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Is the turtle dead? – Guide to Solo Defense Turtles in Game of War – (Part 12)


Welcome to part 12 of our guide to solo defense turtles.  This part will be a discussion of recent game updates and what they mean for turtles, and give an opinion on whether MZ has killed off the solo defense turtle once and for all.

As a reminder, this is a multi-part series, as outlined in the 11 parts below.

This whole series has taken not far off 6 months, and is well over 40,000 words.  It could have been done quicker, however real life got in the way of GoW time, and it ended up getting spaced out quite a bit.

However, with that delay comes an opportunity to reflect upon how recent changes have impacted the viability of solo defense turtles designed to take solo hits from big offensive players.

Since the start of this series, we have the introduction of the Defense tree, as well as Set Bonus research tree, hero levels 51-60 and a significant shift in the way that Kill Events are scored, based upon power destroyed.  In addition, we have the ever-present inflation in combat boosts, as outlined in our TINSTAAFL and TARDIS article here, which is highly recommended if you want to get a perspective on the evolution of combat boosts over the 2 years that GoW has been available.

What do these all changes mean for turtles?  And does it mean that solo defense turtles are obsolete?  Has MZ killed the turtle?

Well, my approach to answering that is to go back to first principles, and to my mind, the core principles of turtles remain exactly the same:

1) Your attacker has a limited attack size with a maximum allowed march size of 375k (using a 50% march size boost), whilst you can have an unlimited number of troops that can defend your stronghold.

2) You have hospitals, and the attacker doesn’t.  Their troops die, yours don’t have to!

Whilst these principles remain in place, solo defense turtles are still a viable account build.  As an anticipated addition to the part 2 above about hospitals, it appears likely that very soon there will be an additional building, the Temple, which will complement hospitals, and help turtles recover from being hit very hard, and even from being zeroed.

This series deliberately focused on sh18-21 turtles, rather than another historically successful model, which is the sh14 turtle/trap.  The main reason that we focused on sh18-21 is that it was becoming clear that sh14 turtles had come close to hitting a wall whereby no-one would solo them in Kill Events, because it was very easy to determine whether they were traps or not.

Whilst the same can of course be said for sh18-21 turtles, at the time it appeared that sh14 traps were slowly receding whilst sh18-21 were still a viable path.  At present, people are asking the same question of sh18-21 turtles, questioning whether they are still viable, and still relevant.

My answer is that yes, they are still relevant and still viable.  They are not FREE in terms of ongoing maintenance costs, in that any proper fighting account has to assume that at some point they will lose troops.  And good turtles require good gear, so with what appears to be an ever-increasing inequality in hero gear boosts between the top-end attackers and quality defenders, it becomes imperative that you have a good series of combat boosts helping to protect your stronghold.

To my view of the world, there are basically 2 types of turtles.


The first is the non-spender turtle variant.  This can be anywhere between sh17-21, and almost invariably involves primarily T3 troops, with or without a T2 shield.  More often than not, this is an sh18-19, rather than an sh21, but that is just an observation of how they tend to get built.  This model usually ends up investing relatively heavily in research, making sure they have combat boosts at 8-10, trap attack and trap defence boosts at 8-10, and usually over-spec on hero tree monster research so they can collect the materials they need to craft hero gear that is better than the standard hero gear released 2 years ago.  This model takes its time to get to hero level 50, and often will end up with around 1-2M T3, with or without a T2 meat shield.  As a strong advocate of lower tier meat shields, I am a strong believer that you should always have T2 in front of your T3 for this kind of turtle model, and preferably a single troop type T2 shield, as this reduces troop losses in my experience.  This model is often stuck at hero level 49, verging on the edge of competing, but having to cramp their playing style until they unlock hero level 50 and craft a mix of standard and special event hero gear.  Troop ratios on this kind of account tend to be at best 5-10:1, usually being around 1.5-2M troops vs an incoming attack of 375 T4.  Without a T2 meat shield, this model usually wins each hit during tier events where T4 killed = 100 points, whilst T3 hospitalised = 20 points, or T2 hospitalised = 5 points.  However, during Enemy Power Destroyed kill events, it can be very borderline on power loss against an attacker with a march preset that includes T2-3 meat shield.

Most of these kind of turtles end up pushing towards 60-80M power, using higher troop numbers to compensate for a relatively weaker hero compared to their attacker’s increasingly aggressive attack boosts.  Without a large number of special event materials from packs, it proves difficult for these turtles to craft hero gear with overall troop attack.  As such, using a mixture of trap attack, and individual troop attack combined with a T3 army results in good kills, but can prove difficult to kill a whole T3 march with strong hero.  These kind of turtles are less likely to lose troops in an individual attack if they have sufficient hospital beds (400-600k beds), however remain vulnerable to being double and triple teamed.  Pure T3 turtle models remain competitive, and sustainable, although individual cored up attackers can really mess them up, as can the high-end samurai and colossus set gear (see below).


