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Boost Amount
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Full Set Bonus:
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  1. Profile photo of thatcherp

    Hello Slaggy,
    Can we get the gem set for Atlas for using on tile battles? Would the Onslaught gem set be appropriate? Thanks

  2. Profile photo of GeneralDep

    any way of getting a area for Hero specs hero 70 for gear and wonder gear

  3. Gems are missing for nike

  4. Dwight E. Evans Jr.

    The emerald core set recipes are not visible…

  5. No recipe for the set?

  6. Where is the Hephaestus set?

  7. is the stats shows in the boost tab already includes the boosts from secret recipes and/or set bonus?

  8. I gemmed for dd-want it as close to 1700 as you can get to zero out defense as much as possible. I was only able to get it to 900% though…

  9. what gems are recommended for this core?

  10. Hi! Whats the best core set to defende against Poseidon Core Set?

  11. I’m really interested in your opinion on hero tree set and gems for Hades Secret Core. I have a few of the cores, been hoarding for KVK KE. Is it advised to gem and tree 1 for attack then another for defense? The Core Stats seem to be able to go either way. My hero is lv. 58 fyi. I also hate they put the set bonus on the bottom of right side 🙁

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi Wendy, the hades set can go either way. different gems and skills will depend on the situation. If attacking gem selection will be determined by what you are hitting. There is no straight answer to this as all targets are different and each attacking opponent is different and is more or less personal preference and how your account it set up.

      • Judy/ BellOf Rapora

        Can you tell me what counters Haties? It’s holding our wonder and we need to counter.

  12. Is there a listing of the alternative recipes for ED and Fisherman?

  13. Hi what’s the best secret bonus for this coreset in this game

  14. if you gem this for defense and tree it for defense, it works extremely well against frost.

  15. Any chance of the divine set 2 build and the emerald dragon set 2

  16. Hi Slaggy ,great site, do you know what maps or monster tiles drop any pieces for zeus cores ? thanks

    • Actually, the Zeus core set has only pieces and cores that can be found in Zeus chests that can be found in the following: packs, events, or possibly Bazaar.

  17. is this core a perm set or does it expire over time?

  18. Where can I find the recipe for new Emerald 2? Thank You

  19. Whats the benefit of the Dread Captain Core Set? I see it as a defensive set but not enough of any one thing in boosts that I can see or am I missing something?

  20. Slaggy I love your site and can’t imagine how much work it is. I built one of the new alternate fisherman cores and didn’t get the secret bonus. I built the helm 3 times to make sure it wasn’t me. Any ideas on the problem? Is it my game not updated or any comments would be appreciated. Thank You for all that you do

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I would check out some of the comments on the Secret Core Recipes page. A lot of people have found the same thing. Some have got it to work. Others haven’t.

  21. Slaggy, would it be hard to make all the pieces in alphabetical order? MZ still don’t have a filtering system and unless putting them in with that specific order somehow provides a superior chance for boosts it seems illogical to sort them in that way….this would apply to all secret core recipes.

  22. What do u recommend infantry defense over attack for the Zeus specialized bonus?

    • The recommended specialised boosts on this site have always rated from the highest possible boost to the lowest but only show top 5.

      For example with Zeus you can get the highest number on Infantry Defence but why you would set that as your boost when using it as a missile is beyond me.

  23. hmm…I heard of much higher stats for Frostbitten set…total attack(overall+cavalry) 4300%, attack&defense debuff close to 1000%…is is BS or an effect of gems/hero stats?

    • I think this is the gear only boosts, I know everything changes with gems research and skills ( my frost set was about 3800 total attack, I’m not so far through set tree)

  24. Could you add what each individual secret core recipe boosts are? IE what total stats are on Thundergods Charge?

  25. This is a great upgrade. Curious…I don’t see recommended gems yet so I’m assuming you are still working on those??

  26. Very helpful great site

  27. Data Errors. Can’t see anything

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