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Hero Levels 61-70

MZ has released hero levels 61-70! These new hero levels, will provide your hero, with more exciting, powerful boosts.

Not only will you be increasing the power of your hero, but you will now be able to help your alliance members make their accounts stronger! Many of these levels, will allow you to grant members of your alliance, blessings using orbs. For example, hero 63 grants a Troop Training Blessing. This will provide them with a 750% troop que bonus, and a 150% training speed bonus!

Below, you will find the necessary hero experience points, and amount of heroic medals required, for levels 61-70. We have also broken down each level, to show exactly what features, you will be unlocking.

Hero Level Requirements & Unlocks

Hero 61: 1,500 Heroic Medals & 7.5B XP
Hero 62: 5,000 Heroic Medals; 25 B XP
Hero 63: 14,000 Heroic Medals; 70 B XP
Hero 64: 28,000 Heroic Medals; 130 B XP
Hero 65: 50,000 Heroic Medals: 300 B XP
Hero 66: 55k Heroic Medals; 324 B XP
Hero 67: 120k Heroic Medals; 358 B XP
Hero 68: 300k Heroic Medals; 440 B XP
Hero 69: 750k Heroic Medals; 548 B XP
Hero 70: 1.25m Heroic Medals; 714 B XP


Hero 61

  • Unlocks Troop Health on Tile 150%  – Extra health when farming to try prevent getting your troops killed.
  • Construction Blessing 100% –  Activates a 30 minutes 100% extra speed for an alliance member.
  • Treasury Deposit Boost – Boost to help you deposit extra in the treasury.

Hero 62

  • Unlock Ransom – This new feature, gives alliance members, a chance to save your capped hero. The person holding can demand a ransom of up to 2.5M in gold, and someone in your alliance, will have the ability to pay it and free your hero.
  • Hero Production Blessing 100% – Activates a 30 minutes 100% extra resources production for an alliance member.
  • Resource Receive Capacity – Increases your capacity of receiving resources.

Hero 63

  • All March Recall – It recalls all your marches out with a 45% speed.
  • Hero Training Blessing 200% – Activates a 30 minutes 750% Troop Que Bonus & 150% Training Speed.
  • Altar Boost Duration – Increases the altar boost duration when you kill a hero.

Hero 64

  • Troop Defense III 350% – A great increase in troop defense, useful for defending, tiles & wonder.
  • Hero Research Blessing 200%  – Activates a 30 minutes 150% Research Speed for an alliance member

Hero 65

  • Troop Attack II- will provide your hero with 500% attack boost.
  • Upkeep Reduction
  • Resource Send Capacity
  • Core Crafting Luck- allows you to increase your core power, when crafting.
  • 130 extra skill points

Hero 66

  • Troop Health III- 350% Health Boost
  • Gathering Speed Blessing- 500%
  • Rally Gift Tile Gathering Speed- skilling for this will help clear those rally tiles faster.
  • Adds 2.3B powerimg_3807

Hero 67

  • Troop Attack on Tile Offense 200%
  • Troop Health on tile Blessing 200%
  • Resource Send and Receive Capacity II
  • Adds 3B power

Hero 68

  • Enemy Defense Debuff II- 400% DD
  • Dungeon Ability Damage Blessing 150%- help your alliance members, so they can earn those dungeon titles.
  • Troop Training Capacity II- 500%
  • Adds 3.7B power

Hero 69

  • Prisoner Bonus Multiplier
  • All March Recall II
  • Gear Salvage and Break Boost
  • Adds 4.9B power

Hero 70

  • Troop Attack III: +600% attack!
  • Ransom Altar Boost
  • Power Up Efficiency
  • With hero 70 & max gymnos, you will now have 840 skills points, and an additional 25.23B power.

If you aren’t a Daily Bonus Club Member, now may be a good time to join. Athena has been mailing extra hero experience and medals, to DBC members. A lot of experience and medals are needed to unlock new hero levels, and this definitely helps alleviate some of the expense.


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  4. hero 65 adds 30 skill points, NOT 130. smh. As a trap, the listed 130 was my reason for taking on the additional displayed power.

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