The second model is ultimately more of a spender model, often a result of people starting a second account, preferring to fight as a solo defender rather than mostly being a rally participant.  With the recent massive increase in speedups / RSS / chests in packs these days, it is certainly possible to build a highly competitive solo defense turtle, with lower overall ongoing costs than larger T4 accounts.  The spender model as a rule tends to end up being towards the higher end of the stronghold range, usually sh20 or 21, mostly because the benefits of sh21 in terms of barracks capacity and hospital capacity outweigh the drawbacks for them.  They tend to end up training large numbers of lower tier troops, pushing towards the NERF limit if they can.  These kind of turtles tend to focus more on hero gear than research to acquire the necessary combat boosts to be competitive against today’s multi-billionare attackers, and as such, tend to avoid doing monster killing research, and tend to avoid collecting any empire quests.  A lot of the successful custom-built turtles I have seen push towards the 50-65M power range, but can do so with much ‘stronger’ defensive armies than the non-spender T3 models.  As a rule, the majority of these kind of turtles end up using primarily T1-2 troops, retaining a small number of T3 troops for attack purposes.  The army structure can vary quite a bit, ranging from primarily T2 armies with a single troop type T1 meat shield, to mass T1 armies of up to 15M T1, with as many T2 as they can fit in under their self-imposed power target.  As an example, 15-20M base power (research / quests / buildings / hero), plus 30M troop power from 15M T1, and 2M T2 can fit them under a 70M power envelope.

As a rule, these kinds of turtles tend to get built using barracks to their target troop numbers, then switched to level 21 hospitals, holding on to at least 1-3 barracks to allow retraining of lost troops.  With the likely future release of the Temple building that allows dead troops to be recovered, this may go back down to 1 barracks, as the turtle is able to recover dead troops without the need for multiple barracks.  Given the presence of T1 in the lowest tier, these turtles tend to burn with the majority of attacks, and can lose up to 2.5M T1 in a single cored-up hit.  However, they also have a much better chance of killing all 250-375k troops sent at them, as well as having a chance of catching multi-billionaires heroes if it is a poor attack (i.e. smoking rather than burning, whilst killing all troops thrown at them).


So, how have the recent changes affected the viability of the above turtle models?

Kill Event Scoring System

This has been discussed in various places throughout this guide, but suffice to say the newer enemy power destroyed points system clearly favours more attacking play.  It has been argued that the TIER points system with 100 points per T4 killed and 1 point for T1 killed favours defensive play way too much, whilst a POWER destroyed system encourages a lot more attacking play.  Some have said it goes way too far in encouraging attacking play, but the one pleasant surprise is that MZ appear to have been basically alternating between a TIER points system and an enemy POWER destroyed points system each Kill Event.  So, one week a T4 is worth 100 times as many points as a dead T1, and the next week it is 18 times as many.  Some people are picking and choosing which kill events to play, with some turtles completely sitting out power destroyed events (or mostly hitting monsters), and only coming out to play and fight during TIER points events where their lower tier troops and hospitals are most advantageous.  I tend to find that true turtles are fighters, and love to fight no matter what the points system is.  They adjust their tactics, adjust their build, and compensate for the change in scoring system.  Some turtles I know play very fast and loose in TIER events where they know they never lose a single battle on points, being highly mobile and aggressive, and almost never using their embassy, and a little more conservatively in POWER events, including actually using their embassy on a regular basis.  Some even go so far as to deconstruct their embassy for TIER events, adding yet another hospital, and only put it back in for POWER events.

Defense tree research

The introduction of the defense tree research has basically meant that the big attackers can focus ever more clearly on troop attack boosts, because they in effect have another almost 300% defense and 300% health, and it is very rare to find a big attacker using health or defense gems in their attack gear, whereas 6 months ago, it was still relatively common.  This has of course been also partly driven by the introduction and wider availability of newer gems such as the sovereignty gem with troop attack and troop defense debuff, Father time gems, as well as MUCH wider availability of Dragonfire gems with 25% troop attack per 4th gem slot.  The defense tree has also introduced debuff resistance, which means that against the majority of attackers, anything less than 20-30% attack / health / defense debuff included in defensive hero gear is a wasted boost.

On the turtle side, there are a small number of spender turtles who can take advantage of the defense tree, because they have unlocked academy 21, whether for T4 traps, or just to get access to the defense tree.  They often end up doing up to about levels 5-6 on the defense tree for the first 2 sections to bolster their health and defense without putting on too much power.  This also gives them a small incremental increase in hospital capacity.  But for 95% or more of turtles, starting this research is out of reach.

