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It’s Official – We’re #1!

Inside Game of War Is Now the Most Visited Fan Site*game-of-war-web-traffic

It’s been an incredible few months. It was only 3 months ago that I was absolutely delighted to have attracted over 100 visitors in one day. It felt like a tremendous milestone.

How things have come along since then. Now we sometimes have that many in 10 minutes! I have thoroughly enjoyed building and developing  this site – the feedback and support you have  been providing has been incredible. It hasn’t always been easy to find the time for it in and around having a job, a relationship and a social life (honest!) but it is great to see so many people visiting and in particular coming back again!

Hopefully most of you are familiar with everything this site has to offer, but if not here is a quick recap of some of the stuff that has been added over the last few months:

A suite of tools, including a troop training calculator, equipment and core tools, and a Time to T4 calculator

A range of resources to help you plan your Game of War strategy including Building, Research, and Alliance City data, as well as full  info on Equipment and Cores.

A number of guides including a fantastic series on building turtle accounts by Silverhair (a must read!)

And we have so much more planned for you in the near future include:

  • A Hero Skill Tool
  • Major updates to the Core Tool and Research Tool
  • Lots more data including Alliance City Research and all the Secret Core Recipes
  • A Turtle Builder Tool
  • Loads more guides
  • And……. a Battle Calculator?

Thanks again and please do let me know if you have any feedback, comments or suggestions,



 *Source: Alexa.com and SimilarWeb.com

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  1. Hi. How can post a foto of narf hit.

  2. It’s a game that charges no monthly fee. Has to generate cash so someone like me can play free. I can’t compete with the big spenders but I can still have fun. I adjust my strategy and enjoy the game and comradie of my alliance.

  3. How can you support a game that has one goal in mind. To make as much money as possible while disregarding providing the best gamer experience possible. I mean do y’all really think the research timers are really fair. If you dont spend money, then you couldn’t finish everything in 2 life times. I complain about getting 1 core after a level 6 map dig. There response was that just because its a higher level dig doesn’t mean your getting a better gift. Just improves your chances. Really? Not to mention casino. The gold chest are a rip off. It don’t matter which of the 3 you pick. Its predetermined what your gonna get. They told me that after I complained. I can keep going. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of how they screw people over. Like making the inferno and KVK daily event nearly impossible to clear now. And everyone is bending over and taking it with a smile. No integrity or sense of pride in any of yall

  4. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi. I can’t say that plans and intentions won’t change but at the moment there are no plans to start charging.

  5. so no answer on the question og moreMoney. Does that implies bad news? are u going to charge money?

  6. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Hi Jeffr, Unfortunately your comment went into spam as it was sent from an invalid email address.

  7. John Soze of k294

    I use to hit your competitors sites. There trying to charge monthly rates for the same info your providing.

  8. Awesome site…keep up the great work!!!

  9. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    Now that you are #1 , are you going to stay 100% free ? I know many players,myself included ,that came to this site mainly because GameofWarrealtips decided to monetize its content. It would be a shame for that to happen here. You provide better material for free then they charge for . In my opinion.

    • Profile photo of Nathan

      This content so much easier and appealing to use and look at. gameofwarrealtips, uses too much tables making it ugly and hard to use. Not to mention its not free! Such a good site here!!

    • I came here for the same reason. I was looking to get good info to share with my alliance, but wasn’t going to pay the couple extra dollars at their site. This site is awesome and much better now, I recommend it all the time. Don’t let that change! Awesome site Shaggy

  10. Profile photo of Blank

    I think it go’s unspoken that we, the players, are extremely grateful for you guys putting the time and effort into creating such an amazing site. Thank you!

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