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Hall of Quests – Alliance City Building

Hall of Quests

The Hall of Quests provides alliance members access to daily quests rewarding them with loyalty and resources. All quests need to be completed and collected within the 6 hour window otherwise they are lost. Each collected quest contributes to the daily gift bar. Filling the gift bar rewards the entire alliance with a very nice Alliance Gift, Upgrading this building increases the number of quests available:

Level, Number of Quests

1, 35

2, 37

3, 40

4, 43

5, 50

To Build Level 1 Hall of Quests:

Level Time Iron Cider Bricks Lumber Might Deeds
1 21d 1h 0m 0s 1,250 3,750 2,500 1,250 52,870 75

To Build Remaining Levels:

Level Time Iron Cider Bricks Lumber Might Deeds
2 31d 14h 6m 0s 2,250 6,750 4,500 2,250 89,490 90
3 47d 9h 9m 0s 4,050 12,150 8,100 4,050 138,253 105
4 71d 1h 43m 30s 9,490 28,438 18,964 9,490 206,807 120
5 104d 15h 36m 0s 19,068 57,094 38,081 19,068 300,910 135



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  1. So it’s a theory not fact in out alliance thryveven go as database going then one by one.
    Example! I do a quest no one else can do one till I collect it?
    This baffles me because how do you really know that 6 others didntbdovqurst the same time that you follow a quest?
    You really don’t know.
    Doesn’t make any sense we always get black white green blue purple and gold

  2. Do you speed them up and collect them before each reset? i’ve seen 5 people doing yellow over the reset and the rest turned to garbage.

  3. In our alliance, we collect by color order and time as well. We have found that if you collect out of order, the blacks come in the next time it resets. We keep 80% gold and purple showing all the time. And hit the gift bar faithfully, as long as everyone does it correctly. If someone goes out of order, it messes things up, and that’s when you get a lot of black, white, and green

  4. Greetings;
    I have been playing for over 2 years now and have been around since before the Alliance Cities even existed so I have had a chance to check into this in detail in the 3 kingdoms I play in. The AC Quests are setup to reward the alliances that work as a team and to punish the greedy. If the smaller quests are done first and they are started in order the smaller ones will not spawn back in. One of the alliances I am in follow it religiously and every single quest is completed each round. Now the only quests that spawn in are epic and legendary, if a legendary is started before the epic ones are not all started we get a wad of rare to push out. So we make sure the epics are all started and then the legendary ones are done. Since it is a big thing in our alliance we always complete and collect all the quests. The only thing I am not to clear on is if a quest is not collected, does it count as a bad mark on the alliance. I am in a new baby kingdom and the alliance city was just built, so far it looks like an uncollected quest acts like a quest done out of order. I will update once I have a firm answer one way or the other, but it takes a few full runs both ways to be sure.

    • Lacedaemon (GOW)

      Hey Navi, my name is bob. I’m obviously a GOW player and I’m fairly new to the game.
      We just built our AC about a week ago and we are all new to the process. My question is if you’ve had that 2nd go around thru the AC quests and if the uncollected quests count as done out of order. We are having trouble with keeping everyone in line. They all want to do the pretty blue ones first and then not collect on them. Any idea yet?

      You can mail me back on GOW. My user name is Lacedaemonn. The original was taken so I had to ad the extra “N.”
      This is Sparta!!

  5. Roseland Harding

    Some of this is confusing..I have asked numerous people how the Color Order of the Quests works…Whether WE all do Lower Quests first…or, do WE each take them in order of color, one by one, each refresh… Any real help here???

  6. So, Grab the quests in order – by color, and lowest time first (?) , BUT – do they have to be ‘collected’ in the color order as well? Black, white etc? Or can you just collect in an order?

  7. Well, I for one, don’t think it makes any difference about the Quest order. If it’s not collected or was forgotten to be collected, what’s the point ANYWAY. I think people who are trying to follow the colour order as simply OCD. And having other people clicking what they want just drives them crazy!

  8. Any current update on Alliance City Quests. I continue to fight following color cycle deviators and completed quests non-collectors.

  9. What is the best way for everyone to get high level quests?

  10. The rss are donated to the AC

  11. Is there something that can be shared for the penalties for non collection of ac quests

  12. Has anybody calculated the drop rate of the various quest levels. I would think that there is a percentage used for each for example 1:500 for a level 6. If we knew that you would be able to determine a good strategy for starting and collecting the various quests. As some are pretty long you would miss a cycle hence fewer completed during a day. Just a thought.

