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How to Calculate the Nerf Limit Exactly (Guest Post)


Game of War NERF CRACKED!!!

A few of you may have heard some rumors floating around by now that someone has cracked the nerf for good. The rumors are true! A reputable trap by the name of Codyyyyyy from Kingdom #494, Alliance MonkeyBuiness, has finally done it. He has developed an equation that will let you solve for ANY nerf ratio in the game.  We’ll turn it over to him from here so he can explain how its done…

“Hello everyone! I’d like to share something with you that took me quite some time to finally figure out. How to solve for any ratio and how to tell easily if you’re nerfed!

I would like to start with how I came upon figuring it out and how it works so you can all understand:

For quite some time now, we have all accepted the nerf ratio of t2:t4 troops to be 12.525:1 and the ratio of t2:t3 to be 7:1.

Several months ago I was bound and determined to find the t3:t4 ratio. I found it just the same way as anyone else would, the only way at the time.. by simple trial and error.   Eventually after several million troop deaths and hours passed, it was finally narrowed down to a single troop, which turned out to be perfectly 7:1.

A Few weeks after I had found that ratio, there were some posts I had found on the net about a few other troop ratios. I remember the post claimed that t2:t4 ratio was 12.525:1 and also claimed to know the t1 nerf ratio and the t2:t3 ratio… Long story short, they also had the ratio I had known to be fact, the t2:t3 ratio.. and it was the same as the one that I had found, 1:7.

Since they had the t2:t3 ratio correct, I assumed that the other ratios were correct.. it wasn’t until several months later that I had taken a hit where I should’ve been slightly over nerf ratio.. I was using t2 and t4.. yet I wasn’t nerfed in the hit. I then knew that the t4 ratio had to have been wrong.  I then started questioning the rest of the information I had found in that article.. I decided that I would test it out and see if I could find the true values.

What I actually found was a GOLDMINE.

I approached it a little differently this time than when I did trying to find t2:t3. Since this time I knew the t2:t3 ratio to be fact, I decided I would test my hunch that the ratios must all be related, troop-powerwise.

Heres what I knew for certain about the 7:1 t2:t3 ratio:

For every 100,000,000 t2:t3 troops at perfect 1:7 ratio, there is EXACTLY 1,000,000,000 troop power.

My thought was “What if this is true of the t2:t4 ratio??”.

So I set up two true equations to test it. Here is what the equations looked like:

X + Y = 100,000,000 troops


X(8)+ Y(36) = 1,000,000,000 troop power

X represents (t2 while Y represents t4)

Now solve the first equation for X

X = 100,000,000 – Y

Now use this value for X to solve your second equation

(8)(100,000,000 – Y) + (36)Y = 1,000,000,000

800,000,000 – (8)Y + (36)Y = 1,000,000,000

800,000,000 + (28)Y = 1,000,000,000

(28)Y = 200,000,000

Y = 7,142,857.15


Now go back to your first equation and plug in the Y value you found to solve for X

X + 7,142,857.15 = 100,000,000

X = 92,857,142.85

Now divide X by Y to find the ratio..

92,857,142.85/7,142,857.15 = 13

If you followed with the math you’ll notice that I rounded a bit, but if you don’t carry the numbers youll find that you end up with exactly 13!

Coincidence? I think not… So I put this to the test. Here are the results:



As you can see.. the little equation I used turned out to work for t4! Making the correct ratio for t2:t4 to be 13:1

Now.. I wondered if this would work for ANY RATIO!! Since this formula is entirely dependent on the amount of power each troop adds.  Ill spare you from the rest of the drawn out equations and ratios, but I will tell you that it works for any two troops/wall traps you are trying to compare!

X must be a troop/wall trap that is under 10 power each.

Y must be a troop/wall trap that is more than 10 power each.

For example, if you wish to see how many wall bricks you can use with t3, you know that wallbricks are 1 power each and t3 are 24 power each.. all you have to do is plug these two numbers in the same equation I used to solve for t4! In this example, if you worked it out, youd find that the ratio is 1.555555555:1


I like to call any troop/wall trap that adds less than 10 power each, ‘Nerf agents’… They contribute to your nerf and you should be careful when adding them.

I like to call any troop that adds more than 10 power each, ‘Nerf Buffer’…

These troops make it possible to add more nerf agents.

Now that you know all the nitty gritty details, let me save you some headache…

From my equations, I derived a much simpler way to tell if you’re nerfed to save you all from all the math…




Add up your TOTAL TROOP + WALL TRAP POWER… we will call this your ‘NERF NUMBER’ for simplicity.


