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Introducing Silverhair to the Inside Game of War Team

I’d like you all to welcome Silverhair to Inside Game of War’s team of contributors.

Silverhair is a true veteran of Game of War. She remembers fondly the days when you had to rally monsters with troops to take them down. Now spanning 3 kingdoms with multiple accounts (including a 2.2B power main), she has a wealth of testing experience to bring to the table.

Sil is 39, has three young sons between the ages of 3 and 10, and has not yet introduced any of them to GoW, although they play Clash of Clans together. She is excited to be joining Inside Game of War and offering up a series of troops as sacrifices to the altar of research to work out the finer nuances of this magnificent, frustrating and fun game

Inside Game of War has mostly relied on the Battle Calculator to analyse the game and develop strategies, and with Silverhair joining the team we can now start bringing you a complement of Battle-Tested articles based on real world data. In pursuit of understanding the game she has already sacrificed millions of troops conducting full-scale battles across all troop tiers. She has built lots of farms, turtle/trap accounts, rally traps, as well as a main account and we can’t wait to start sharing with you some of the findings.

First up is a comprehensive series of articles on building and optimising turtle/trap accounts – we should have the first one ready for you shortly.

Someone else you will be getting familiar with is her hero Herpes. A regular features in the battle reports, she’s an “itchy bitch who like to burn”.  And God help you if Herpes ends up in your prison.  The inmates tend to get itchy…… feet, and try to escape.  😉






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  1. You mention you use the battle calculator…when is it going to be available for the masses?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I have updated the battle calculator page. Unfortunately haven’t found anytime to work on it for a while now. Have some sweet features planned for the website though!

  2. Hey sil it’s BC3, cool to see your on their team, you’ll definitely have some good advice to share, you sure taught me a ton

  3. I can’t wait to see the data, keep up the great work guys (and gals, lol)!.

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