Set bonus research

The set bonus tree has also clearly driven attackers towards completing full sets of gear, which a lot of them were on the way to doing anyway.  However, it introduces incentives to use a full set rather than mixing and matching individual pieces.  And those incentives can be quite significant, varying by set and research level.  For example, the Colossus set ends up with a significant health debuff boost from a full 7-set bonus of 100% troop health debuff and 30% troop attack debuff on top of the individual troop attack and health boosts in the gear itself.

Those who have completed the set bonus research then usually end up spending significant amounts of gold to procure specialised set bonuses, playing a little game of luck using gold to gamble on potentially getting a better boost than they currently have.  And these bonuses can be significant.

Furthermore, the Set bonus tree introduces March presets, and this is another significant development in that it reduces the reaction time a turtle has available to them, as the attacker can release a pre-defined mix of troops without the need to specifically select say 300k cataphracts and 75k lancers.  As with everything in this game, things only get faster not slower, so turtles need to develop good situational awareness and quick reflexes.  The days of baiting in the enemy kingdom’s chat are fast disappearing as people realise that the few seconds it takes to switch back to battle mode can mean a big difference in outcome of an attack.

Hero level 51-60

A significant shift since the release of this turtle series is the introduction of hero levels 51-60.  This is currently much more relevant for attackers than defenders, but over time, it is possible that it will increasingly be relevant for turtles.  There is a small incremental number of skill points made available as you progress from 51 to 55, with additional debuffs unlocking by level 53, being troop health debuff, troop defense and then troop attack debuff.  Each of these requires 50 points to max out, and provides a boost of 50% debuff.  As such, these points have to be partly reallocated from other potential locations for them (e.g. trap attack or troop health or individual troop attack).  Hero level 54 unlocks an increase in troop training capacity of up to 30%, which is important in that it can allow for possible replacement of a barracks by a hospital, depending upon your setup.  Hero level 55 unlocks an increase in altar boost, which increases the altar boost by a relative 80%, taking it from 38% to 68.4%.  I will put out a separate post on hero level 55 shortly, outlining some additional boosts that are available to hero level 55 and above.

Most large attackers have easily surpassed hero level 55, and are either at hero 60, or fighting their way through the 3B hero XP points required to go from 59 to 60.  Most of the benefits from hero level 60 apply to rallies rather than solo attacks, with a 50% rally troop attack bonus.  There are some nice boosts to set bonuses on the right hand side of the tree, but that requires a split left / right points allocation, and a lot of people prefer to just stick to one side for combat.

What it all means is that the attackers are able to ever more effectively put their points into attack and debuffs, and have a lower reliance on troop health and troop defense points allocation.

But it also means that there is an opportunity for turtles capable of getting their hero to level 55, which adds around 5M hero power.  More on this in a separate post.


As an example, here is an attacker’s set bonus for use of the samurai set with the newly upgraded Kabuto Elite helm, in partnership with a level 60 hero.  It is gemmed with troop attack, troop health debuff, troop defense debuff and 7x level 6 ranged attack gems.


In combination with a randomly acquired specialised 7-piece set bonus of 96% ranged attack, it means that this permanent hero gear has 1500% troop attack (troop attack plus ranged attack), 300% troop defense debuff, 300% troop health debuff, and 150% troop attack debuff.  Credit to Darth Optimus from K466 for allowing me to share his Samurai ranged gear setup, including specialized set bonus and gem setup.  Lots of serious gems in that set, particularly all the father time and prophecy gems.  Thanks Opti.


So, as a defender, against this kind of attacker in permanent gear (not cores), it becomes absolutely imperative that your turtle hero gear stats push well past 300-400% troop health, and preferably closer to 600-800% of each of these, whilst still getting some troop attack in there to kill the attacker’s troops.

And with combat boosts only looking to increase, it is effectively meaning that the non-spending turtle model is becoming increasingly difficult, requiring larger and larger increases in troop numbers to compensate for a relatively lower series of hero gear boosts than can be achieved by both attackers, as well as turtles who can spend to acquire more recent hero gear.  In current parlance, these kind of accounts are turning into what are called ‘tanks’.  And they tend to be defensively focused account builds in the power range of 100-300M, with lots of T3 troops, plus or minus T4 troops.  They don’t get hit quite as often as the 50-70M turtles, but they can be just as fun.


Beyond permanent hero gear shown here which pushes 1500% troop attack, there are clearly more and more aggressive core sets being crafted, which push into the realms of 4000% combined overall troop attack and individual troop attack.  The extensions from the 2800-3000% or so sets of 6 months ago comes down to a combination of secret recipes, gems, set bonuses, specialised set bonuses (using gold to increase boosts), as well as bonuses from the release of hero levels 51-60.