Now add up your TOTAL TROOPS + TOTAL WALL TRAPS and multiply whatever number you get by 10. We will call this your ‘MULTIPLIED NUMBER’ for simplicity


Now compare your nerf number with your multiplied number.


If your Nerf number is GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO your multipled number you are safe! If this is not the case, keep adding troops that add more than 10 power each until you get there!


Thanks everyone and hope this helps ease some of the pain and prevents some of those dreaded nerf hits! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on line.


ID: codyreynoldsx


Yours truly,


-Codyyyyyy of #494”



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  1. Ok that’s all fine and Dandee now what if I’m a player that likes to use all Troops and traps for a different combination of attacks and uses, now what………?????
    I want to use everything in this game………

  2. Michelle Castner

    Do we have the new troop ratios

  3. Profile photo of A. Torres

    I need help for all of us that are not mathematically incline, what’s the nerf ratio for T4, T5 and T6 and do I have to worry about traps T4, T5 and T6 affecting my nerf ratio? ??

  4. How do I figure nerf if I’m all t4s and t5s

  5. Awesome work there, I have used similar formulas to figure out other things in the game

  6. No update needed. Just use your simple version at the bottom of the article and not that t5 add 45 power each.

  7. Any update on this equation now that we have T5??

  8. Correction for you Floydparks. T2 power each “8” , not “16”

  9. I’m using your formula, and the power of the T5 traps (10) won’t allow me to use your formula as you can’t divide by 0, is there a workaround for this?

  10. Profile photo of Mad_Max

    T2 troops are 8 power, and T2 Siege are 16. The article is talking in regards with troops, and not siege. however it works the same with siege. So to fix your equation.

    87,500,000 t2 * 8 = 700,000,000
    12,500,000 t3 * 24 = 300,000,000
    Grand total of 1,000,000,000

    so, 1,000,000,000/100,000,000 = 10. (traps are not factored in)

  11. Ok one more bit that doesn’t ‘fit’ for me. 100,000,000 troops in a 7:1 ratio of T2:T3 has 1,700,000,000 I believe and not 1,000,000,000 described in the article.

    87,500,000 t2 * 16 power each = 1,400,000,000 power
    12,500,000 t3 * 24 power each = 300,000,000 power
    Total Power for 100,000,000 troops = 1,700,000,000 power

    87.5 = 7 * 12.5 so the ratio is 7:1 – T2:T3

    I am thinking there is still ‘one more piece’ to the puzzle. Any help?

  12. Something I can’t resolve on the 10:1 formulas. t2 adds 16 power and in the formula it works on the buffer side of things. Yet we know that with too many t2 vs t4 power we get nerfed. I think I am missing something here.

  13. So u are alking about what traps to use to protect troops in ratio corrrct

  14. That is exactly what this means. ??

  15. for me this explains why t3/t1 nerf limits are different from normal t3/t1 that I’ve been testing. I like the fact that the same rule applies to all and does not just seem to be random ratios for each combination. Does this mean that t2 seige is not nerfed since they have 16 power?

  16. Wow, so many can’t read an article and apply its meaning.

    Great work cody

  17. That is correct. It is troop power plus wall trap power

  18. for simpler version on ‘nerf number’ should it be Total troop POWER + Wall trap power? its does not make sense if we plus total troop with wall trap power, its not even in same class

  19. So with this equation I fount t1:4 to be about 3.2:1
    Is this correct?!

  20. What is “Nerf” and is it better to be Nerfed or not Nerfed?

  21. But for the attacker, how much power or troops need to attack to trigger the nerf?

  22. The theory isn’t a theory. It’s proven. Read again. You are missing something.

  23. The explanation and math is very clear and simple. Much appreciated. For those struggling, read it again… Slowly

  24. I have 1 billion T4 only, and 450k T4 traps. Is it good to only have all T4?

  25. Every article I read never mentions a nerf for those who have only t3 and t4 troops. Your calculation does not work for t3:t4. Multiplying by 10 for number of t3 troops is not the same as multiplying 10 for number of t2 troops. Using your calculations works great for t2:t4 troops as a member of our alliance is routinely taking heros with being at or below that number. I, on the other hand, am losing big even though we are the same power, gems, and gear. The only difference between us is he has t2 troops and I have t3 troops. My ratio is 5:1 t3 to t4 and I’m getting nerfed (which I shouldn’t be since I am well below what I thought the t3 nerf of 6:1 is to be). Is there any tests on this type of setup?

