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Hermes Winged Set Gear – Coming Soon


Hermes Winged Set Gear has flown in and will be released shortly. Impressive stats based around March speed, this set will be a must for all wonder battles. With all the speed debuffs released it was only a matter of time before a beefed up March speed set was released. There will always be cores with march speed which may be easier to obtain than this set – however yet to see how they compare once released. Again we see no reused materials in this set so to obtain a complete set will be a feat in itself. Will be an interesting set to see in action once released.

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  1. 650m silver to craft an item that will allow you to march to a tile and collect more resources? I dont see this as being very popular….

    • The intent is to use this set to have a faster march towards the wonder, however you can craft a better set with cores and the right pieces.

      • I don’t see how that is true when you do the math. Perhaps you can explain rather than just make baseless conclusions unsupported by any information or facts.

  2. Instead of coming out with new things. MZ should fix the bug issues, lag, and give me back all my gems that I’ve lost. All the gamers spending thousands of dollars for MZ to just pocket their money and NOT give any customer service to their issues.

    • This gear set created a whole new way to burn medium sized players. A 22 billion power guy set a rally on me in kvk but I could find where he was relative to me since he set from 15 or so spots away (off my screen). I figured hey, he’s setting from far away they are probably trying to pin me, I’ll wait on the shield to see what they actually put in the march. Well, what normally would have been a 2-4 minute rally march hit me in 8 seconds flat, before I could shield. Of course he launched the rally wearing this set then switched to a core preset and bang I lost all of my 3 million troops and traps in one hit.

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