But in the grand scheme of things, this does not materially shift how a turtle should play.  If you see a 7-set core on a hero porting in next to you, you should shield as fast as you can.  This was the same reaction required 6 months ago with cores pushing 2/3 of the current troop attack, but it does mean that the consequences of taking such a hit are more damaging now than previously.  It will be fascinating to see how the Temple gets used by turtles if (or when) it gets released.  The ability to extend your hospital capacity (for a significant cost) will be a fascinating development, and will likely come down to how much power is added for each level of the temple.  But the temple has the potential to provide a welcome rebalance towards defensive play.  Hopefully, it does not only apply to larger rally traps (like the Defense tree basically does with its academy 21 requirement), but we hope that it is available at least partially for solo defense turtles.


The fundamentals of the solo defense turtle outlined at the start of this series in February remain intact.  Turtles still have unlimited troop capacity in their stronghold, attackers still have a fixed maximum attack size, and we still have hospitals whilst the attacker doesn’t.  Whilst these principles remain in place, there is still a place for a solo defense turtle in Game of War.  To be a successful solo defense turtle over a longer period of time requires continued evolution of account build, army composition, hero gear, and battle tactics.  Setting arbitrary static power ranges for turtles is unhelpful, as it does not allow for the continued evolution of the turtle model as the game changes and attack tactics change.  It is interesting to watch some of the best turtles over time evolve their builds, evolve their gear, and slowly inch their overall troop power upwards to adjust for the increased damage delivered by attackers.

Ultimately this game is a darwinian survival of the fittest, an ongoing struggle between attack and defense.  Attackers are getting ever more adventurous in who they are willing to solo attack, particularly in enemy power destroyed events, and whilst MZ has persistently pushed people away from solo attack towards more and more rallies, there is still a role for the solo defense turtle.  It is of course disappointing that the evolution of the game has meant that it is harder and harder for non-spenders or lower-spenders to be competitive, however with the recent massive increase in the gold / rss / speedup / chest content of packs, getting to a competitive turtle build is a lot cheaper than it used to be.  And I look forward to seeing how the Temple may evolve the turtle model and help with de-risking certain turtle builds by effectively allowing a significant increase in hospital capacity.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  I would love to hear opinions from dedicated hardcore turtles on the viability of this style of play going forward.  Shoot away in the comments if you disagree with my assessment of the impact of these changes, and in particular how you see the solo defense turtle / trap model evolving in the near future.

Happy hunting, turtles.



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  1. 1) Your attacker has a limited attack size with a maximum allowed march size of 375k (using a 50% march size boost), whilst you can have an unlimited number of troops that can defend your stronghold.

    Not anymore. March size increase is out now, 75%. Should I give up on my turtle?

  2. Simply the best series on GOW on the web. Period. You are a Buddah, Silver. You need a trophy or something ?

  3. Silver I have a question for you. I run a 98mil trap. I have 1.5 mil t2 mixed reg. troops and 1.2 mil mixed reg t3 troops….125kt3 mixed reg traps…I have 880k beds….I can currently win easily any non core hit from any player with regular gear. I had a hero 60, 30 billion hit me with 600k mixed strat with glowing collosal and won 4 mil…to their loss of 7 mil……. run 790 attack/ 750 defense and 700 health…………my question is : at 2.8 mil troops where should my best boosts go to? attack..defense and health? or more defense ?

  4. Want to have a successful trap? Think outside the box. Traps can be highly successful when operated properly. Every trap has its weakness and can be defeated as well. Know your weaknesses. Know when to keep trapping and when to shield. Also, every kingdom is different. What works against one kingdom might not work against others.

  5. I’ve been fortunate to evolve as a trap over the last 8 months, primarily due to the constant changes in gear, cores and the opponents learning how to better identify traps. I started as a 48m all T2 spender, with decent gear, an appetite for war and the bad attitude to help attract easy victims. I too believe there is plenty of opportunity still in GOW for solo traps. I have changed my setup and overall strategy over the past few weeks and it’s certainly different than that of the normal trap account. Even though I may be carving my own path Silver’s teaching have certainly been very helpful thru the process. Thank you for the time you spend writing these articles and educating us on our options. Pikey466 🙂

  6. how is that possible? what are your boosts? I ran 750kt2 and 1.5 mil t3 with 700 health…760 defense….760 attack…180 attack debuff and 100 health debuff and 4h or fish core would easily get into my t3….were you running cores?

