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Lay Waste to The Enemy With Level 5 Cores and Pieces

Hail, warriors,

A true battlefield master is looking for any new means to try and achieve victory, and new gear options are a key way to make this happen. Partner with skilled battlefield artisans to craft all-powerful Prototype Gear combinations to reign supreme over the Fire Age. Note that this new gear has Debuff bonuses as well.

Level  5 Cores are a major part of these new gear options, including secret combinations that unlock your potential and power to new levels. Here’s an example of what such a combination can do.

With one combination, you could achieve:

  • 3400% Thunderlord Attack
  • 2285% Thunderlord Defense
  • 940% Thunderlord Health
  • 1595% Demigod Wonder Rally Attack
  • 1630% Demigod Wonder Rally Defense
  • 435% Demigod Defense Debuff

This requires the following Level 5 Cores:

  • Master Ra’s Visor Core
  • Master Ra’s Flight Core
  • Master Ra’s Brand Core
  • Master Ra’s Thread Core

Along with the following Level 5 Pieces in each Core:

  • Horselord Plague
  • Perfect Tortoise Shell
  • Divine Feather
  • Deep Emerald Scales
  • Seal of Plague
  • Emerald Tiger

Planning how you adjust your gear with these powerful items is essential for success in battle. Make sure that your empire is adequately prepared with the following tips:

  • Max your VIP Levels.
  • Upgrade your Forge to new levels.
  • Complete all Relevant Research, including Core High Range Boost Research, Core Crafting Luck Research, and Core Crafting Duration Research.

This gear has a limited duration, though, so make sure to wreak battlefield havoc before the time runs out. Here is how to empower your gear:

  1. Go to your Forge building.
  2. Tap on your Craft Equipment to see what Recipes you have available.
  3. Acquire the listed Materials in your Recipe.
  4. Combine like Materials to get a higher Quality.
  5. Tap Craft, using Silver to speed up the process or Gold to complete it instantly.
  6. Head off to war.

Good luck, warriors.


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