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Lumber Mill – Alliance City Building

Lumber Mill

lumber millThe Lumber Mill allows you to convert Wood and Food into lumber. Upgrading the building makes the conversion more time and resource efficient.

Level Resource Conversion Efficiency Time Conversion Efficiency
1 6.65% 10%
2 16.63% 25%
3 33.26% 50%
4 49.9% 75%
5 66.53% 100%

To Build Level 1 Lumber Mill:

6d 21h 14m 24s1,927,5984,497,7298,995,45820,69025

To Build Remaining Levels:

219d 3h 0m 0s1,5941,5941,59453,17530
344d 23h 30m 39s2,4382,4382,438112,37735
483d 3h 0m 43s3,7363,7363,736196,22240
5133d 18h 21m 7s5,7205,7205,720303,46245

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