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Hero Level 100

Happy Birthday to your Hero!

Enjoy your hero’s 100th birthday with a healthy dose of fire and mayhem as he/she smashes all enemies around them.  The benefits to levelling up your hero are extensive.

Once maxed, boosts you will gain include:

  • 100,000% troop/type/legion, empire troop defence
  • 50M% wonder holding/empire defending attack debuff
  • 50M% troop/type/legion/rally/battle mark/onslaught attack
  • 50,000% troop health/defence on empire/embassy defence blessing
  • defence debuff – 15,000% triple, 25,000% enemy/type/legion/versus empire, 10,000% quadruple
  •  100M% wonder/rally trap/rally troop attack
  • 1B% wonder/rally trap/troop health
  • 30 day altar boost duration
  • 500M% troop health on tile blessing and troop health versus tile/health on tile
  • 1B send/receive capacity
Hero levelChalices
Hero 86500,000
Hero 87500,000
Hero 881,500,000
Hero 891,000,000
Hero 901,500,000
Hero 911,000,000
Hero 921,500,000
Hero 932,500,000
Hero 942,500,000
Hero 952,500,000
Hero 965,000,000
Hero 9710,000,000
Hero 9820,000,000
Hero 9950,000,000
Hero 100150,000,000



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  1. I have been reading this blog for a long time. Due to game updates in the last few months, the percentages are ridiculous. Please note that M = 1000. MM = 1,000,000

    Please do not use M for million because it is terribly confusing. MM is the standard practice for denoting millions. I know it will be annoying to change past posts, but going forward, please consider this.

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