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Invoke The Power Of The Dragons

Hail, warriors,

The Dragon War Dimension has opened up a whole new world of battle for you and your armies, with mysteries and excitement, as well as danger, at every turn. Perhaps nothing is more striking than the Dragons, who will gladly destroy any enemy in their path. Now, the time has come for you to conquer this new realm with a Dragon of your own.

Begin by accessing your Dragon’s Den and increasing its level to 2. When you first enter the Dragon War Dimension, you’ll see a timer that will tick down until you can use your Dragon’s Den. Finally, you will have access to your Dragon, with a variety of different ways it can help your empire. You can either have it help in your rallies or marches, level it up for new boosts, or have it keep your empire safe.

Here’s a look at a Dragon’s Level 1 Boosts:

  • 25k% Attack
  • 63% Armor
  • 4K% Health
  • +10 Skill Points

This is only the start, though, as the Dragon War Dimension has many hidden ways to make your Dragon even more powerful.

Here are some facts about your new Dragon:

A Dragon has HP and takes damage like all your Troops

Its Attack and Defense boosts decrease with its HP

You can customize a Dragon with its own skill tree, just like Heroes.

If you have your Dragon join Marches and Rallies, it will assist in combat. Make sure it is at 100% HP, though.

You can send as many as 9 Dragons per rally.

Your Dragon will naturally heal in the Dragon’s Den.

Exclusive Sales can help you get instant heal items to bring your Dragon to full health with one tap.

Another thing to look out for is Linked Rewards. Linked Upgrade Dragon Level Events have a unique symbol, and participating can earn you rewards for both your Dragon War Dimension Empire and Demigod Dimension Empire, such as:

Dragon War Dimension Challenger Gear

Dragon Attack Boost and Dragon Armor Boost Creation Components

Dragonscale Attack and Rally Banner

And plenty more.

Don’t tarry, warriors. Take to the skies with your dragons now as you raise them in this new and forbidding dimension.


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