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The Largest Zeroing in Game of War History – March 2016

70 Bil Power Player Zeroed

Update: This is no longer the record, see here for the new record

70 Bil Power Player Zeroed

We have just received this in from gorilla69. Colt45Lang has been zeroed in a KvK. Over the course of just over two hours he was dropped from 70.3 billion power and 1.4 billions troops to 21.4bil. This smashes the previous Game of War record set by the recent zeroing of two 55bil power players (here and here).

The report from gorilla69 explains how it unfolded:

Initially I captured Colt’s hero at the wonder during the KvK. He didn’t swap in time for my hit. Afterwards he sat at the wonder for about an hour without moving. At that moment, Ottoman and I decided to rally him. Ottoman hit him with a Zeus Core Set. The hit was pretty decent considering Colt had 1.4 billion troops.

We then shared the coordinates with our allies in k26 (sL4, zERO, EFX, xFW and K2S), however only Otto and Criper from EFX were able to keep burning him. I tried a Frostbitten Core Set on him whilst he was at 70bil and barely burned him. At that point, I asked all our allies to stop hitting him.

When Otto took him down to 60bil all other allies helped us finish him. It was great teamwork. I would never have been able to accomplish this without my awesome members from !RK alliance filling the rallies and being prepared to zero themselves in order to finish the job.





Troop Details:


Battle Reports:

1457432196206 1457432210508 1457432198133 1457432207644 1457432205587 1457432202030 1457432199913





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  1. this is a joke. how can that player who got zero build up billion of troops?! This is time cosuming!

  2. I am in volt with colt yes he was 0 but the rebound back from it is impressive

  3. Zeroing someone online is more impressive? Who in there right mind would let you zero them while their online? Please tell
    Me this lol and we zeroed a 62 bil in Northern King but who cares we do it for the thrill of the hunt we don’t care what people think it’s a game we do it to have fun

  4. Record of 55b is not exactly broken. 70b is zeroed heroless. The 55b was zeroed with hero at home with partial old fireage and research gear.

  5. Ok for all you want to know the large target getting zeroed was 76b guy in kingdom 50 2 days ago his name its lackmier alliance 44P he went off on dongeun gear and he was max research so after been zeroed his power was 23b

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    Sorry, just sent out this mail again accidentally. You can see the new record here: http://www.insidegameofwar.com/zeroing-world-records/

  7. correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there another player that was actually zeroed for more power?

  8. I was just wondering if it’s possible to zero a 1.3 Trillion power player? And what about 800B?

  9. Can you explain why there was a hero on you “last” hit and why the coords changed and also why your last hit time shows a time BEFORE the first one??


    • Not all screenshots were taking by the same person. The language changes and i’m assuming the timezone for those players also changed.

    • Oh you mean the before and after shots of power/size? Where before it was in K26 and the after was in k559?

      I saw that too…

      • I took the SS, k559 was his home kingdom and I tracked him with a farm fake rally, after the lag of the game caught up and his warrant expired that was where he Randomed back to in 559 and a final SS could be taken as opposed to one I have that was still with lag.

        And yes SS are from multiple devices and as such different people’s time zones.

      • First and last are shown from SAME GORILLA 69 Player. No timezone change for same player. FAKE.

      • [Comment Removed]

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        Jeff, I’m sick of your endless conspiracy theories and relentless trolling. Next time it’s a ban

      • I had to read this a few times to understand what you meant lol the first screen shot is when the hero was capped in the wonder the last screen shot is actually the first of gorilla69 rallies if you look at the ss you can tell by the amount of troops colt has I hope this helps

  10. That is such a pity. I really hope that it will not make Colt45Lang to leave. He is one of the best GoW players. And for me what happened just a prove that all of us are people and even the best sometimes do mistakes, only their mistakes are much more visible than mistakes of ordinary players.

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    Solo zeroing a 2 billion player with hero with your own carefully constructed cores would be way, way more impressive than this. Rallying a multi billion player without their hero over and over again is only slightly more impressive than hitting a lvl5 stick.

    • in all honesty it’s going to be impossible to impress someone like you with you and your alliance haveing zeroed bigger and better targets on a daily basis on that note where is the article about your accomplishments? I’m mean I’d love to read about the time you and your rally team Zeroed the 70 billion player oh wait there you guys haven’t ?
      My advice to you would be to put your helmet back on before you hurt your self ??

