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New Defensive Gear & Gem Set

Lycan Defense Gear

MZ has released a new defensive set, and the new Safeguard Defensive Gem Set, to go with it.

5 Set Bonus will give you:

740% Troop Defense
200% Troop Health
1200% Attack Debuff

Specialized Set Bonus will give you 80% Attack.

The stats shown are from using the Lycan Defense Set, in conjunction with the Safeguard Defensive Gem Set.

New Defensive Gem Set

The Safeguard Defensive Gem Set, almost doubles the defense that its predecessor, Aegis had. Completed Gem Set Bonus, and equipped in Lycan Defense Gear, will give you over 3300% Defense.

Current pack has 5 sets of Safeguard Defense Gem’s, in it.

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