  7. Thx. Ya it actually showed in game for an hour or so one day.

  8. Profile photo of silverhair

    The reason he is using sovereignty gems instead of wights eye gems is that in the majority of situations, dropping a players defense is more valuable than increasing your own troop’s health. If you drop a player’s defense by 300% (as here), the damage you can do to them depends upon their starting defense level. If they are 300% at baseline, then you bring them to zero. If they are 600%, you effectively halve their defense, by dropping it from 600% to 300%.
    Relatively speaking, that is going to have a bigger impact on the majority of hits (or rallies), than increasing your own troop health by a similar amount. For the smallest targets where the defense debuff is ‘wasted’, your ‘health’ comes from using lower tier meat shields appropriately.
    Yes, he could save his sovereignty gems for cores for larger targets, but this attacker is capable of using his perm gear to rally targets up to 700M-1B without the need to waste 3000% core sets. 1500% combined attack and 150-300% debuff is sufficient for the vast majority of targets under 1B.
    With regards troop defense, yes, it is vitally important for larger targets, however the reason for that is that defense becomes more and more important with larger and larger armies, and much more important than troop health. But that does not mean that troop defense is unimportant until you get a massive defending army.
    As to the Chronos vs Sovereignty gem discussion, that is one for another day. And mother earth gems would not be used on this attack set.

  9. Your blog saved my gow account 2 months ago. Tired of spending, tired of getting zeroed. I was sh21 w t4 and converted to a solo trap. My fear was at 200 mil, would I get zeroed? The short answer is yes. I’m now at 250 mil, and take and win solos from 5 bil point players. Last kill event, I took 6 solos in a row from the same guy, earning 100 mil points w zero dead troops. I no longer spend on the account, and I consistently score 100 mil points in kill events. Thanks again for an epic blog.

  10. he wont be defending in that gear… thats his attack setup bro…

  11. and the troop attack is MUCH better than just ranged, unless you have a solo defending army, or get hit by just infantry, i guess. defense debuff is still good while defending.

  12. but my point is that the health buff from wights should be better than the defense debuff for attacking targets that you would hit uncored

  13. He might not have mother or chronos, but sov is better than wights on defense.

  14. I’m going to assume this guy knows what he’s doing given the quality of his gear, but can someone please explain to me why he would use sovereignty gems over mother earth, wights eye or chronos gems? From my understanding defense debuff doesnt become good untill youre attacking massive targets, which you won’t in permanent gear…

  15. Profile photo of silverhair

    Sorry, that was a response to NmE’s comment below.

  16. Profile photo of silverhair

    Hero level 55 disproportionately benefits defensive players who can afford to get to hero level 55. But in general I agree with your comments that recent changes have been more beneficial to the attackers. I think it is almost 100% certain that the temple will come. If you look in your boosts section at the bottom of the Economics boosts section you will see Temple Capacity and Temple Boost Duration. That is pretty indicative that the Temple is coming. What form it takes and how much it costs will of course need to wait for final release.

  17. Any thoughts on a lopsided 2-troop mix, combined with lopsided hero and equipment boosts?

    For example, proportions of: 3-4 standard bow, 2 strategic infantry (to counter the bows’ cavalry weakness), 0 cavalry. And then go for something like a Phoenix set, that includes both specific ranged attack/defense, and general health/defense. Then rig hero to be pure bow attack and defense, plus general health and defense.

    If someone hits you with pure cavalry, the strategic infantry could slow down the hit, yes? It would do ok against bows, and should cause huge casualties to a pure infantry attack. In a balanced attack, it should create disproportionate losses to their infantry.

  18. I run a pretty successful trap. 120 million power with more kills then power. I eat pretty much every solo March that comes my way but have a spendy account. I’ll say that the recent cores and extra power from hero have changed the game. I have adapted but hear from a lot of other traps in my kingdom who are struggling to stay afloat. My changes have mostly been driven by th desire to keep healing costs down as I get attacked often. It seems that the recent changes have been more beneficial to the attackers but I am curious to see what the temple will do of it is added.

  19. Profile photo of Seattlegrunge

    Thank you for taking the time to test and write the series. Very intriguing.

  20. As a 54m lvl 14 trap, I can confirm that they are far from dead. In fact, with some of the increases in hero lvl, gear etc., I find that that there are even more people that will hop and pop my lvl 14 with 50-57m power, and majority of the them are sub-1b power players. I find that the dynamic now at that lvl is to be willing to shield frequently to avoid super-bigs or players in full cores/high end sets. If you are patient and play smart, always the hallmark of trap accounts, there are even more opportunities to play effectively in KVK kill events and now, an equal increase in opportunities to get zeroed. Like the advice given to NEO in the The Matrix about agents, when you see a super-big, you do like the rest of us…..RUN!

    • Would you mind breaking out troop power and composition? A zeroed SH14 with full research can still be 25-30M power.