  12. Kris, your request has been granted. A 100bil is getting zero. Only weird part, it in hermes. How the hell you burn a player on hermes with 100bil? I think this is a play

  13. I’m sorry but when it takes several alliances to do that I’m not very impressed…if it was just one alliance with maybe 3 or 4 guys rallying then I’d be astonished but not after reading this..I’d like to see you try this on both our 100 billion plus power players in 466..whole kingdom would get you?????

  14. What was the XP gain from zeroing such a big target?

  15. So, if he got burned initially at the wonder, why wasn’t he ported out?

  16. This is honestly funny, all these judgements and assumptions from people who know nothing. Colt actually happens to be one best gow players going around. He didn’t ‘swap out in time’ becuase he passed out drunk well before they rallied the wonder. As for ‘sitting there for an hour’… well as i said he passed out. My question is, why did they wait an hour to hit him? Knowing his hero was imprisoned. My question is, why do you care how people spend their money? It’s theirs, they can light it on fire for all i care. This zeroing is worthy a story, yes. Just next time lose the embellishments and care to check some facts. There were also many other alliances hitting too.

  17. He had no hero and many kingdom boost, No hero you will burn, guys over 100 billion have catch flames,and frostbitten is still a strong set to use.zues is on another level lol, but zeroing a guy in frost lord is something, many heroes will lose to the target before he finally crack..

    • Yeah zeroing without hero is less impressive, not saying this was easy at all, but show me an active, online 2 bil in Frost gear zeroed and I will be impressed

  18. [Comment Removed]

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Jeff, these are just trolling insults.

      • How unsurprisingly typical – I know how truth or honesty can be mistaken for insults, especially if it might make the base supporters think a bit.

        For those who would like to judge for themselves – google has cached copy. Catch it while it lasts.

        And as mentioned in the removed comments, Kudo’s to Zwerk on his comments down below – spot on.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        The summary of your post was that you think these people are idiots and fools. Articulating insults in the form of old wise tales [sic] doesn’t make them any truer or more interesting to read.

      • Oh, it was that?… cripes, I figured that part was a given since I am hardly the only one to point that out or shares that opinion. I was certain the part that got my comment removed was my opinion of the good job the psychology experts at MZ have done enticing those with the attributes of same, and that was a corp. intellectual property secret you were protecting from public revelation.

  19. Gorila69 hits a chick. I was there. At only 17bill and no where near the research other hitters had. My first hit was 193mil. I got off 14 rallies. All of them 190+mill pushing to 300mil. Then Busta hit with DB for 556mil..

    (K|NG) Red Foreman k#494

  20. Not entirely true, there were a few other alliances there that WERE burning him and doing some damage — MB and KlNG being two of them from #494. Our biggest hit however was 556 million, others ranged from 150-200 million thereabouts.

    • Doesn’t take much when dude have no hero to burn him, still impressive . Try zeroing a 10+ billion in frost lord. That take skills , you have to learn how to read the reports and what cores to send next

      • Not entirely, Zeus and the new is starting to make things like that possible if the conditions are right. And there are still people out there that don’t know how to use their sets and gems correctly. At 62 billion, depending on the amount of lower tiers someone has, they can still be set on fire without a hero using the frostbitten set. I still have the video when we were testing it out!

    • If you aren’t the alliance that had the balls to step up and start the zero, don’t add some BS, that you were there burning too. You were simply stealing kills, don’t expect props for that.

      • You don’t always know who doesn’t have a hero until someone goes after it because THEY know for a fact there isn’t a hero. He was at 67-68 billion when we first got in because someone happened to be scanning around.

        Claiming credit entirely for a few when it just isn’t so is about as equally deplorable IMO. There was another alliance in my kingdom that was there that all also deserves it, not for merely “stealing kills” because they earned it stepping up and being there to do it as well.

        To say all others were capped trying, THAT is what is bs.

