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iGoW Monster Madness Competition

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Inside Game Of War will be bringing a first of its kind competition into Game of War.

A mid-week 24-hour competition for all the monster slayers out there.

Don’t miss out on registering for the very first event.

325,000 Gold worth of prizes up for grabs (gifted in the form of in-game items).

For further details and registration click the below link.





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  1. Shaggy and IGoW Team. I flat out challenge you to write an article containing a screenshot of a world boss max hit resulting in 0.01% damage. Would love to your your fair and balanced take on the subject.

    • Pardon the auto correct issues in the post. Although it would be interesting if Shaggy felt compelled to respond. Mr Lover Lover…

  2. This new monster research is total bs. Bought 20+ packs and would need 20+ more to complete. mz..your greed is ruining this game. I mean wtf. for real. Not gonna spend 10k just to kill monsters. I feel so stupid for going as far as I did in the research.

  3. Profile photo of MHY

    Hi, All.

    Firstly want to thank Slaggy and iGoW for giving me the chance to run such event. I can confirm that I came up with this idea about 8-9 months ago. My friends in my alliance and I started out just a friendly little competition between a few of us to see who could kill the most monsters in a day and the winner would walk away with a small speed token from the store. Since then more players were interested and we grew the number of alliance members involved, still within our kingdom. This evolution it has brought me here, hosting this inter-kingdom event as I wanted more people to enjoy the same fun we were having.
    I can confirm that I knew nothing about the new research that came out within hours of us launching this competition – Even as far as naming their gold pack sales the same as the name I chose for the event. I have played this game since the game’s birth, so 2 and a half years or more now? I can definitely vouch that I don’t work for MZ and the other team members here are just as hard working as i. We run this site out of our own time as a hobby for the love of the game.
    Slaggy and i had lengthy conversations about how to address the new research coming out, postpone event limit or cap what research has been completed to enter and these are all things we can look at in future, however as you all know and have made mention in the below comments majority of these monsters are level 1-2. New research allows you to kill monsters more efficiently but its not a game changer on the low-level monsters. As such and we can not predict what MZ will bring out next we have decided to press on and enjoy the game / event for what it is.
    Event registration confirmations started going out today, and will continue over the next few days until all slots fill up. We look forward to a successful and fun event for all.

  4. Profile photo of Slaggy

    Just to address some of the comments below. We didn’t know anything about the new research and I have to say that the timing is a little frustrating. One of the goals of the competition is that it be accessible to as large a range of players as possible and the launch of the new research doesn’t exactly help with that.

    Whilst I can understand the reasons for some of the cynicism, it is nonetheless a little sad. MHY approached me about the idea for this several months ago. I wasn’t initially sold on it as, quite frankly, it sounded like a significant time commitment but he was eager and happy to volunteer his time. Hearing his offer to do something different and fun for the game community be dismissed so cynically is, I think, hugely unfair on him.

    I have just spoken to him about the possibilities of postponing the competition or adding an entry requirement stipulating that none of the new Monster research be completed but MHY was keen to press on. Postponing wasn’t an option due to his own personal commitments and he didn’t think imposing an entry requirement was sensible as a) A lot of the entrants would be keen to do the research/have already have started it b) The new research would not have that much of an impact anyway as nearly all monster kills will be level 1.

    Fundamentally, as he is the one running the competition and committing the time then I think it is his call.

  5. Wow right on the money jeff. Funny how this competition coincides with this new research.

    How many new researches is that in the last month. Wild troops…march 11 to 12…then 13. Extra dungeon tree and now this. I’m sure the grand total for all of them is close to 10k. I’m glad stays boycott worked and what a great representative he is for the gow community. Bunch of sellouts.

    Hopefully I’m done this coming week. Haven’t bought a pack in 2 months and proud of it.

  6. I doubt they are going to fix it so that people aren’t just killing level 1s to get a lot of them done at one time. That is all these self acclaimed monster killers do–then they think they are the best at it. (it would be vary hard to control… asking them to send SS of all monsters they kill would suck to proportion point differences between rank 1 and rank 6 monsters etc)

    Its like a big account getting a farm…and sending millions of t1 at himself and boosting his killed count and showing off how many kills he has.

    Do a power destroyed / troops killed analysis. Is it under 24?

    1 t3 = 24 so under that is a sign that something is wrong about who it is hitting (giving hospitals reduce kills and increase power destroyed).

    If its under 18? you know something is very wrong with what they are targeting. I see way too many accounts with inflated troop kills and little power destroyed. Sadly there are far too many t2 trap bombs :/ which will skew power destroyed numbers (but at a real cost to KDR).

  7. Now this announcement/competition makes sense… The “World Boss” must have sent the memo with the directive to these minions just a little to early… either that, or blog dept. was slow to make their announcement.

    eye, yeye, yeye… and too think a few weeks ago I was being told it ain’t so…

    Hate to say, I told you so.

    Nevertheless, this place just dropped off my bookmark list…

    • I saw pictures of this research yesterday.

      Didn’t think about any relationship though as it matters little. This game is already becoming painful to play. Everything is either a t2 bomb, unbreakable, or being bought and zeroed. Real targets are unicorns now.

      All the accounts I am seeing being sold at little to nothing. I wont bother with the new research. Maybe up to level 9 rally attack. Pretty sure we need to go down to level 9 troop health before we can go back to doing the level 10 hero research. Whether we can do World Bosses before level 10 is another question entirely. That and MZ already reduced the drops of level 6 monsters for a while. These new super monsters don’t have pieces like the cooked turkey scale. Odin cores/pieces are hard to come by.

      I am guessing new “world monsters” might give what lv 6 monsters use to give in the past…so now its paying to get what we used to get. Getting lv 3 materials killing and hitting level 6 monsters is terrible enough as is.

    • jeffisturningintoatroll@hotmail.com

      Jeff, if they really were ‘minions’ of MZ, do you honestly think they would approve your posts? Really?

      You have some great analysis and viewpoints, but you are rapidly turning into troll territory, whether posting here as Jeff B or Buynopacks, or as BUYNOPACKS over at realtips. You run the risk of alienating the people who think your perspective has merit.

      The alternate analysis you could have used, rather than disparaging the guys who run this site, is: “why the frak do we need a mid-week monster competition?
      Surely that just tells us the ancient kingdom model is broken and there is simply not enough war in game of war. And that the crown system should be allowed to be used to declare war on another kingdom midweek, so that there is something to do midweek”.

      Love your theories on player profiling, on MZ’s algorithms determining drop rates and how that might be linked to the FBI arrest of the former insider. Instead you appear to be resorting to ad-hominems against the owners of a website that are effectively giving your theories an audience with free hosting. Do you really think MZ would allow your perspective to be aired on one of its properties? Given how tightly they control their unidirectional communications, do you really think they would let you air your very interesting prognostications?

      Up your game Jeff. Not up to your usual standards.

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