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Lava Titan Defence Gear Set

Brand new defence gear has been released.

Lava Titan is the latest gear set released to help you both protect yourself and outsmart your attackers.

The helm, Lava Titan’s Protector, gives you 1,700% legion defence and 700% enemy attack debuff  for each of the 9 troop types (regular/strategic/wild).

Armour, Lava Titan’s Mantle, gives you 2,500% defence for each of the 9 troop types.

Feet, Lava Titan’s Guard, has 13,000% legion defence and 1.050% attack for the 9 troop types.

The weapon, Lava Titan’s Stonefist, lends 1,000% legion defence, 900% troop defence and 375% troop health.

The three accessories, Lava Titan’s Girdle, each give 700% troop defence, 325% troop health and 30% march speed debuff for Super Wonder, Wonder, Stronghold and Encampments.

Collecting each piece of this gear will also give you the following set bonuses.

5 piece Base set bonus(hero skill boosted): 7,000% troop defence and 1,400% troop type debuff.

7 piece Full set bonus(hero skill boosted): 6,000% legion defence and 7,500% troop type defence.

Full set +10 power bonus: 140% in defence and health

Set gear levelling: 1,000% troop type defence.



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