  21. I see two problems with this player/story. What moron loses his hero at the wonder during a kill event then “falls asleep” while still sitting in the wonder? and secondly, when he burned the first time he should have lost any heroes he was holding/been random ported out of the wonder. Why would he not shield? Pride? Guys like this deserve to be zeroed to teach them a lesson. If they are just showing off how much money they can waste why not go to vegas and atleast have a slight chance of winning something worthwhile.

    • There are people that just log off thinking they’re too big to be hit, and that’s not always the case. The next day he had changed his name to “DrunkGaming” so that might explain a few things. Big players zeroed we all know are “the winning players of KvK KE” — because they lose so much. It might be a pride thing, it might be a stupidity thing, but everyone should just shield if they’re offline and no hero home. Simple. You might get lucky, but odds are someone is going to find out about it and come for you.

    • Dan you are a moron who just assumes you know it all eh? At least the guy above took some time to find out a few facts instead of spouting off nonsense.
      Colt is prolly one of the most knowledgable in the game. Not shielding isn’t being too prideful. It’s that he knows he ordinarily won’t burn.
      Drinking n gowing. It happens to the best of us
      He atleast laughed it off instead of half the people in the game who aren’t anywhere as big as him get zeroed, they cry n quit
      He’ll rebuild…

  22. A 100 bill+ have burn, shield up or don’t get caught slippin lol , much better to zero a big than to hit traps…

  23. Hours before that, my kingdom and some other zeroed a 57b down to 8b. We held the top zero, for a couple hours. One note though, while we only held the top spot for a couple of hours, we zeroed the 57b WITH a hero home and he started with 1.77b troops. The loss difference between our zero was greater than that of the one above.


  24. Frostbitten cores. Not Frostlord ??

  25. Congratulations to all involved. You took a calculated risk and it paid off. I’m sure it took millions of troops to zero him. Excellent work on cores and team work. Not many people willing to do what y’all did.

  26. Am I the only one who fails to see the skill in zeroing someone who is asleep?

    • Skill? Very little skill involved in the game. It’s mostly about having the money to spend. Only skill is in properly setting hero points and crafting cores. There are small changes in both that can make enormous differences. As far as zeroing anyone, it’s impossible to zero someone who is awake and online. All you have to do is shield or pop defensive cores. Don’t be jealous because you are not willing to risk troops.

      • Lol who said anything about being worried about troops? They are pixels and not my children ?

  27. I can remember taking multiple full rallies when I was 315 million power and just smoking. That was before cores when an account could actually be a tank around 300 million power…now people are losing twice that much in a single hit. What a joke the game has become. I do admit I miss those days playing with friends and chatting, it was a fun game in those days (before it was ruined to boost profits of course). That is an impressive amount of money wasted to zero that player though, very impressive bank accounts involved. I never imagined so many people would have so much money to burn but I would guess even MZ is shocked by peoples willingness to throw away tens of thousands of dollars on pixels (and on a mobile app. no less).

    • Why is it everyone thinks MZ was suppose to create a game that’s free for everyone to play? MZ created GoW for; wait you will be shocked; to make money. Everyone playing has the choice to spend money or not as well as how much they spend. It’s their money, they can spend it how ever they want to. Some people buy exotic cars, other take lavish vacations, some blow a ton at strip clubs, others prefer drugs. Point is it’s theirs to spend as they wish.

      • A: no one thinks that (even though it’s falsely listed as free to play)
        B: duh

        Your points don’t make it inappropriate for others to share there point of view. In fact you’ve simply stated the obvious. On the other hand you have inadvertently made a great argument against spending money on the game by comparing it to spending money on drugs…

      • Badda I have no problem with MZ selling a product, but they have squeezed out the majority of the casual players who are not willing to spend massive amounts of money. This makes the game less fun.

      • Not to mention the fact that they intentionally change the game for the sole purpose of forcing players to continue to spend more and more money. I had no problem dropping a couple hundred a month to rebuild troops and cores after KVK kill events because I was using my account and placing in the top ten every kill event (and NOT giving away a bunch of points). When they made it impossible to continue playing on that budget is when I said enough is enough…not spending 200 a month to play at a highly competitive level and another 200 a month to research useless things like resistance debuff to debuff resistance debuff debuffs so I can debuff the new debuff. hahaha game is a joke now (bad one on people still spending $ – I feel pity for you)

  28. Great job guys

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