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Hero Level 60 – Sneak Peak

hero xpHero level 60 has been rumoured for the past month or so but today we can confirm its coming. Reaching higher hero levels will allow you to unlock new sets of hero skills which you can see in the screenshots below. To coincide with this there are also some new Hero XP items offering up to 50mil XP in one item.

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Early beta photos from a few weeks ago showed that the POWER increase from going from hero level 50 (5.27M) to hero level 60 is just short of 10 BILLION power.  We will wait to see if this is what the final release power gain is when the feature is released.  That surely rules it out for defensive players…….

One speculation is on how much Hero XP is required to reach level 60.  The last 3 levels at present are 50M hero XP to get from a level 47 to a level 48 hero, 100M XP for level 49, and 200M XP for level 50 hero.  This exponential doubling surely cannot continue for levels 51 to 60, otherwise is the 59 to 60 step would require 204.8 BILLION hero XP.  So it seems likely that the first 6-7 levels (51-57) will be more linear, and then the last 3 levels will be more exponential again.  This will mean that quite a few people will be able to get to the middle of the new hero skill tree using existing hero XP stored up and from NEW battles, but end up having to spend to get further down the tree towards the good stuff at the bottom.  Sound familiar?

It seems that recently MZ has been reserving research or VIP level increases to amend either design flaws or fixed capacity constraints that exist in the game.  Things like Open all chests with VIP 12 and combine all to a certain level with VIP 13 are examples of that, as are hospital capacity increase and embassy capacity increase, even if they are mostly useless for the high end players and not achievable for the lower end of the game without Academy level 21.  Hero levels 51-60 is the first apparent attempt to address a fixed constraint (hero skill points capped at 275) by using hero levels rather than VIP levels.

What other fixed constraints do you think will eventually be addressed with VIP / Hero levels / Research?


– Fixed capacity constraint of number of cores / pieces ‘unlocked’ in inventory (i.e. less use of swaps)

– Alliance gift auto-open?

– Daily / Alliance / VIP Quest 1-click auto-open (as opposed to Auto-complete)

– Increase maximum attack size above 375k?

– Increase maximum rally size above 2.375M?

We can envisage MZ releasing an ‘attack’ research tree in the future to mirror the Defense research tree, with the last two constraints of attack size and rally size being buried down the bottom.

Please address in the comments what fixed constraints you think MZ will address next, either with research, VIP levels, or these soon to be added new Hero levels.


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  1. First kill kvk after introduction of hero 60. I leveled my account twice from 55 to 57. The next week battle xp formula was reduced 80-85%. Haha. I love MZ

  2. Does anyone know what the % defense boost is for using points to get Ranged Defense to 50/50?

  3. Any idea on how many more skill points we will see with the new hero levels?

  4. can someone please tell me what the highest power they have seen from a nonspender? I am currently at 212 million power without spending a cent on the game and I don’t see how someone could possible be higher than that.

  5. Here is some info from my beta account. They gave everyone in beta enough XP to reach level 60.

    Power gained: I don’t know the exact power gained but after reaching 60 my Hero Level Up power is 15,067,126.

    So I didn’t write down the xp required for 51-53. Once I reached 53 then I realized I should probably keep track.

    54: 300 million xp
    55: 500 million xp
    56: 750 million xp
    57: 1 billion xp
    58: 1.5 billion xp
    59: 1.75 billion xp
    60: 3 billion

    So its very unlikely someone would ever reach level 60 without spending money. Lots and lots of money.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this moment. It only sucks if you didn’t keep your Gymnos and save every single empire quest for the last year and a half. They all laughed at me well look at me now. I’m Ray Charles to the haters I can’t see y’all.

    • I’ve been saving my empire quests for months too. I was hoping there would be an increase power event in the recent colisseum, and there wasn’t. Glad I didn’t waste them in frustration. I”m sure there’s a lot of XP in there along with power.

      • Did the exact same thing except had to rebuild the gymnos. Got 20m power from the quests and midway to 52. How much power did your quests result in?

      • And how bad did the coliseum suck? The regular inferno events were better.