      What do casualties look like when you get a solo hit from a super-big? I assume it overflows the ~250,000 hospital beds of a SH14 trap, but how badly? With cores, gems, and new research, it looks like a full research SH21 has about a 25x power advantage over a SH14 (minimum). With t4s (2.25x t2) that’s equivalent to more than 50x 375k t2, or about 20M t2 at SH14 research. That’s an awfully big hit to take.

      • I run a super SH14 at 128 million power with troops and 50 mill power with no troops. I run all strat troops at 5 mill T1 and 7 .5 mill T2. I lose 1 to 2.5 mill T1 on most solo non cored hits . I never run with tags due to 1 min rallies

  21. Anyone who can give me some advice on traps? I could get T4 traps (and get a full wall ±150k) of them which will add ±3.5m power. Would this be worth it? Never used any sort of trap boosts (gems / skill tree / gear), but have been going through my mind since i did some of the extra trap research in the def tree.

  22. Profile photo of JasonEvil

    Thanks a lot for this great article! I been a bit in doubt about the different point systems during kvk but finally good to have a full explanation! Love the tips on defenses against multi bil cored players. And of course I love the defense tree research as well 😉

  23. Traps are long form dead!!! I have a 63m solo trap with only 2.6m troops(2.3t2, 300k t3, will change to 3mt2) we just played k84 and it worked very effectively. 4.6, 7, and 3.3b were destroyed on points and i easily obtained 3 prize on jut 5 hits. The only solo trap that will have issues is the Non-Spender ones, because you will need good gear, the reg material gear isn’t good enough. Silver if you need SS of these reports let me know. Turtles aren’t dead folks, they just need to adapt with the times.

  24. Thank you so much for this update! This last weekend was my first KE since having to rebuild after taking a rally by mistake do to a connection issue in game. My trap preformed well with the exception of one hit (which after reading your post I now understand what happened). My question for you now is should I be buffing up on health over Def to account for full set bonuses (Remember the attack I mentioned a second ago?) that seem to kill far more than normal attacks? In one of your previous post it showed an account such as mine benefits from Def > Health, has this now changed?

    I am a sh21, 8 mill t1 with about 2 mil t2, full t3 traps and stats are hovering around 500% for both defense and health. Attack is low at around 200% total for each class.

    Most of the hits I took last KE worked like a charm, only getting around 500k troops hospitalized but one hit from a player who had lost two attacks to me killed 1.6 mil calv, and no it he was not cored up but did look to have a full 7 armor boost going…

  25. As a rally support player I have come across several traps that like to sit on the kingdom border surrounded by water. As we go to rally said trap we get billionaires porting in on us or worse sending long marches knowing we cant shield or port. Seeing this I am looking to turn my 330 mil account into a trap because they obviously don’t feel ashamed to solo me.

  26. Its true, turtles accounts are dissapearing fast. MZ is pushing players towards T4 and rallies. Enjoy while you can right now because soon turtles will be almost extinct…

  27. I simply hate the changes MZ made in the recent 12 weeks. Everything was mad to please the stupid bigs. Destroying turtles (I’d prefer the term well built accounts) was always the sports for the jealous big spenders. They always tried to eradicate them whatever the costs might be. To free a kingdom from trappy accounts has become pretty easy now. I wouldn’t call it a turtle when a low level guy dressed in a golden sparkling colossus costume or provided with the latest high lv cores and the research for a rapid gear switch is still viable in kingdom events. I think MZ is listening closely to this blog and is just doing everything to lock in players into their realm. And this means you are an addict captured into stupid routines and only allowed to win what you’ve paid for.

  28. I will like to become a good turtle trap but my power lvl at the moment is 515 million. I haven’t been able to find examples on a guide to set up my trap. I’m fairly new but I’m a fast learner and will like some guidance. At this current power level I will like to set up a rally trap. If someone is willing to help me out I will really appreciated. I don’t want all your secrets but just a basic set up will help.

  29. What is max t1 and t2 you can have before hitting nerf…for a rally turtle? Before this article, I thought magic number was 5M, but 15M t1 was referenced. So, got me wondering…

  30. At 155M power I guess I am a tank now. I currently run about 6M T1, 600k T3 and 250k T4. I have 732k beds and can take a shot from lvl6 fully cored attackers. My last hit he wounded 732k T1 and killed 200k T1 but I took out 200k T4. I dominated on points won vs points loss and didn’t lose all that many troops in reality. The cores weren’t top cores in the game but at 1.6B power and all lvl6 cores, he was still a major player.

    I also got hit by a 1.4B power player who thought I was “easy money” and destroyed him. He hospitalized 139k T1 and I killed 192k T4. He didn’t even gear up so that made it nice.

