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Hive and Pod Raiding

Pod and Hive Raiding GuideI wrote a guide for my alliance about coordinating attacks on pods and hives and thought it would be worth sharing here. Just to give some context, this was written when the kingdom was relatively young and power levels were comparatively low .


Pod Raid

A pod raid is a coordinated attack against an enemy pod or hive with the purpose of scoring points in a KE, stealing rss or to just cause general mayhem/ revenge.

The main strategy is to neutralise their main threats as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of counterattacks and reinforcements before killing/wounding any remaining troops and draining their rss.

This guide will look at the main tactics, necessary equipment, roles and fall back plans to ensure a successful raid.


1)      Before the Raid Starts

2)      Basic Attacking Strategy

3)      Risks

4)      Roles

5)      Communication

6)      Preparation Checklist

7)      Hero Spec

9)      General Tips

Before The Raid Starts

  • Check the preparation check-list below and make sure you have everything ready.
  • Join the chat room ‘Your Chat Room’.
  • Each player will be assigned coordinates of their primary target.
  • Once the raid starts, the chat room should only be used for essential raid communication.
  • Ideally leave any RSS behind in a bank in case of counterattack

Basic Attacking Strategy

The basic attack strategy is:

-Teleport to and attack the primary target you have been assigned

-Whilst attacking scout your remaining targets

-Attack any online players

-Attack remaining players (attacking only once before moving onto your next target).

-Join in any Rally’s set up by the Rally leader.

Your first attack will be against the primary target you have been assigned (ideally with march speed ups). It is important that their ability to reinforce and counterattack is removed as quickly as possible.

Whilst the attack is in progress, scout the remaining targets in your area and note their troop and rss levels.

After your primary target has been neutralized, you next attack any Online players (to remove the chance of them reinforcing, counterattacking, shielding) and after that any remaining targets, starting with the strongest and working down to the weakest.

You should only attack each target once before moving on to the next target as the first attack will always kill/wound the most troops.

Note – You should only attack players you can beat convincingly (see below).

Once you are finished attacking your targets, announce in the chat room that you are ready for rallies and wait for the Rally Leader to initiate.

Finally after all this is done, feel free to return to your previous targets and mop-up any remaining kills and rss.


There are three basic things that might go wrong in a pod attack.

1)      Reinforcements

2)      Counterattacks

3)      Other Alliances get involved


You will know that your target is being reinforced by the orange lines leading to their city with an army icon on it.


What to do:

-Re-scout their city to see the reinforcing troop numbers and types. (Research Scouting Level 6 is essential for this).

Post in the chat room the name of the reinforcing player and troop info. The reinforcing player becomes a high priority target as they will be temporarily vulnerable

-If you can still win the attack comfortably then continue with your attack

-If not recall your troops


You will know that you are being counter-attacked as your screen will go red.


What to do:

– Look in your watchtower for troop numbers and types.

Post in the chat room the attacking player and troop info

– If you can win, recall and fight

– If not, the player being attacked should be reinforced as a priority (Requires a decent level Embassy)

If all else fails, shield.

Other Alliances Get Involved

Depending on your Kingdom you may have enemy allies getting involved. This can be tough if their power level is much higher than yours.

What to do:

  • Recall troops (with march speedup if necessary) and shield.

-Troll them on their comments page


Attack Co-ordinator

-Assigns teleport coordinates, primary targets and rally targets

-Coordinates the attack in the chat room

-Makes in-flight decisions about reinforcements, target changes and evacuation

Rally Leader

This player will lead the rally attacks against any remaining high-power targets. The Rally Leader will normally be the player with the highest troop bonuses and have a high-level Hall of War.


Any alliance members online but not taking part in the pod raid can help-out by listening to Kingdom Chat for requests for help, keeping an eye on the target pod and scouting the area near to the pod for other juicy targets.


The attack will be coordinated from the chat room: ‘Your Chat Room’ and all raid members should join this room. Once the raid has started, this room should be used for essential communication only.

Essential Communications:


-Incoming reinforcements


-Other Alliance Interventions


-Unsafe attacks that you need help with (see below)

-Spotting a member of the pod on a nearby tile (see below)

-And finally when you are done attacking your targets, communicate that you are ‘ready for rallies’

Preparation Checklist


– Respec  your hero for combat (see below)

– Equip combat gear

– Make sure you have enough gold for the items you need (2 x teleport, march recalls, war commissions and a peace shield)

– Leave your RSS behind in bank if you choose


Hero Spec


These are the priorities when choosing your Hero Skills. See the guide on the website for why I recommend Troop Health over Defence. I am also condoning troop preservation here over maximum damage but decision is up to you.

1)      Troop Health – much more effective then Troop Defense in battles where it matters.

2)      Troop Attack: 25% troop attack is equivalent to having 25% more troops (in terms of damage) and will result in a lot more kills.

3)      Troop Defense – requires many points to spec for as it is troop-type specific and is much less effective than Troop Health


General Tips

Look out for armies camped on tiles nearby. This is a sign that their owner is not fully defended and would be a good time to attack their city. If they get recalled you know that they are currently online. If not – tile hit them for easy troop kills.

Before you go, make a note of your rss and kills – this will make it easy to assess the success of the raid afterwards.

Two teleports are required for a pod raid, but only three are required to raid two pods – the more raids you do at once, the cheaper it is.




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    • No they do not.

      • I was told that you can port reinforced but if you shield the reinforcements go home. To be sure I understand you can’t port or shield neither one and keep reinforced. Correct?

      • Correct. Shielding or teleporting will automatically send reinforcements home. There will be a warning prompt like there is if you have heroes in your prison.

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