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Hero Presets – Everything You Need to Know

Hero Presets in Game of War

Hero Presets is an exciting new feature and one that could significantly change combat in Game of War.

Previously, changing hero skills and equipment was a slow, laborious process and certainly not possible in the heat of battle.

Unlocking Presets

The research for unlocking presets is found part of the way down in the March Tree. There are 10 levels of research to do, each one unlocking an additional preset. Even at level 1 the research has a base time of 115 days and requires Troop Defense lvl. 9 to be completed first.  For the time being at least, it seems presets will only be available to those spending cash.

hero preset research


Their are many uses for the presets. You will probably use the first one for a combat preset, enabling you to instantly switch out of your research gear into combat gear just before an attack lands. With two sets you will probably have an Attack set (focussing on one troop type) and a Defence set (perhaps with trap attack). Further sets could be used to focus on different troop types. Imagine seeing an incoming march of 100% infantry and quickly switching on your cavalry boosts!

Further slots could be used for a farming setup and a monster killing set up.


It costs 1,000 Gold to enable a preset (which is no different to the cost of a hero skill reset anyway). Changing one item in a preset costs 500 gold or changing the whole thing costs 2,500 gold. As such you will want to make sure they are optimum first time around. Presumably if your preset contains relics then you will have no choice but to pay to change the preset after they are used up (or leave the slot empty). This creates a bit of an overhead to using presets containing relics so you will want to use them only when necessary.

How to Use

To set up a preset, press the button in the bottom right of the hero screen. This will allow you to select a set of hero gear as well as a set of hero/monster skills. You can also name your preset.

setting hero presets


To activate your preset you simply press the corresponding number in the box across the top of your hero screen.

using hero presets


It is going to be interesting to see how the tactics unfold when presets start to be fully utilised. Expect to see a lot of march recalls used when your opponent makes a last second gear change. It also adds an element of quick thinking – you might only have a few seconds to change your preset based on your watchtower report. Personally speaking, anything that makes battles more dynamic and exciting is a great addition.  Watch this space, I will continue to keep you updated with any emerging hero preset tactics,


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  1. what this mean? cannot equip this hero preset please make sure your hero currently has enough skill points to match the hero preset it happen after i resurrect my hero

  2. Skill presets don’t apply properly. I go to the hero skills preset page and assign points. When I later try to apply that preset, the skills tree is buggy (not highlighting icons that have points assigned) and the capabilities of the skill tree are not being read. For example..50 points assigned to all the blessings yet, when trying to bless someone, it gives an error saying points need to be applied. I have written MZ multiple times to no avail. Any suggestions?

  3. I have the same problem, thats why i am here..

  4. I have 9 presets and every time I change it my hero skill and monster tree resets it bugs me is there anyway for it not to?

    • One of my alliance members was complaining about his skills constantly resetting.. I asked him if he was clicking on presets or just updating the skills on current gear.
      Each preset has its on hero & monster skills so each one needs to be filled out accordingly.
      So if you have on Slayer set and create a training set you need to skill each set or it will be all 0s.

      Hope that helps some.

    • In order to really change it, you have to go into your preset screen. Change it there, switch gear afterward, then switch back. If you just change them in your hero screen, it’s just temporary. I found out by trial and error.

  5. So can i assign the same gem in one preset. Then pull it and assign to another and use it back and forth?

  6. Profile photo of Cameron

    Thanks PaPaG , I didn’t read your reply from before. Now it works lol??

  7. Profile photo of Cameron

    Ok what the puck am I doing wrong when it comes to preset tab. Ok I’m clicking on the hero then I click on preset tab and I add the items to the preset. Then I add the hero points then I hit the set details button. Whenever I go back to that gear I have to reset my hero tree. PLEASE help me before I throw my tab let lol ???

    • I just got help with this issue today! When your setting you hero & monster points, you need to do it from the preset menu NOT from just looking at your hero. After you’ve added items to a preset, you need to add your hero pints from that same preset page. You should see 2 little icons – one is a helmet (hero) and the other is a purple monster (monster) presets. Once you set your points from the preset menu, they should stay with the gear. Whenever you level up your hero, remember to go to each gear preset and apply those points

  8. This needs some major updates, it explains nothing as to what presets really are and what to do when you create one! Of all the GREAT things this site offers, this is probably the most useless. How about a video?

  9. Why can’t I save my point assignments? Every time I switch a preset, I have to reassign the points

    • I would love an answer/solution for this, it’s very frustrating having to do this, it’s easier to just assign each gear individually

    • Profile photo of PapaG

      Figured it out (Article should have detailed this). See the pic with “Step 2” above? Just under that arrow is a helmet and a monster symbol. You must tap that image and that then opens up the points specific to that preset! So you set skill points in the preset menu, not in the main hero menu :). Hope that helps/works!