    The secret for tanks/turtles is to find a good spot and be patient. You must have 3-4 tiles of a buffer zone to give you time to shield. With the new icons on the world map, shielding super quick is easy. I see the attacker port in, check his power, maybe check his gear and decide if I should take the hit. Use common sense here. If I see a 6B power player port in, I shield quick! I know he has good gear on and I am not willing to find out the hard way how good that gear is

  31. Thank you so much for these articles. They helped me set up and become the highest scoring solo trap in my kingdom. The trick I’ve found over time (as you state) is to keep evolving. I recently got demolished by one guy who managed to get me two seperate times with a full set of fisherman cores. No probs i just rebuild and try something different.

    The main bit of advice i could give a new trap is expect to get smashed and when it happens dont bitch. Rebuild and try something new. Trapping is about learning and using your brain not your wallet ( ok maybe a bit of your wallet).

  32. Get some meat shields

  33. I am at 480mil pwr and during ke there isnt any hesitation from anyone over a bil to pop cores and solo me. I dunno why they do this usually they are way point negative but i think they think there cores mean something to 350mil research pwr. Anyhow its fun with them thinking there big and bad 🙂

  34. I was a spender turtle. My power was at about 77 mil. I took full cored hits from full sets of horsrmen cores all the time. Once I got soo many only ppl with cores would solo me. I had about 1.5 mil t3 and 750k t2 a full core hit would generally wound 500k t2. I almost never had reinforcements. I always won the power battle against core hits by about 2 mil points. Two weeks ago I decided to usr my 30k days in speeds to become an attacker. I rarely would get soloed anymore unless we eere up against newer…..dumber kingdom’s. Just wasn’t as exciting anymore. Was a ton of fun early on though….but to be a great trap that can take hits from anyone without losing a single troop or the power battle you have to spend …..and not just a little.

  35. As much as I love the articles, and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into these, the bottom line is that no non spender turtle is viable. You simply cannot get the hero gear to make it work. What would be useful to new players, would be an estimated cost in gold or $$$ that would be needed to make a viable spender turtle at say lvl 18 and 21 SHs. I think many would balk at what is needed to craft a full set of orange hero gear, decent gems and lvl 60 hero……

  36. My spender turtle has been in operation for months now. It has been incredibly effective until the release of the mythic cores, and four horseman sets. Simply put though play and build towards those types of boosts hitting you. Shear troop numbers will always win in the power events but the cost to rebuild is not for the faint of heart. Gear is the biggest part of it though a spender turtle has to remain current on the regular gear cause cores simply expire to fast to put them on. Silver hair I have been extremely successful with a wide range of tactics that are constantly evolving. If you need a reference to use contact me individually I would be willing to share.

  37. Thanks once again for your write ups, I personally grow on average 3-5m power per week just to keep up with the evolution of the game. I am constantly solo hit still at 250m power, and normally win against core hits and crush non core hits. KEs where there are multiple kingdoms fighting at the same time I can kill 4-5m T4 in just a few hours, so keep in mind as the game evolves and players become more powerful tanks can and should too.

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Tanks for your comment. Sorry, bad joke.
      Enjoy taking solos at 250M power. It is fascinating how much of a difference there is between core and non-core hits at the 250M power mark for defenders. Have fun

  38. The good news for both of these things is that solo hits are getting stronger and stronger. Hell I’m a 200m who gets soloed in regular gear. A 6b ported in with a samurai set and level 60 hero and was hospitalising 380k t2 and killing 40k t2 a hit. She wasn’t winning on power as she was losing 210k or so a time. But with hero 60 and set bonus + defence tree, It means bigger and bigger people can be soloed and won without cores. Hell even with cores, I’ve seen 600m players get soloed by Ra cores and burn. 600m who where filling rallies just lit up. So the flip side to the stronger solo hits means that higher powers can be hit. Which also means that traps can be bigger with it.

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Exactly. Power level of turtles / traps / tanks keeps rising steadily as attackers are willing to hit larger and larger power brackets. The old days of not hitting anyone over 30M without a good scout report are long gone.

      • I can’t say I miss it, Because now I’m 222m I still get solo hits, Hell a 6b with full samurai set, maxed set bonus will still burn you if you have t2. which is the trick to it. Making yourself look like an easy target till they look at there reports 😀

      • Poor reply, Already mentioned. But yes, Making yourself look easy is always good. Then people will try you. A lot of traps forget that you don’t want a lot of defensive wins.. you want defensive losses. One of the things i like to do is spam build t1 and then throw them at the biggest in the kingdom because it boosts my troops lost stat by a lot and makes people think I’m actually just really bad at shielding.

