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Kingdom of Champions: Athena’s Slayers Grand Finale on the Horizon

Mortals from every kingdom clamored to The Kingdom of Champions last week after Athena opened the Kingdom for Her birthday. Special bonuses were offered to all the warriors with courage to enter.


Athena congratulates those who survived. Their strength and dedication shone through the perilous night, as did the flames of their enemy’s encampments.


The winner was Philth22 (ONE) of ONE Heart! Athena sends many congratulations and rewards to Philth22.


Athena likewise congratulates the top performing warriors.


Panda Goku (CbY) from Ferdi

Pablo Escbar (BReW) from Teos

WAR 247 (8K8) from Animax

Jocrazy (.D.D.) from Mabel

Vampiiiii (=ba) from Kaiser

MelGibson1 (73V) from Ctesse

Rogue XXL (DarK) from Animax

Ghosttown 2 (IceD) from Eretria

SEVEN139 (aoX) from Animax


Be sure to gaze upon the Champion’s Monument now for the updated winner’s glory!


Athena’s Slayers Finale was a battle that the poets’ will sing of in songs and story, but Athena’s Slayer’s Grand Finale looms on the horizon. Warriors will have a second opportunity to forge their legacy. It will be one for the ages! The stuff of legend!


But remember that your troops will need to be in peak physical condition. Be sure to visit the gold store to give you troops the edge they’ll need to battle your enemies. For tips on making the right selection, have a look at this post on choosing the right gold packs for your armies.


Game of War features a number of gold packs that will help your armies get the training and experience they need. Researchers can use speed ups too and so can crafters. You’ll want to get your kingdom ready for the Grand Finale!


Be sure to check out our blog as more information becomes available! Dates and times have yet to be set!


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