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Inside The Wonder Dungeon! (Video)

A quick look inside the new Game of Wonder Dungeon coupled with a basic rundown.


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  1. So this dude spent 6 hours in the dungeon for some gold, a purple horsemen piece (one of the most common and easily attainable) 2 legendary materials and and a 24 hour speed up. LMAO!!! What a dummy. I get that just from opening alliance gifts.

  2. What ever happened to pleasing you customers….occasionally. I know poor MZ support must get a gazillion requests for this-and -that to be added to the game to improve our game-play experience. BUT I am pretty sure this stupid dungeon experience was not one of them!
    Here is a suggestion MZ…. how about adding a ‘market’ or a ‘trade building’ so we can trade/sell all these stupid backpack slots, bookmarks, maps, 3hr sheilds, and useless low level gear to our smalled players who may need or have use of them.

  3. HELL YEAH….useless dungeon gear for the useless dungeon has arrived. What a freaking joke…..next up dungeon resources.

  4. I probably paid for that expensive call girl that’s now going down on you haven’t tried dungeon yet but enjoy the game and the friend’s I’ve made playing it. Enjoy the blowie and just pray she doesn’t give you a dose even worse a kid they can be way more costly

  5. I did a couple dungeons when it came out. I wasn’t happy my monster slaying gear didn’t work in the dungeon. Athena gifted a few access keys when it came out. Now that those are used up, the only way to gain access to the dungeon is by purchasing keys.

    • yes athena drop dungeon keys more frequent if you want the dungeon to work !!! it already cost a lot gold for those keystone upgrades!!!

  6. I enjoy playing this game but have not spent one red cent – and won’t. It’s a way to spend time, not money.

  7. Stupid question alert!!!!!!!

    How do you remove your hero from the dungeon and take the loot?

  8. Only good part i found was that upgrading the dungeon gives you an XP boost. Now that I’m at level 10, the costs are rising, so might not go any further. Haven’t even bothered to try the dungeon, much like “dig sites”.

  9. R&D@MZlaugh_factory

    Is this new feature great or what? We’ve gotten some feedback about how lame it is as an actual part of the game. Laughs all around about that…

    You see, we here at MZ aren’t interested in your game play experience. No. We are only interested in our revenue experience and thanks to the boneheads that keep spending like money means nothing…it’s a frickin’ AWESOME experience!

    We were sitting around the office hot tub, smoking some doobs, and a couple of our more deviant and greedy developers (although who that is changes constantly) came up with this stupid Wonder Dungeon idea. We laughed our asses off but someone wrote it down and after we sobered up we realized that it was probably the stupidest idea we’ve had to date. So naturally we had to do it. Hey, how do you think we came up with the infamous MZ lag algorithm? Damn straight…the MZ stoner hot tub experience.

    But even when we aren’t whacked out of our minds and chillin’ with high priced call girls we are always asking ourselves, “What can we do to make our customers’ lives even more miserable while taking all their money and convincing them that they are accomplishing something?” And that’s how we get all your money. And believe us…it’s not easy dealing with all of this loot. Seriously, have you ever TRIED to laugh all the way to the bank? Not easy.

    Okay, well…thought about saying thanks but you idiots are so stupid it would be a wasted effort. Just keep spending, dummies.

    Your Overlords (and mental superiors) @ MZ

    • Dam right.

      MZ keeps finding stupider ways to make players “start over” again. New gear, new dungeons, new monster research. And now an insanely expensive build for dungeon and even worse, research that DOES NOT apply all those research boosts that you paid for – for no reason whatsoever! ha ha And new monster energy/moves mechanics so you run out of energy and moves that nothing you gained before can help you LOL

    • Just a thought. If it bothers you so much that the game is ridiculous and you feel like MZ is using you, then why play? I mean it seems that with every change there is more complaining. Are you playing because it is a behind closed doors social status thing or are you playing because you enjoy the game? I am not a fan of how MZ treats the players, but in the overall big picture of it..nobody is forcing you to play. You obviously would not be posting here if you were not playing GOW, so why bother?

  10. Not going to improve the game for 95% of current players

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