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iGoW Monster Madness Event 1 Results

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On March 1st, the first iGoW Monster Madness Competition was held.

96 competitors battled it out over 24 hours, in order to see who could kill the most monsters in that time span.

Over 22,ooo monsters were killed during the event.

This inter-kingdom event was the first of its kind and stretched through 31 different kingdoms.

The players that placed walked away with in-game gold gifts from the gold store

Podium Results:

Position Player Representing Alliance Kingdom Total Monster Kills
1st Sofa King (!OS!) Orions Slayers #374 1000
2nd TEXAS KING (NOZ.) Naughty Ozi #374 945
3rd x Dave x (-p-) Inglorious Predators #468 902





Do you think you are able to slay with the best? – Our second Monster Madness Event will be coming soon.

Prizes will be larger, and the number of monsters killed will be greater. This is not an event to be missed!



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  1. Has anyone tabulated the costs in resources, speeds and gold (and ultimately $$$) to research the ability to hit plus the hero energy needed to kill a world boss vis a vis the payoff of the “reward”?

  2. Incredible amount of gifts, well run and great fun. Will deferentially be wanting to take part in the next event. Thank you to insidegameofwar for the idea.

  3. Wow, great results. Unbelievable, every 1,5 minutes a dead Monster. Do you know how many porters they need?

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