’d make ALOT of people angry. I meant when the game was being designed originally that’s what they should have done, and not made any upkeep reduction equipment and just stuck with expensive temporary items for the big spenders that wanted an army twice as big as the usual – solos, rallies, the time to build up an effective army, T4, massive disparity between big spenders and casuals etc wouldn’t have any problems then

    • You already can have 0 upkeep there are 4 head gears that have over 50%(62% on at least 2) and add 50% reduction upkeep and your at over 100% and that is a literal boost (I use it so I can speak from experience)

  26. That’s some pretty exciting stuffs coming !

  27. Slaggy you and the team have been stand up righteous in taking care of us GoW gamers from the start. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate you all. Thanks.

  28. I agree with most of what StayAlive said, especially the event rewards and goals. At the moment they are pointless. On #7 they should also bring back the cheaper ones, I know a lot of players would spend more regularly on those – it’s easier to justify spending $20 a month on a game rather than $100!

    The increased rally size, once you get into the 5 billion or above it is useless to try and rally them without wasting tens of millions of T4, but at the same time having an increased rally size means the lower players will get zeroed far too easily and you’ll just end up with ghost kingdoms eventually if you go too far in the extreme. None of this would have been a problem if you couldn’t build troops if you’re upkeep was more than your food production … But that’s too late to change now!

    • Sounds easy to protect smaller players by just giving a march size bonus when you target a certain bracket of power. Par example 10% when you rally 1b+

      • I think you may be on to something here Robin. This is common in some of the other war games out there. They have penalties in place that make it less than profitable to hit players who are extremely low in power. Put in place bonuses and penalties based on the “bracket” of power you are attacking.

      • Why not just employ power constraints on who can attack who like Galaxy Empire???

      • And this would also make a trap account more expensive for the experienced, non spender. Such as myself. This needs to be implemented. Easy fix thatll please everybody!

      • I meant more effective lol

    • I would like the increased March size and rally size but there should be a power limit for the increased rally size because it would destroy a lot of under 400ms if say, a rally could be filled with 4m… Increased rally size for players that are hard to rally imo. Same with increased march: Should have a fair limit so people don’t quite because that would result in loss of $$$ for mz and make the game boring.

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