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Improve Your Defenses With Auto Barriers

Hail, Warriors,

With war all around us, we’ve grown to appreciate the defenses that Peace Shields provide to us, and a new tool is now available to help bolster your empire: Auto Barriers.

This works differently than some of the past protections you’ve seen. While you’re away, you may not be able to log in to defend yourself. With Auto Barriers, you will be protected from further attack.

Here’s how to utilize Auto Barrier:

  • Obtain and use the Auto Barrier.
  • The Auto Barrier will list the duration of the Peace Shield it will apply when it’s activated, so use them wisely.
  • If you are defeated, your Auto Barrier activates automatically with a Peace Shield, protecting you from further attack.

With this tool, every warrior will have protection at all times, even when they are preoccupied.


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  1. Britta Büttner

    Wie beschaffe ich die Automatische Bariere?

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