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Guide to Super Wonder

Understanding the basics of Super Wonder

Once a month, for 3 days, the Kingdom of Fire opens. You may look and wonder exactly what is going on. Are all of these people fighting to be emperor? The answer is no. The majority of people who are there, are part of a team, that is supporting just one person. While each team chooses just one person to run for emperor, every single person on that team, has an important role. Super Wonder is divided into teams to make it easier for everyone. It’s fast paced, it’s exciting, it’s sleepless. It’s all of those things, and more. So what exactly are all of these team members, doing?

Main– The one running for emperor. This is
the account focused, on getting the most hold time.

Porters– Members who try to get the best spot for the rest of the team. Port teams are
focused on porting the accounts at start of Super Wonder, and also renewing warrants, which only last for 24 hours. In addition to that, they are looking for spots in the front row, to steal. Usually about 6 hours before warrants start to expire, they start looking for accounts to start porting out.


Main Blockers – Accounts that are solely focused on the opposing teams, main account. These blockers spend their time trying to cap, or reduce Wonder holding time, from a potential main competitor.
Their main focus, is to stalk their target, which as stated, is anyone not from their team running for emperor. It’s not just about setting a rally, and letting it march. You need to know exactly where your target is. You need to know their march time, and get yours as closely behind theirs, as possible. If your target cancels, you need to cancel. Hitting, and losing your hero on an unintended target, is not only frustrating, but also stops you from blocking for the next 45 minutes. Which in an event that is decided by hold time, could be detrimental.

Blockers Cappers – Slightly similar as main blocker, only instead of stalking an opponents main, you are protecting your main. Your job is try and cap the rally leaders, that are blocking your teams main account. You need to first know who is blocking, and then decide what they are using to block with. For example, if a blocker is using a missile of infantry to cap your main, then you can set a rally behind them of infantry and range. Depending on the wonder sets, it should be enough for you to cap them.

Fillers– The fillers have two jobs. First is making sure the rally is filled correctly (with VIP queue this shouldn’t be an issue), and as quick as possibly. Marches need to be sent directly behind the person you are blocking, so it’s very important that the rally can launch, exactly when it needs to.
Second, fillers need to be reinforcing the wonder, assuming the rally takes it, as quick as possible. In the past, you used to be able to send solo rein marches, before the rally hits then speed in. MZ disabled solo marches at SW, making it a bit more difficult to get rein in. Sending rein is is important, it protects your rally leaders hero. Unless told not to, always reinforce.

Speeders – Your speeders are equally as important, as everyone else on the team. Their main focus is speeding ALL marches, rally fillers, and reinforcements. This allows fillers and people sending rein to focus on what they are doing. Speeders should have their HOW open, so they can see where marches are. Rallies filled quick, allow the leader to launch exactly when they need to, and rein that gets in quickly, potentially saves your leader from losing their hero.


Main Spotter– The job of your main spotters, is to focus on helping the main account safely get as much hold time, as possible. They are in charge of paying attention to not only who is ahead of main account rally, but also behind it. They also need to know what cores potential blockers are sending, to help avoid main leader, losing hero.

Blocker Spotter– These spotters are focused on helping your blockers. They need to know exactly where your target is. A few things that they need to be aware of are, what the targets march time is, how far behind them your march is (if ahead need to cancel), if they cancelled, and if possible if they pulled hero from the wonder. If they cancelled or pulled hero, you need to call out to your rally leader, so they can cancel as well.

Super Wonder isn’t just about rallying nonstop, for 3 days. It takes strategy, it takes skill, and it takes an entire team effort to come out on top!


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