    • Where are you getting a t3:t4 ratio of 6:1??

    • T3 and t4 aren’t nerfed. There’s your problem. My equation is built for an x and a y. Of course if you use two x’s the equation won’t work. User error.

    • If you are truly getting nerfed, there is a simple test. Have someone send a heroless march of t3 troops at your sh and if you burn and loose something crazy like 200x the amount of troops as what was sent, hen your nerfed. I have such reports testing t1/2 limits. Far more likely is your loosing because for the same power your team mate has a lot more troops, meaning he is a far stronger trap.

  26. Cody I tried your line of and it could not find you. Please help

  27. T4 seige have a 19:1 ratio for t2 so this theory is only partially correct.
    I have 30 million onagers and 10 mil each reg t4 to go with 150 mil each reg t2 and 100 mill each strat t2 and 375k t1 traps.
    According to your formula I am nerfed and I promise you from many many rallies I am not nerfed at all

    • My troop + trap power is roughly 9.2 bil and my 817 mil troops and 375 k traps x 10 puts me well below that number. Yet with the seige t4 I am far from nerfed. I should be able to have around 900 mil t2 with the t4 I have now

      • I don’t understand your comment. You are not nerfed. Your troop and trap power is more than 10 times your troop and trap count. So what is your issue? Not NERF is good.

    • The theory is proven and fully correct. Check your math.

  28. I have 471,231,720 troops + 900,000 trap power(450k t1 traps) =472,131,720
    So. 471,231,720 troops + 450,000 wall traps (450k t1 traps) =471,681,720×10=4,716,817,200
    My nerf number is way smaller than my multiple number meaning I am nerfed am I doing this right?
    I have 413,355,132 t2 troops and 57,876,588 t4 plus my 450k wall traps and I am sure I am not nerfed

  29. Any reason to worry about nerf impact of siege t1 as they theoretically have troop power of 4. Will that meaningfully affect the 10:1 ratio of you have 2.5b of them?

  30. All I know is that Cody is hot!

  31. I’m really bad at math, so….i have 15 mil t3, how many t1 can I have? Or how many t2 can I have?

  32. Does NERF come into play if you haven’t unlocked T3 yet? What if I have 10,000,000 T1 troops/traps and cannot train T2, T3, or T4 troops?

    Thanks for the article!

  33. Oy! Is there an excel file that can calculate this for me?

  34. If I got 900million T4 and 100 million T3 how much T2 can I safely have

  35. My nerf number is roughly 4 mill less than my multi number. If I continue to add troops won’t both numbers increase?

    • Yes Gary. However, adding troops that add more than 10 power each will increase your nerf number more-so than your multi number allowing you to come out of nerf.

      The opposite applies for troops/traps that add less than 10 power each.

  36. CODY. mas para chega nesses numerou qual equipamento voce usou na defesa?

  37. Would this work for T1 and T4?

    Also does this reveal anything more about the nerf ratios of using more than 1 lower tier? E.g. using t1 t2 and t4

    • Use the 10x rule at the bottom. This rule will keep you safe from nerf no matter how many different troop/trap tiers you decide to use.

      • Cody, An example of the 10x Rule at the end of the article would be instructive. You use the terms “total troops and traps” *twice* on both sides of this calculation An example would define it instantly. How about an update?

        from The Oracle

      • I didn’t realize it was confusing. I use the terms twice because one is for troop power and one is for troop number. They are two entirely seperate numbers. I would love to add an example for those that it’s confusing for but its not so simple as that as I don’t have direct access to this site. I provide my line id in the article for anyone to pm me with questions.

  38. Profile photo of

    Even simpler. Your total troop plus trap power must be at least ten times the total troops plus trap count

  39. So if i have 207m t4 how many t3s can i hav3?

  40. Also wanted to ask whether t4s and t3s provide coverage for t1s or only t3 as previously assumed?

  41. Are ratios still cumulative, meaning as long as any T2 nerf agents not covered by T4s at 13:1 will be covered by the T3 7:1, you will NOT be nerfed?

    • This is true. You can cover any nerf agent (under 10 power each) with any nerf buffer (over 10 power each). You can use my equation to find any nerf ratio you need.

  42. Your article claims that that the nerf ratio for t3/t4 is 7:1. There is no nerf between t3 and t4

  43. Another strong post, Cody. Thanks for sharing it.

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