    • Profile photo of JasonEvil

      Previously in the game everyone at 300m and beyond was always feeling so save when noone would touch them anymore. Glad this has changed and they can be attacked with single marches just like all the small guys….

  39. I still use my SH 14 trap, but I pick the KE type I use it on.

    From the standpoint of winning the points battle against outlanders, I will still take a lot of solo hits during a POINTS KE as even with a fully cored solo hit, I can win on points. (I can still rack up 100 million+ points a KE while only giving up a few million points…some people never learn). This is still usually good enough for me to win 1st overall and 25k bonus gold during a KE.

    However, for a POWER KE, I just stay shielded, kill monsters until I get my 3rd prize, and go join rallies on my SH 21 T4 account. It’s not worth it to me to blow large amounts of troops for little gain and I look at a win as outscoring your opponent (which is much harder to do on a Power KE).

  40. There is one more extreme leverage point available that most are scared to use. If you go one troop type only you should decimate.. Unless they get lucky and send your counter. An example.. I took on a full collossis set vs legs they wounded 27k s3 Diana’s sent wounded 209k s3 and cats wounded 468k. Forcing an opponent to attack you with troops that are not strong against your type is equal to a 1000% hidden attack debuff 🙂

    • Shouldn’t have shared that gem… Opps

    • I would love to see a discussion on the optimal troop numbers for a Single Type Rally Trap account. While I love playing with my solo traps the push towards more rally’s has led me to build a single troop type. I currently use 6MM T2, 2M T3, 3M T4- I will bait with research gear and then switch to Collossis or a core set if someone is cored to the hilt. I’m able to swallow anything except the anti troop type- then I shield. I don’t use Hospitals currently but may switch to that. Right now I prefer to just re-train

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      That is what I mean by a single troop type meat shield. I tend to use balanced or dual troop higher tiers depending upon the situation, but know of quite a few traps who push single troop type across all tiers, with or without matching single purpose traps. The way I view it is that the best defense is not giving them their preferred troop type to attack. Makes you vulnerable against your counter, but you have isolated your risk to a defined situation. Watch out for counter-cores!!!

      • I was a solo trap for a long time before I went T4 route and as long as I can remember I only got attacked with either infantry or cavalry, honestly can’t remember if there ever was ranged involved (well, only when they send even mix which was rare, so that’d be 125k ranged with 50% march increase). Basically what I’m trying to say is that traps should train only 2 types of troops – those which are strong against cavalry and infantry. Unfortunately I don’t know how cheap or expensive is to unlock march presets, but if attacker wants to quickly send his troops, he’ll probably send infantry since it’s the first type to pup up and in the case of cavalry it’s just that they are fast. But it’s a different story with march presets, then it’s easily to preset ranged or even troop marches, but let’s be honest, majority doesn’t even have it unlocked yet, so I wouldn’t be worried about it.

        My 2 cents.

  41. First off, thank you very much for the entire series on trap accounts. About a month or so ago I decided to turn my jumper into a trap account. I had put some money into it already, so I was able to build the entire account in 2 days with 8 mil T1, hero lvl50, decent gear and maxed hospitals. I even have some decent lvl5 cores that I could craft as well. I’ve had success against some cored attacks and the fire age inf/cav full sets. The challenge has been, as you outlined in this post, the march presets made it tough to shield because they sent multiple marches at a time. Overall it has made KE much more fun for me since my “main account” has no money put into it and is only at 100 Million.

  42. Thank you Silverhair….. I appreciate the time you spent producing these articles, they are very valuable. I can only guess the amount of hours it took to write…… I have three trap accounts, level 18, level 19, and level 21. I am a spender on the level 18 and the level 21. The biggest difference, that I have noticed is the speed of the attack. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get shielded in time, before being hit by a large player with a full set of cores. Man, those cores really hurt now. ……. I plan on making changes, to each of my trap accounts. I am going to wait, to see what changes, level 22 stronghold and the temple bring. Once again, thank you for the articles and I am looking forward to the next one, discussing hero level 55 in traps.

  43. thanks for the great series and for this post.

    having started the game 3 months ago with this post, i went straight into building a turtle and i had been increasingly worried that my efforts were put to waste with all the changes since. I’m just about ready to get started (maybe 2 weeks) so it will be really interesting to see what happens.

    I would love to talk to experienced turtles, either here or in game. You can reach me with my IGN SimonBQcc. thanks

  44. first viewer, first comment and im so excited to read this, sorry i drop a comment first, thanks insiders i also thought trap landmine or turtle account has no chance of winning on this new change log, i have 900000 strategic t3 and full walled but not enough to win against 375000 t4 solo attack (300000 hospitalized on my part and only 79000 t4 are my kills)

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