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Headquarters – Alliance City Building


The Headquarters is the main building in the Alliance City, similar to a Stronghold. You must upgrade the headquarters before you are able to upgrade your other buildings. The Headquarters gives you an overview of the Alliance City. Upgrading this building increases the maximum resource donation per march:

Level Donation Size Bonus
1 50000
2 61400
3 75300
4 92400
5 113400

To Build Level 1 Alliance City:

The following resources need to be donated to the Alliance City in order for construction to begin. The R5 of the alliance will find the Alliance City on the Alliance screen where they can begin begin construction once sufficient resources have been donated.

130d 2h 0m 0s998m873m1,135m955m101,3462,500

To Upgrade to Remaining Levels:

245d 3h 0m 0s13,50016,87533,75033,750151,706500
367d 16h 30m 0s24,30030,37560,75060,750231,397750
4101d 12h 45m 0s37,91147,38594,77094,770347,3161,000
5149d 12h 0m 0s76,12595,138190,276190,276503,6421,250

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