  7. OK fine, add more skills, but i hate it when they add game mechanics into what essentially becomes PAID options. Opening chest and combining materials are two good examples of MZ fixing annoyances in their game but only if players PAY for those bug fixes. This approach is very insulting. It’s like if Microsoft fixed a crash or lag in Windows but only if you paid another $100 for that fix.

    • I complained recently to the customer service team about this very point, the fact that it’s game and should be enjoyable and yet there are massive tedious elements to it (some of which is caused by actually spending money on the game!!!) to then have to pay more money to fix them!!! Not that they will do anything about it – but hey if no one complains they certainly won’t do anything about it.

      • Good for you for complaining. Probably the best thing to do is to post reviews about these annoyances on the App stores and give them lower review ratings based on these bugs so they actually fix them for fear of scaring off more paying customers…

  8. The free preset at VIP pres 13 only works if you have unlocked preset in March tree. So MZ strikes again, gymnos has to be rebuilt just like silver said. There will be new gear now for hero LV 60, t5 will come out and I’m assuming that your hero will be a certain lv, I’m not going to say 60 because we don’t know how much hero XP it’ll take to get there. I highly doubt the hero lv 60 will be a 10b power gain, but MZ is forcing everyone to get to a high SH. With us catching on to the lower SH turtle and the mass production of t1-2 MZ nerfed them and thought that getting 200k gold was fine. With all these new hero gear, LV 60 hero coming out, massive debuff cores, and now set bonus the little guy can’t make any headway. This game is turning into who can spend the most money, there is no strategy in this game anymore, MZ tells people in the blogs what to make with what cores to get a mystery bonus with. Apologize for the rant, but I have both a sh lv 14 turtle and an account over 600m and I have more fun with the sh 14 than I will ever have with the 600m. I will probably be selling the 600m of the new hero lv 60 is ridiculous and everyone in the 550-750m range will be a rally trap and everyone in the 200-350m will be able to get soloed, start rebuilding your hospitals guys.

  9. So all the lvl 50 gear we spent a fortune on crafting is now obsolete?

  10. MZ better make things right this time. They screwed everyone of their long time players out of thousands of VIP points. I’m quitting if there isn’t some huge ass credit for killed 30m troops over the last year not to mention 500m power of research experience that went no where.

    • As long as you didn’t complete the quests after you researched then you’ll be fine. That’s where the main bulk of research XP lies. But I highly doubt there will be a credit for past troops killed.

  11. I do believe that any increase to attack would make MZ loose players/customers. With people way too strong is harder for new players. The way around would be create brackets for fights, i.e. fights allowed between (0 – 1 Billion power)_ (1Billion – 5 Billion power) and (5 Billion – Unlimeited). Otherwise GOW will soon have a game to compete and eventually take over. Just like everything else. MSN – ORKUT – FACEBOOK – WhatsApp. Doesn’t take too long for it. And GOW is on the market for a while already with no competition.

  12. By the way, everyone is going to need to rebuild their Gymnos. Aaarrrrgggghhh

  13. so this would be another excuse for MZ to release new gear for LV 60

  14. I’m taking a peek when I get to the peak.

  15. This is the dumbest idea MZ has come out with to date! So all the lvl 50 gear we’ve all spent a fortune crafting is now obsolete? Just another money grab idea

  16. I think this is dumb. Mz is already a money pit. It’s bad enough most people are behind. Then add insult to injury just piling more on top of it. Even when glitches happen in this game if you don’t have an attorney MZ customer support won’t do anything.

  17. So does anyone know if all the millions XP i’ve been accumulating from battles while at 50 “Max Level” is kept somewhere and will be applied, or do we all have to start fresh and build up from 50.

    • Profile photo of silverhair

      Best guess is that we will all start fresh at 50, with NEW battles gaining hero XP, but previous battles not being allowed. Those with saved up hero XP from all the recent packs will be able to use it, but I don’t believe there is a hidden store of hero XP from previous battles.

  18. This is about to add a very big wrinkle to the game, and add a significant level of importance to preset strategy. Thank goodness prestige 13 allows free equipping, or I’d go broke pretty quickly!

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