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Hero Levels up to 110

Raise your Hero to a greater level.

A Hero who is at level 110 will gain the following boosts/stats:

  • 275M% type defence
  • 250M% legion and empire defence
  • 225M% troop defence
  • 100B% rally/wonder health, rally/wonder trap health
  • 50B% mobile trap attack
  • 15B% rally/wonder attack
  • 10B% troop/type/legion attack
  • 12.5M% troop/type/legion/empire defence debuff

Heroic Rings are needed to raise your hero above level 100.  The current number of rings required are

Hero 101: 500k rings
Hero 102: 500k rings
Hero 103: 500k rings
Hero 104: 500k rings
Hero 105: 500k rings
Hero 106: 500k rings
Hero 107: 1.5m rings
Hero 108: 1,5m rings
Hero 109: 1.5m rings
Hero 110: 3m rings



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  1. Is there a way to instant or quick level up the set gear or do you have to hit unlock every time? Thanks

  2. Fake news – defence is in millions and NOT Billions. You are better at fake news than MZ blog – lol 😂

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