  10. anyone knows what research levels are needed to unlock the first hero preset ? (in details)

  11. Will vip 13 give a preset as well, I’m trying to find cheapest way (powerwise) to get this done. Sh21 300m power

    • May be late but fastest way for me with least power was March tree, 1 preset plus troop defense lvl 9, Its unlock able at sh lvl 14, VIP 13 gives u free presets equips but u still have to research them, just saves u 1000 gold for each time u equip a preset. answered more than just your question but for people wondering if VIP 13 gives u a preset it doesn’t, just lets u equip your presets for free

  12. Is there away to add cores to preset, but not have timer start until you actually activate preset?

  13. The preset stats don’t match what is appearing in the hero boost once the preset is equipped. Anyone else having this issue. Example. Research speed is off by 36%. 299.9 on hero boost and it should be 335.6 according to stats on preset page. Seems like every one is incorrect.

    • I’m having this issue as well…. An explanation would be fantastic.

    • I’m having the same issue was this ever figured out?

    • Yes, set your gear on your hero, the go to main city view, check the power/boosters and you will see the value of the combine research and the gemed gear applied to that preset. The gear you see in boosters when you are in the hero view window. Is exclusively the tree and gear, the power area includes research and gear set bonus.

      Hope this helps.

      • So which ones accurate the preset stats or hero view when equipped ?

      • You need to look at boosts under city view. Click power at top of screen then boosts. Looking under hero profile only shows hero boosts not whole city boosts. Hope this helps.

  14. Seems like total bs that you have to pay 1000 gold or 100,000 loyalty every time you switch between your presets.

  15. Can someone answer whether hero preset can be unlocked from Set Bonus without doing the march tree? This seems way easier than March tree in terms of time and speeds.

    • Yes it can. That’s how I got my presets, but it took me awhile. I have three presets open from going through the set bonus tree.

  16. Any chance of getting a calculator or tool to determine how many speeds you need to unlock one preset? I have presets unlocked on my main and now trying to unlock on alt and wondering how many speeds it needs. It looks like you have done similar calculators to unlock t4 troops. Thanks.


    • I second this. I am trying to figure out the costs and cheapest way to get a single preset. The march tree is a bit confusing to figure out what all is needed. And I am wondering if Set Bonus tree can be used to unlocked to get hero preset instead. And would this be cheaper/quicker?

    • I third this comment

  17. when i click on the hero, i don’t see the preset button and i tried to do the march research to get to hero preset but i can’t even get to it?

  18. Can you unlock hero preset 2 on set bonus tree before you unlock prest 1 on March tree

  19. My preset stats change when activated. For example when I check stats in preset the Overall Troop Defence Boost is 1086%. When I activate the same gear set the Overall Troop Defence Boost drops to 696%.
    Why is this?

  20. I’ve done the first two levels of research on Hero Preset and in my Special items I have all the preset equip/reset/update items, but I have no Preset button available in my hero gear. A bug, or is there something I’m missing?

    • Tap on your hero then in right part it is a button named Preset,tap him and start putting your gears or cores there after that you can tap your number you have gear on to not every time go there to equip your presetand don’t forget to use the skill preset,have fun.

      • This is my problem: I do NOT have a Preset button. It is not displayed when I tap on my hero. I’ve tried removing all my gear, rebooting, no change. I don’t have a Preset button.

      • i am having the same problem. i even research some of the research in march tree up to lvl 9 and still can’t get hero preset..it only says coming soon

      • same problem all other research done… March tree stustuck ttop at level 9 with lock 10 boxes and all below with lock saying coming soon… Crazy!

      • I’m having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

      • Please. Did you ever find a solution?

  21. My hero boosts drop when I equip from preset why? Example my research boost 317 on stats when I equip it show me292% my health drop like 300% other players have same issue mz not responding all research trees are done in hero.pls help

  22. Be careful if you don’t have all special gems slot on crafting witch is to compleate all crafting tree and you have only gems on core and you put 1 special gem into you can’t use the preset,don’t let you Mz are stupid and fuck some people to make us spend more money to compleat all research into!

    • This just happened to me when taking a rally in the forest, I have helm and all accessory 4th gem but it wouldn’t let me switch and I took the rally in normal gear. About a 2000% defense and health boost difference between normal and preset so it was painful. Does anyone know what all you have to have unlocked to use 4th gems in preset?

  23. Working through this research now and, of course, it’s taking forever. Am I going to hit a dead end – i.e. required L21 Academy – before I get my first preset or two? Thanks!

  24. Does it cost every time I want to use it. Or its a one time cost then I can switch as much as I want?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Sam, it costs every time you use it. A bit like having to pay 1,000 gold every time you change your hero skills.

      • What if I don’t want to change my skills. for example, I want to switch between research gear and construction gear without touching my skills as it has been already set manually earlier. is there such an option/way for such a case without spending gold?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Unfortunately not. That is the downside, 1,000 gold just to switch gear is a lot. Although if use it to switch in Troop Health gear in the heat of battle it could save you a lot more than 1,000 gold worth of troops.

    • It’s MZ. Of course it costs every time. Whenever cost to the player is in question, just assume MZ is going to stick it to you as much as they possibly can.

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