    • I have found the more you start the better the chances you have to get the better quests. So even if you can’t get back on to collect then start a short one just to clear it out

  13. Hello, is there a penalty for not collecting quests? We often have several people that start a quest and never collect it. Is it just a lost quest or does the alliance actually get penalized in some way?

  14. once you start a quest, how do you collect it once it completes

  15. Our alliance quest police insist on us collecting the low quests first to generate better quests. As this does appears to work, is it necessary to collect the quests or just start them for this to continue to work? I’m probably not going to set my alarm to collect my quests in the middle of the night.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, I strongly suspect that this is a myth. It doesn’t make sense for MZ to have spent the time developing, testing and implementing a hidden feature such as this.

      • it is a myth. alliances don’t realize that they are hoarding the good quests. They think they are tricking the system into producing better ones the next round. within weeks the R4s are asking the alliance to donate because the city is running low on supplies that those large quests gave. everyone in the alliance loses.

  16. I put a post on this earlier in Alliace City topic, we have been working on this off and on for a few weeks now and we have been more strict on what we do and we are up to all green and above now.

  17. Re: Hall of quests

    There is a theory out there that when the gift bar resets itself after 24 hours, if you collect the lowest quests first before collecting the higher quests, the quests that come out the next round will be better quests. For example, if all basic quests and common quests are collected, after 6 hours when the quest bar resets itself, it will produce more uncommon quests and rare quests etc. and as the day goes by if you keep collecting the lowest quests available it will produce better quests each round. Is this theory true? Has this been proven to work?

    • Quest are randomly generated and will carry over if not used. So by doing the lower level quest first it will appear you are receiving higher level quest. The reverse is also true. If your members are doing the high level quest, it may apear that you are receiving many white and black quest. In actuality they are regenerating the completed quest with the same odds no matter what. This came up in my alliance a few weeks back. MZ responded that in game actions cannot effect the results of the level quest generated.

      • As I suspected. So instead of “choosing 6, you choose half a dozen”. We have a member actually trying to talk R4’s into kicking members that take high ones. This fool (a pied piper) is a real ass. He actually monitors the hall and humiliates and bullies members in chat and on LINE to only select the low quests . The immaturity is unbelievable and I haven’t seen squat difference in reward. You still get the 1 prize every day, without fail! MZ doesn’t lose, people. It’s just Las Vegas all over again. The house always wins. Wake up and smell the coffee! Let people choose their own quests and be glad they all participate.

      • It does make a difference, despite what MZ says. It’s been proven many times. If you go in order of black, white, green, blue, purplle then gold each rouund, eventually, you’ll get all greens, then all blues, and meet your goal of all gold. If someone goes out of order in the beginning stages, you’ll keep having to start over. Many leaders warn of this and do kick after so many people messing up the order. It deprives others of getting millions of resources per gold quest. This persoon shouldn’t be so rude to his members. He should be mature about it, but the members need to learn how to follow a simple rule of colors

      • I can actually say the theory is true because for weeks now my alliance has been choosing the smallest quests and to prove it I can screen shot but the only quests as of right now in my city are legendary and epic that’s it so yes the theory is true!!!

      • Of course. Suppose you take a deck of cards and have a goal of amassing a hand of 10 Diamonds. You draw 10 cards, then discard all the non Diamond cards. Then repeat this over and over. Eventually you will have 10 diamonds in your hand.

        All you are doing is trading the low level quest for a randomly generated quest. Eventually you’ll get a legendary. It’s not because you have a “system”.

      • If your statement were true, it would not explain why you would only get diamond cards once you would have the 10 diamond in your hand. And I think that is the claim of those that do have a system.

  18. If i have a quest that is 7 hours, i collect it in the next cycle. Assume my hall is level 1. in the next cycle will I have 35 new quests or 34 new ones and 1 carried over from the last cycle?

    • It is the latter. At the start of a round you will always have the number of quest belonging to your level. That includes the ones that were started, but not yet finished

  19. Are the quests supposed to improve and if so if there a glitch with the AC HOQ?

  20. If the gift bar is full and completed quests are unclaimed, does it negatively affect the AC in any way? What happens? Do you simply lose the Quests?

  21. How do we know if we’ve received a gift from Alliance City?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi Kathy, once a construction or research is complete, that alliance city gift will get delivered into the alliance gifts like your monster gifts, gold package gifts and alike.

  22. When I complete a quest in the hall of quests where do the Rss go.

  23. When we fill the gift bar, where do we receive the gift? Is that the Athena’s Gift?

  24. What if i completed an alliance city quest, and the gift bar is full. Will I get credit towards the next gift bar if I wait to collect?

  25. What if the quest is 12 hours? Will you have to use speed ups or does it roll over to the next 6 hours? Thanks

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