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Imperial Dragon – Set Gear (Sneak Peek)


Over in Beta, (for a brief moment) we caught a glimpse of some possible up and coming new set gear.

Defense and Health in large quantities seem to be the feature of this set, so this might be the next ‘top of the line’ defensive set gear. Like other strong set gear sets, the pieces of this set require very large amounts of silver to craft them. It’s also probably safe to assume that “Imperial Gold” will be rather difficult to come by if the set is eventually released.

IMG_0543 IMG_0542 IMG_0546 IMG_0545 IMG_0544


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  1. Ha- they doubled the silver cost (from beta) in the just released set to the live game.

  2. Which kingdom is Beta? Thinking of starting an account there to try it all out.

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Beta kingdom changes every reset. (new kingdom name and number each time) it’s not located in the live game and is on its own server (own world map). Access to a beta account was given by invite only about 2 years ago. I have not heard of any new accounts being released. However, people to quit and pass on their accounts which may be a way of getting one.

  3. …the Imperial Grand Masturbator Set.

    Plus, new Self Abuse Research Tree.

  4. It would be intersting to run an article that looks at how many sets we’ve had since last valentines, how much they cost to craft and how quickly they’ve become obsolescent! Hardly value for money, you wouldnt expect anything else in the world to have such a short shelf life?!

    • Ade – you are suggesting that MZ do something that would conflict with their agenda, and this site is in existence only to promote that agenda.

      Something like that wouldn’t make it past the editorial approval steps, and if by chance it did, once caught and pulled from publication everyone involved would lose their job or at minimum get demoted back to the brand protection & app review department where the company performance metrics for the number of entries of new usernames and passwords into the credential database and posting 5* reviews is near impossible to meet… only the most loyal of ass suckers make it out of that department and get promoted into the more glamorous or prestigious positions in the firm… like front operation management, where the perks and bonuses are better.

      Those who run this deal – they’ve worked hard to climb that company ladder…

    • MZ has a pretty good analysis of just how long it takes for medium spenders to finally acquire a full set of gear before they release the next gear to make the old one obselete. This is to maximize how much money they can suck out of players. I remember when i finally finished the first Monster set, the new monster set came out a few days later. They have it down to a science. And the worst part is, the new sets usually only give you a small marginal boost over the old set, but players can’t stop themselves from trying to obtain the new materials for them. It’s crazy.

      • “And the worst part is, the new sets usually only give you a small marginal boost over the old set, but players can’t stop themselves from trying to obtain the new materials for them. It’s crazy.”

        That reminds me of EA sports games where they make a couple of small improvements, change the presentation a bit, and release a ‘new’ game every year (NFL, FIFA, etc)

      • $60 bucks for a game each year is child’s play. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah -grand marshal set – clocking in at over 11bil in silver to craft the 5 piece set. Gotta make some troops, gotta make some troops, umph, umph – me want pixel flames,…what a perfect selection of whale bait.

    Sad thing is… some very weak minded individuals will have a full set crafted before the day is finished.

    And I knew MZ had briefly posted Imperial Dragon in the sets list a few days ago and then quickly pulled… but it is troubling to learn they either don’t have very clear operational separation of beta and live production systems, or just as bad… technical staff that don’t know the difference. Ether way… just confirms in my mind they don’t have a mature and experienced IT shop… and that likely contributes to many of the other technical flaws too… Um, what server does this go on Gabe?… I dunno… what button do click to apply the change? – oh fuck it… ennie, meany, minny moe… click… oh shit… wtf!!!

    • Yes! hilarious. Spot on Jeff B. I wouldn’t give them that much credit though. Not sure they knows what a server is or how to maintain it. But he’s good at manipulating people with the same weaknesses as degenerate gamblers lol. At least casinos have help lines.

  6. Speaking of new sets, Grand Marshal’s set gear has arrived. Just like with the Chancellor and Magister, this one made General’s set obsolete. I wonder what’s next.

    • Don’t forget Frostlord making Xena obsolete. A friend is telling me to craft Frostlord for defense instead of reg & haunted Kunoichi, due to the stat changes.

      • He’s right. But I would wait since there’s a new set in beta which will make Frostlord obsolete. But if you won’t spend on it, then yes, go for Frostlord for sure!

      • Haunted Xena/Frostlord combination has been extremely effective. Especially against the Frost cores.

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