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Hail the Conquering Hero

 New Conqueror Research tree.

This new research tree will add boosts to your  attack, defence, wonder and tile stats.  Your trap sizes have also increased.  With the research fully finished, you will be able to have a wall trap capacity of 1 billion, send 10M mobile traps and be able to include 50M traps in your rallies.

The benefits to your stronghold from completing this tree are:

Tile boosts

  • 500M% – troop/mobile trap health on tile, troop health/mobile trap health & defence versus resource tile
  • 100M% – troop/mobile trap attack versus resource tile
  • 100% encampment march speed debuff


  • 400M% – mobile trap attack
  • 100M% – rally troop attack, legion attack with hero, rally troop & mobile trap attack, rally attack versus empire and  rally infantry/ranged/cavalry attack versus empire


  • 200,000% – legion health/defence with hero, empire troop defence with hero


  • 500M% – rally troop health/defence, wonder troop health/defence, rally trap health/defence versus wonder, wonder holding mobile trap health/defence
  • 150M% – wonder troop attack
  • 100M% – rally trap attack versus wonder, wonder holding mobile trap attack, wonder holding attack debuff

The amount of resources (wood, stone/ore only if the food/silver reduction tokens are obtained) needed to complete this  tree are:

Level 1 – 0.02 BT

Level 2 – 4.8 BT

Level 3 – 34  BT

Level 4 – 44BT

Level 5 – 48 BT

Level 6 – 88 BT

Level 7 – 195 BT

Level 8 – 317 BT

Level 9 – 585 BT

Level 10 – 1115 BT

Total of 2,430 BT


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